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We’ll get to her opinion soon, and also cover the great work of Karen Kingston in just a bit, but first I would like to voice my own opinion.

I am honestly “on the fence” as to the true intentions of those who claim that they are only moments away from saving us. 

We could be in for the ride of our lives simply because WORLD DEPOPULATION is something that the D.O.D. has actually wanted for a very, very long time – and they themselves have said as much!

The American Military (DOD) has always been consumed with the rising population of the planet AND has either written (or sponsored) many articles and studies into this issue by way of various news publications and magazines here in America.

They have (quite strangely) seen as part of their mission to protect and defend WE THE PEOPLE – to put out constant warnings about the rising population of the Earth and to tell us that something needs to be done about it right away!  

As a side note, before we get going with the rest of my opinion, I was told by Shane the Ruiner (in my many personal interviews with him) that the Earth can actually sustain a population of about 25 to 30 billion people on the surface (and has already done so quite successfully before the rise and fall of Atlantis.)

We are nowhere NEAR that number today, but depopulation seems to be all the D.O.D. talks about.

I was also told (by Shane) that there are FAR MORE PEOPLE AND BEINGS living inside of and under the surface of the Earth than are currently living ON the surface of the Earth, which makes Earth’s actual population almost impossible to count.

Even so, I remember being quite young and reading an article written in TIME MAGAZINE that was sponsored by the U.S. Military (The Pentagon) and was published in either 1974 or 1975 that talked about how the population of the Earth had “grown” to an almost impossibly large number of 3 billion people.

I was only 13 or 14 years old at the time that I read the article and was quite fond of reading interesting things in TIME MAGAZINE.

This article further projected, in many pages, that if something was not done to correct this trend very soon, then by the year 2000 the population of the Earth could rise to as high as 6 billion people (which effectively would double the Earth’s population) in just 25 years.

The article then further worried and lamented that by the year 2025 – the Earth’s population could (conceivably) double again and could become an over whelming and unsustainable 12 billion people which would be an unthinkable number and was just too horrid to even consider.


All of this was written in TIME MAGAZINE (and used military sources for the information given) around the year 1975.

Because it has now become clear to me that the Pentagon and the U.S. Military (Black Hats) are actively working with groups of beings from other realms and realities (off worlders) – it has also become quite clear to me that THEY and their Off World Allies have engaged and taken action on this issue they were so worried about in 1975.

It most certainly appears that they have decided to go ahead and CULL the population of the entire world, and while doing so, they have decided to point the finger at everyone on Earth but themselves. 



It is my opinion that they are doing this at the behest of renegade or rogue groups of beings who have been attempting to take over and to control our world for decades (if not centuries already) – and therefore it is possible and conceivable that a good portion of the U.S. Military (Black Hats) no longer works for OR even answers to We the People – but instead they are now taking their marching orders from other dimensional/off world groups that are not even from this planet.

This is the only logical conclusion (as crazy as it sounds) that can be drawn by what we are seeing taking place today.

The JAB has already been proven (by various Whistle Blowers including Sasha Latyapova and Karen Kingston) to have been patented and worked on primarily by the U.S. Department of Defense (DOD) in conjunction with DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) and was then spread all around the world by willing DEEP STATE advocates.

The 30 plus BIO-LABS that are now being destroyed in Ukraine by Russia (as we speak) were in fact being funded and run by the DOD with American Military Funding and which employed many DEEP STATE scientists from all around the world who apparently did not care about killing huge numbers of people.

Because of the website that projected (way back in 2017) that there would be a huge decrease in the worlds Populations by the year 2025 – (even going so far as to list the decreases in population country by country) – it is quite clear to those who saw those “projections” in 2017 that there was a deliberate plan in place to decrease the population of the entire world by people who knew well in advance what was coming and what was being planned.

The JAB was deployed right on time (2020) and as we speak is now moving through the world’s populations and killing (or maiming) millions of people.

This action was and is an ACT OF WAR by a standing military against its own people and against the people of the world. 

The fact that we are now in a time of great chaos and great confusion is only a part of the cover up that is being deployed so that the people of the world do not really know who is to blame (or why) for what effectively is a deliberate population reduction (a culling) of the worlds people by those who were being PAID to actually protect and defend them (not kill them).

This current time of confusion and delays that we are now in (with the Banks being forced to close down and go Bankrupt) – with Food Distribution Centers and Food Production Factories all over America being either blown up or shut down, and with the deliberate explosions and derailments of over 80 trains carrying toxic liquids which were released into various rivers, streams, and farmlands across America (supposedly by accident) but which honestly could only have been done through highly coordinated efforts – also leads us to the conclusion that there are forces in America which not only want – but are actively going to do everything in their power – to kill as many people as possible in the next few years!

It is my opinion that they are hoping (by the year 2025) to have killed and culled the population of the America back to the numbers that were seen in the 1950’s (or around 100 million) which is what was projected and predicted on DEAGEL.COM

It is also my opinion that they have decided that “WHITE PEOPLE”  (as already stated by Jim Stone) are no longer a suitable race for America, and this is why they have opened the southern border and are freely letting in millions of people from Central and South America as we speak – as well as Chinese, Asians, and Muslims from the Middle East.

The proof that there is something seriously wrong with letting all of these people across the Southern Border is that these people are NOT required to be vaccinated, while all of the “Whites” already living in America are required to be vaccinated or face huge consequences. 

This suggests that not only are those doing this deliberately killing people with the JAB, but they are also choosing WHICH people to kill and which people to let live.

It appears as if “brown skinned people” are far more desirable to the Deep State and so “whites” are now being persecuted in their own country and the land that THEY BUILT with their own effort and labor (by their own leaders, teachers, and authority figures).

These people that are now crossing the southern border are also being housed (for free) in 5 Star Hotels in New York City, Chicago and other places – and are fed (for free), and are being given health care (for free) while the rest of America either starves or loses all of their money in the soon to be coming Banking Collapse.

The only reason for doing any of this would be to kill off what the military sees as “hard to control” and “well educated” people (as Jim Stone said) as opposed to “easy to control” and “far less educated” people coming in from South and Central America.

If the WHITE HATS do not take any serious action within the next few months – then it is MY OPINION that they are going to allow all of this to happen and even more.

If they do nothing, they are literally going to allow the Deep State and all the Black Hats to engage in their plan fully and to kill and cull the population as planned.

If the WHITE HATS do not take action in the next few months – then it is my opinion that they also want the Earth’s population to be culled (regardless of what they say) and are actually waiting for this to happen BEFORE they step in and expose it all at their convenience.

They may in fact have a plan to restart the Earth’s culture into a new golden age, but it appears as if they are only going to do this once a greatly reduced amount of people living on the Earth (a culled population) has been achieved.

Once again…, WILL I BE RIGHT?   Will I have predicted (months and months in advance) of what is actually coming – just like I predicted that the JAB would kill millions of people before one shot was ever even given to anyone?

Only time will tell!

It is not that hard to step back and simply watch the process unfold and take place.  The only difficult part is sorting through all of the diversions, distractions, and cover-ups that are being put into place in order to hide the real and true intentions of those who are doing this, and what their end goal really is.

The honest question you should ask of yourself is “HOW” do you kill half of the worlds population and get away with it while pretending that you were not involved and had nothing to do with it?


You create an incredibly huge series of DISTRACTION EVENTS worldwide including (fake) pandemics and (fake) justification for WARS (Ukraine first, then Taiwan, then Europe) followed by: 

Banking Collapses, Food Shortages, Financial Sanctions, which then cause global fuel and energy shortages, countless job losses worldwide, lack of food, lack of money to pay rent, lack of fuel to travel…, etc., etc., and endless MISERY such that the people are just too busy and consumed with all of these other things going on to have any time to put two and two together to find out who was really behind the global depopulation in the first place.

In fact, by that time, most people still living will only care about food and will do anything to get some.

If these events are allowed to continue and to roll out over the next 2 and a half years (from now to the end of 2025) without any serious interventions being put into place to help the people, then it becomes obvious to me that the “White Hats” are looking to only step in and solve this problem once the genocide and depopulation events are over with (which again means they wanted it as well).

There is no other logical explanation for the delay.

Stay tuned for PART THREE

All my love



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