By: Bradley Loves

This is an outstanding interview between Jim Fetzer of Veteran’s Today…., and Richie Allen.

It is clear to me, after listening to this video interview, and checking out some of the links they give that they are telling the truth!  I’ve heard it before…, but never looked into it deeply.

Now…, however…, it is time I helped to expose this LIE and this SCAM!

Almost every damn Politician (including the criminal Hillary Clinton) still claims Sandy Hook was a real event however…, even though they HAVE TO KNOW it was staged.

When will people start getting “fed up” and “indignant” over all these lies being shoved down their throats?

Oh…, and by the way…, Barack Obama…, also has to KNOW this was a staged event!  Why hasn’t he said something?

Did you hear that all you Obama “lovers” out there in the “New Age”.

The man that calls himself President…., (if you can call him that) is LYING to the people!  He is a great “deceiver”!

I am so very “tired” of all of these NEW AGE apologists who still keep post articles saying that Obama is a great “Saint” and here to save the planet!  The man is a buffoon and a Pathological Lier.   STOP IT ALREADY!   IT’S EVIL!

This video is a breath of fresh air…, in a great sea of lies.


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