Stand down!!  Don’t Engage!  Don’t Do Anything!  Never interfere!  Never Judge anything!  Never take any action!  Never put a stop to pure Evil!  Allow it All!

The same dang bullshit keeps popping up over and over and over again!  No matter how much pain, suffering, and tyranny takes place in the world – the NEW AGE keeps pumping out the same advice which (over the long haul) will see the entire manifested world totally DESTROYED!

The REAL TRUTH that the New Age refuses to acknowledge in any of its lofty advice is that whatever gets “planted into the field” will always grow and produce a crop.  If evil is planted everywhere, then nothing but evil will grow in the field and eventually evil will take over everything (and nothing good can grow anywhere).

Here is the latest of the same old – same old – BULLSHIT which (on the surface) sounds very good – but when put into practice in reality will see the entire world destroyed.


NEIOH ~ Understanding Your Spiritual Journey

Beloved Friends Of Earth!

As You Move And Live In Awareness Of These Moments, Let Us Contemplate Truth From The Perspective Of The Soul That You Are In Form!

The Purpose For All Sentient Beings In All Waking Dreams Is To Enjoy The Experience While Awakening To Fully Grasp Who You Really Are In Form. In A Projected Body With A Created Story, You Are Ever Expanding  With Experiences Gleaned From Interactions With Other Souls That Mirror To You Exactly What You Chose Before Arrival. Indeed, The Ego Would Never Choose Difficult Lessons, But The Soul Enjoys All Aspects Of Learning Without Judgement And All Obstacles Are Transmuted To Frequencies Of Understanding. Each Being In Form Has The Innate Ability To Transcend All Perceived Maladies To Spirit! In This Place Of Being, There Is Only Peace!

Each Created Identity Is Continually Experiencing Free Will Choices That Will Create Many Variables. This Will Continue Until Great Suffering And Confusion Begins To Permeate The Consciousness And One Will Begin To Question Their Purpose, Their Origin And Where They Will Go After Each Life In Form. This Time Of Questioning Will Lead One To Awakening If They Are Sincere In Their Quest To Know Truth! Perceived Suffering And Discord Can Be A Stepping Stone To Peace As Awakening Continues.

If Obstacles Were Not Present, There Would Be No Seeking Or Discovery!

Spirit Clothed In Flesh Is Able To Come Forth In Light As The True Experiencer Of All That Transpires.

Each Soul That Is Powerful And Aware Of All Lives Lived, Is Moving Continually In Expansion To Higher Realms Of Understanding With Frequencies Of Light And Remembrance Of The Purpose Of Each Waking Dream!

All Souls Of Light In This Current Waking Dream, Have Chosen To Experience Duality Once More. Darkness Has Its Own Veil Of Deceit And Awakening Allows The Veil To Fall As Light Covers The Lens Of Perception So That Truth Is Revealed. Truth Guides Light To Expand As The Portals Of Divinity Are Ready To Join In A Symphony Of Bliss! Indeed, Transcending To Sheen Is Immanent!

You Are Here By Sacred Design And Choice! You Have Great Purpose And You Are Safe As The Light That Carries You Is Infinite! Remember Who You Are!

Love Is Your Natural State Of Being!

I Love You So!


This posting suggests (once again) that there is NOTHING you need to do, and that you should NEVER INTERFERE with what is going on around you because it is all just a DREAM.

It also (suggests) that we all WANTED (or contracted for) what is happening to us – and therefore anything evil that happens to anyone is okay and that even if people are dying horrible deaths all around us – we should take no action and allow it all!

Posts like the one above have literally become a “disease” in the minds of people who are convinced that New Age precepts like this one will help them to save the world.

They are very uneducated and easily led souls who – DO NOT UNDERSTAND REALITY CREATION – and they do not understand how experiences gets manifested into reality individually and collectively.

They simply can not see that where they are being led by the New Age will destroy the world instead of saving it.

See this post from Love Truth Site:



Stop listening to Channeled Information from (so-called) higher souls who have never lived on Earth (or in any 3rd Density Body)

They are not helping the situation here – they are hurting it instead.

All my love



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