Trillions of dollars of stolen money (and money created out of thin air) have gone into influencing and attempting to STEER peoples thoughts, their ideas, and their behavior toward a very dark agenda!

I have now written about this FACT for eight long years on Love Truth Site!

I have explained it so completely and so thoroughly, that even a six year old could grasp the basics of what I have written.  I have given to those who claim to be standing with “WE THE PEOPLE” the keys to the kingdom (by teaching them how reality gets created) in order to help to put a stop to all of the insanity of the Deep State. 

I have explained (in real time real) scientific concepts that were deliberately hidden from the eyes of the people such that in the knowing and learning of these things, a proper fight and defense could be put into place against it all, but it seems as if all of my work has been in vain!

Honestly, no one appears to be listening. 

One would think that there are (at the very least) a few sane people still left standing in the room (America) who can and who will take some real action against what is currently being rolled out as we speak, but we seem to be fresh out of sane people here in America!

Never in my wildest dreams (when I was a young boy growing up in the Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave) could I have imagined that the countless Governmental Agencies in this country would be spending TRILLIONS of dollars and using every single trick in the book to roll out endless propaganda, sub-liminals, false flags, fake stories, fake news, people wearing masks and disguising their identities, people pretending to do things that were not true and were not so (the Biden Show), people actually doing very evil things (and saying they never did them), all surrounded by a constant stream of lies, deceit, trickery, and every other kind of con that the mind can imagine just to fool and placate WE THE PEOPLE in submission.

We are now factually living in the Land of the Mind Controlled, and the Home of the Terrified!


The worst part about all of this is that (right in the middle of this GREAT CON) literally millions of young men and women have stupidly joined forces with the idiot Universities and Governmental organizations of DECEPTION, and just like a fish takes to water, have taken to spinning webs of lies everywhere they go (while getting paid to do so by the Federal Government and countless NGO’s that want even more chaos to be taking place).


Amidst all of this chaos – the people in the halls of power – CONGRESS (et. al) who in my opinion are NO LONGER HUMAN – are rolling out some of the most Draconian and pervasive spying and surveillance laws ever seen in the entire Galaxy!

As I’ve already pointed out many times – all of this COVID NON-SENSE is a smoke screen to get the people “vaccinated” in such a way that they can be MIND CONTROLLED and then TRACKED FOR ALL TIME.

The smartest people in the world who are doing great research have been saying this for some time now, while the dumbest people have yet to get a clue and think that everything they are being told by figures of “authority” (and in the Media) is the truth.

Sadly, even in the so-called alternative media there are “trusted” talking heads that are plants, shills, grifters, and various people working for the New World Order that are actively telling everyone who reads what they write, watches their endless videos, and listens to what they say daily to please stand down, do nothing, and wait to be “rescued by others”.

It’s all going to be taken care of soon they say…, (but I honestly doubt that very much)


Because it is now provable that it was the United States Military (the D.O.D. and DARPA) along with their many cronies and allies world wide, that did all of this to us and to the rest of the world as well.



Let’s take a good look at some of the very latest from people who are doing excellent research (like Kerry Cassidy, Karen Kingston, and Jim Stone) and are being very vocal that “things” are not as they seem.

First, the latest from Jim Stone:


Enough people know that Covid actually came from Fort Detrick to make it unnecessary to go through all the work of putting that up.

By the time Covid showed up in China, there were 7 variants in the US and only 3 in China.

That means Covid showed up in the US first. It is also well known by now that Covid is a bio-weapon derived half from the AIDS virus and half from a cold virus. I expect people to remember this, and it was India that pointed it out.
Remember the e-cigarrette scam? Where they claimed e-cigarrettes were clogging up people’s lungs? At first, that centered around Ft Detrik as well. So we have the DOD as the source.
Can you also remember how it is now proven that the DOD developed the MRNA vax and simply had different manufacturers make it? Pfizer, Moderna, Biontech? If you don’t remember that, I’m sorry for you, but the only differences in how much damage the shot did was in the manufacturing differences these different companies chose. So we have a virus and a shot that’s from the DOD.
Do I need to explain how medical workers were targeted first with the shots, so frauds could get in and replace them? Do I need to explain the sterilization and expungement of the white race? If I do, too bad for you, you’re going down and you’re probably already vaxxed. Not at a crossroads either, you’re traveling towards a dead end. Now back to the original post here:

The Covid op was carried out by fake nurses and doctors created by the DOD via a fake diploma program…

As it turns out, the DOD launched the Covid op and supported it with thousands of fake doctors and nurses who made the ventilator deaths happen.

The DOD fakes then approached the hospitals for employment during a “massive nursing and doctor shortage”. These doctors and nurses then went on to deny family access to their loved ones while they murdered them. Everyone ought to remember how the hospitals were just murdering people in the name of “covid” and it now appears there is a back story to how it was actually accomplished. This is the reason why hospitals got paid so much for every “covid death”, to the tune of about $80,000 each.

People who only intended to murder from the beginning were handed fake medical diplomas, and then proceeded to use the cover of “medicine” to do exactly that.

Now that the Covid hoax has fallen apart, HHS is going after the same people they paid all along to do it. It was HHS giving the huge payouts so HHS was definitely involved, but snakes eat snakes don’t ya know, here is the cover story that’s going to prevent the giant snakes at the top from being eaten. FINALLY some truth comes out, but obviously this is not the whole story. They’ll try to end it with this though.

“On January 25, 2023, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Office of Inspector General (HHS-OIG), the FBI, and the Department of Justice carried out a multi-state operation to apprehend the people involved in an alleged scheme to sell fraudulent nursing diplomas and transcripts.
The operation was named “Operation Nightingale” after Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing who created the first science-based training for nurses. The HHS-OIG partnered with law enforcement to execute search warrants across five states:
Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Texas, Florida.
More than 7,600 aspiring registered nurses (RNs) and licensed practical nurses (LPNs) bought false diplomas to find work with unsuspecting healthcare providers in several states. The diploma represented that these individuals attended the college that provided the diploma and completed all the necessary coursework, so they were able to get their nursing licenses.

Yet, they did not complete any classroom or clinical education.
My comment:

Notice the careful wording, which makes the HHS and the FBI look like the good guys. Also, note the careful wording here that does not reveal how massive the op actually was, they have this limited to five states. But the bottom line is that this was happening in all 50 plus Europe, which is precisely how we got a shot that was proven to only do damage get mandated everywhere. Only, not really mandated, no one went around forcing injections but if you did not accept, your future was shitting on the streets of San Francisco.

Watch them try to skate their way out of the Covid scam by blaming a fake diploma mill!!


The plot:
1. Develop a virus for the cover story and a reason to mandate a shot.
2. Develop a shot that sterilizes people while most likely forcing their bodies to produce a wireless system that connects them to the grid and don’t worry about the consequences, like blood clots because you won’t be getting the shot anyway.
3. Get your ENORMOUS pool of fake doctors and nurses ready to go, because real doctors and nurses tend to have ethics.
4. Cause as many of the existing nurses and doctors to either die from the shot via mandates or quit to avoid the shot. These people will get the worst batches to get rid of them.

5. In the resulting doctor and nurse shortage that “came out of nowhere” (and everyone ought to remember that) – into that void that got created, insert all your fakes, who are really totally non-credentialed murderers. Why would they need credentials if all they are there for is to kill?
6. Encourage the hospitals to stay quiet with enormous payouts for every death, plus enormous payouts for every ventilator hook up, and set the ventilators to kill people by over inflating their lungs. Blame the deaths on covid, because there’s tons of bloody lung tissue to blame on a virus. Remember that? how “covid” made the lungs bleed? only no, it was not covid doing that, it was murderers with medical equipment that was set wrong on purpose.
7. Put in place all the social controls you always wanted, in the name of a virus. Lockdowns, social distancing, whatever, while you kill off and sterilize the best and brightest of the WHITE POPULATION with your intentionally sabotaged shots that all the ventilator deaths scared them into getting.
8. Then replace the WHITE POPULATION with totally un-checked and encouraged immigration. That will make America and Europe easier to control in the new world order, whites are a big problem for tyranny so just get rid of them.

This is exactly what happened, it was not anything else and everyone knew. The fake doctors and nurses, now admitted to, are the frosting on the cake.

Now the DOD that did this to us wants us to support it during a war, while they run recruitment ads for transvestites!!!

I wonder if China and Russia really got punked or if they are part of this too. Who knows. One thing is certain: Dominion voting systems will make damn good and sure no one gets punished by making damn good and sure people can’t vote their way to justice.


How’s your SCI clearance program working? Compartmentalized security clearances are the only way you can run these ops by using good people, while keeping them all blind to what their work is really accomplishing.

Because of your SCI security program you can’t say I am wrong, AND YOU KNOW IT.

In the not distant future:

This latest “covid op” has been brought to you by your own DOD via the SCI security clearance program.

SCI lets corruption thrive by making it possible to insert small pockets of corruption and have everyone that’s being used be oblivious to it. “You’re not cleared to know why, just do your job!”


Now that you’ve all read what Jim Stone had to say – I want to REMIND everyone that I called it BEFORE IT ALL TOOK PLACE! 

I literally begged people NOT to get the JAB (saying the Holy Spirit was telling me it would kill people) and I got tazed, beaten, and jailed for my trouble by U.S. FEDERAL MARSHALS…

Remember this:


Remember, remember, remember – I TOLD YOU SO – long before the JAB had been given to a single man, woman, or child ANYWHERE on Earth.

Next up – what Kerry Cassidy (and Karen Kingston) are saying…, please stay tuned for PART TWO…

All my love


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