By: Bradley Loves


I’ve was planning on writing this series AFTER Donald Trump got re-elected to the Presidency in 2021!  However, some of what I am going to write will help America tremendously if I post it a bit early.

What I plan to do is to start mixing the subject matters of what I’ve already written from various series just to show you how it all connects together perfectly!

I’ve told you before that every word, every picture, and every post was chosen and written with purpose!

As always…, I will be going DEEPER and DEEPER and DEEPER down the Rabbit Holes…, showing you how EVERY SINGLE THING that I’ve written had real meaning – even if it was not clear at first!

This new series called: AMERICA AND THE PROPHECY will began as a mixture between two of the most important series on my blog:


Stay tuned…, IT WILL BE “HUGE”


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