By: Bradley Loves


This post is for any new readers to my blog which are having some real difficulty following my rants and articles concerning:

  • AI

These subjects have been covered and covered, but a good way for New Readers (who have the time to do so) to “catch” up…, is to do some personal reading from people who have “experienced” it.

One of my readers (Thank you Jeff) has reminded me of an on-line link to a book written by Brice Taylor (Sue Ford).

Here it is…, and you can download the entire book in a pdf.

I highly recommend also looking up the book: Trance-formation of America…, written by: Cathy O’brien

This book also is a must read for background information.

It can be located here and read for free:

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I’m grateful to anyone and everyone who sends love donations to help with expenses, but trust me when I say that much more is needed.

If you’d like to donate…, see the PLEASE DONATE header at the top of the page.

All of my love, and my deepest appreciation to those who read and follow my blog!


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