By: Bradley Loves

WOW!  After writing THIS article…, it seems as if the very PROOF necessary to substantiate EVERYTHING that I said is coming up all over the place.  Alfred Lambremont Webre has just done a panel discussion on Ritual Child Sacrifice and has posted what amounts to a 4 hour long panel discussion on YouTube.

There is SO MUCH INFORMATION being given in this discussion that  I just had to post it for all of you.  I know that so many people are pressed for time and a 4 hour video is difficult to find time for…, BUT as was said in the video…, I REALLY THINK we are on the verge of a gigantic breakthrough in information coming this year…, and THE INFORMATION in this video is a HUGE piece of the puzzle that humanity never really understood.

This information is VITAL to understand in order really get the BIG PICTURE of what is happening here on our Earth.

HERE is the link to Alfred’s Site and the original post.  Please visit his site which is:!

Here is the video on YouTube which even though it starts out slow is filled with so much information.  PLEASE watch it!

All my love.

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