By: Bradley Loves


Never before in the (recent) History of our Planet have the people been given an inside look at the lying and deceitful tactics being used daily by those who are in postions of power!

This really is something NEW!

Due to the internet…, due to more and more men and women experiencing a type of awakening, people are much more difficult to lie to than in past decades.

For the first time in my entire life…, I can honestly say that I think there is some hope for the planet Earth!

For a long time, I did not think so only because I (KNEW) just how evil the DARK CABAL really was!

For many years I have tried to “convince” my friends and acquaintances that what is going on behind the curtain is FAR MORE DEADLY, EVIL AND DERANGED that can possibly be imagined by normal thinking people.

No matter how hard I tried…, no one could really wrap their minds around the level and the depth of the EVIL that I was talking about!

It just wasn’t in their ability to concieve of such behavior!

EVEN THE NEW AGERS (many of whom in my opinion are quite honest and sincere about being spiritual) just could not, and certainly WERE NOT WILLING to entertain any such idea that human beings living on Earth could be involved in doing things that were PURE EVIL!

….. UNTIL NOW …..

Even though the curtain has been pulled back maybe 10 to 20 percent…, and just the tip of the iceber is showing…

It is enough to convince many men and women that they really had it all wrong!

It shows them that the wool had really been pulled over their eyes!

It is for this reason that I am actually in a certain sense “grateful” for the Kavanaugh hearings ONLY because they have finally showed millions and millions of people around the world that INNOCENT people can in fact be blamed for henious crimes and the (accuser) can even sound really credible and believeable…, AND STILL BE LYING!

This is and was a lesson that I COULD NEVER HAVE “TAUGHT” NEW AGERS without a tremendous amount of help!

Please RE-READ this post where Socrates takes on a New Ager:

You see…, at the END of this important post…, I point out that MESSAGES – TESTIMONY – “SO CALLED TRUTH” can be given out in a very loving, convincing, and believeable way…, AND STILL BE A LIE!

This is something that millions and millions of New Agers would NEVER have looked at a mere 8 years ago!

It was not even in their realm of possibility to have someone right in front of them…, telling them a “story”…, who sounded so nice…, so loving…, and so convincing…, and to find out a mere few days later that SHE WORKED FOR THE CIA and had baiscally LIED about the whole thing.

Countless holes in her story are coming up now…, and even the most ardent and stubborn New Ager…, has to have a “come to Jesus” moment in their life and say:

Hey…, wait a minute!  You’re LYING HERE!


…and you’re doing it in a very convincing way…, that was designed to make me BELIEVE YOU!

Now…, what about every single one of those blasted CHANNELED MESSAGES that the New Agers were listening to for the last 2 decades that sounded to NICE…, SO LOVING…, and SO CONVINCING ??????



Just because a message sounds loving and convincing…, does NOT MEAN that it is TRUTHFUL!


So…, I now have hope!   I have more hope that men and women are finally waking up to the real problem we have been facing for centuries on Earth…, and that one single problem is:




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