By: Bradley Loves

The more that I look at this subject, and the more that I study it…, the MORE that I am absolutely convinced that I am correct in saying that ALL (this means every) manner of physical “rule enforcement”…, whether it be religious (clergy), legal, (courts), governmental, (agencies), or Police (Corporate Policy Enforcers)…,

…all of it is being done as a result of “authority” that comes from OFF WORLD!

In a neat little pyramid like manner…, flowing all the way from the very top on down…, (just as in the hierarchy of the church, or in the hierarchy of police, courts or government…,) ALL OF THE SH*T that is happening to us flows downhill.

Becuase ALL of this goes “off world” and possibly into other dimensions…, directing your NON CONSENT toward the “rabid dogs” or the “enforcers” does you actually very little good.

You have to find out where, how, when, and why…, they feel that you gave them YOUR CONSENT to hold you to their laws, rules, statutes and fictional authority structure in the first place…, and then UNDO IT FROM THERE.

Sh*t flows downhill, as I’ve said…, so unless you UNDO the mistaken oaths, pledges, promises, agreements, contracts and signatures or seals that you unwittingly entered into with the SATANIC PROXIES of these off world entities…, you are not going to be set free from their ENDLESS TORMENT.

Naturally…, this trickery (as with the church) started not more than a few days from the time you left the womb and entered into the world.

God forbid that a pure, whole, and loving child…, who is totally innocent would be left alone more than just a few days on Earth without being pounced on by the church and the child’s poor parents CONNED so badly by lies, that they (while speaking for the child) would give over the most precious gift PRIME CREATOR gave the soul that was just entrusted into their care.., (FREEWILL) which was it’s only real protection, and with AN INFINITE FOOL HARDYNESS…, hand it over to the church!


You have to appreciate the level of “desperate measures” taking place here.

I am convinced that if you are SERIOUS…, and I mean you really have to MEAN EVERY WORD OF IT…, and you REVOKE, REMOVE, NULLIFY, and VOID all former contracts, oaths, pledges, agreements, covenants…etc…, you place these OFF WORLD entities into a world of hurt!

IF you then…, (like I have done) add your own personal CONTRACT OF NON CONSENT which has severe penalties in it for breaching your FREEWILL without regaining permission to affect you…, (BY NEGOTIATING A NEW CONTRACT…,) then not only are they in a world of hurt…, they become appapleptic!

My personal experience has shown me over the past year and a half that unseen beings from other levels are now terrified of having me walking around on the game board with NO NEGATIVE BINDINGS!  They have no permission or oath, contract or pledge, covenant or sacrament, with which to BIND ME to their rules, statutes, and so forth…, and what is even worse…, they have no hidden or unseen AGENT that has the authority to cause my life physical, mental, or spiritual HARM!

Since I have not “broken” any oath, contract, pledge, or agreement that I have with the likes of the church, secret societies, etc, etc, etc,…., then these UNSEEN ENFORCERS who seem to be able to direct their dogs of enforcement right to your door…, have no way to authorize that punishment.

Therefore…, the police, the courts, the church, etc…, back off and DO NOTHING!

Remember…, their authority to affect you comes from HIGHER UP!

What I have experienced over the last year and a half is a constant hounding by unseen beings to “SIGN” or “AGREE” to an unseen and unwritten contract…, that they present to me (almost daily) and refuse to say what the signing of it will mean.

And…, as you can guess…, every day I simply refuse!

This pisses these beings off in a way that most sane people can not imagine!  It’s almost as if their lives depend upon tricking me into reagreeing to their authority…, which I will not.  The beings I speak of leave me squealing in anger!

I just laugh at them.

As far as I can guess or I can see….

This level of the “game board” has been “intended” for a complete TAKE OVER by Satanic Forces…, and an ETERNAL coup’ de tat that would have placed a very dark operating system in place where NO SOUL that enters this realm would ever get free.

Therefore…, the FREEWILL of any and every “player” who enters this “reality” had to be STOLEN immediately.

Do you understand the gravity of what I’m saying here?  Can you appreciate the level of THEFT taking place here?  And how those who support this are complicit with forming this Satanic Reality?

If not…, let’s break it down into steps so that you can see the CLEARLY the intent with which all of this was done.

1)  This is truly a battle of light vs pure evil…, but there are rules which can not be breached by either side.  FREEWILL is one of the most basic rules…, and it is a part of the rules that can NOT be gone against without HUGE COSMIC CONSEQUENSES!  (Unlike what some channelers tell you!)

In practice…, the DARK KNOWS THIS very well, and their actions prove it.

Each “player” or “participant” who comes into this realm or this reality, has the gift of FREEWILL…, or the right to choose between light and dark on their own accord with no interference.

Since a very young baby can not speak for itself…, or choose…, then according to the rules…, until it reaches a certain age of majority…, the PARENTS are given the right to speak and choose for it!

THIS IS one of the most sacred and important duties that an “adult” can have inside this game.., and that duty is to care for a soul who can not yet speak for itself.  It is a COSMIC LEVEL duty that carries with it HUGE CONSEQUENCES if you disregard the idea that you are simply caring for a sovereign soul, and stoop to treating that child like your own personal property.

I find it interesting that the VERY PROOF of what I just said above is that even the Earthly “LAWS”…,  (all of them made by the DARK) which are nothing more than corporate bullshi*t…, recognize on their own…, that a child can not be held accountable for any CONTRACTS until he or she reaches a certain age.


Why can’t a child be held to a contract?  What do they know that you don’t?

You have to truly know what they already know…, which is FAR MORE than you have been made aware of.

They are very aware of FREEWILL…, and they are terrified of it!

Their “off world masters” are consistently hounding them to purge the world of every possible ounce of FREEWILL…, (or personal choice) through “magical” interference…., even if that means starting from the very moment that a new baby is born into the world.

How else could you possibly explain the desperate scare tactic of the Church which is taught worldwide that every child born on this EARTH is a sinner…, is already condemned…, (even before taking their first breath), and can ONLY GET SALVATION by entering into a CONTRACT (covenant/sacrament) with the church?


The level of “ignorance” happening here on this planet (for this to happen).., which by most standards is both WILLFUL and CONSCIOUS…., is unheard of in the rest of the Galaxy.., (maybe only heard of in legends perhaps…) but you are living it!  You are right in the thick of it!

And yet…, when you try to break people free from the bonds of this horrible ignorance…, they try to shout you down and to destroy the messenger.

I don’t know how many comments I get from people who refuse to even look at this and instead say I’m the crazy one.

Now…, and this is going to piss off a lot of so called New Agers!   There are countless ASCENDED MASTERS…, who claim to be working for our benefit who in almost every channeled message talk about CONTRACTS!

They use what is nothing more than a business and a banking term to talk about our lives here on EARTH, and how “we” are bound to these CONTRACTS which must be fulfilled.



So let me get this straight!  Before I came here…, at a time that I can not even remember or recall…, I SIGNED A BINDING CONTRACT to come here to this level and to experience such things as “rape” “torture”, “child sacrifice”, the stealing of my property or my wealth, the imprisonment of members of my family or myself??

HERES A GOOD QUESTION:  With WHOM would such a “contract” be even necessary?

Obviously someone who knew that I had FREEWLL…, but also someone that knew that without a binding contract…, I could never be held to any promise that I made!

So therefore…, in order to BIND ME to any promises or agreements that I made (which I can no longer remember) a CONTRACT was necessary.

Would GOD, or PRIME CREATOR…, the very author of my FREEWILL have devised such a means to  then take away or limit the very gift he gave me in the first place?

Surely Prime Creator/Source could simply have removed the gift, or placed his own restriction upon it without resorting to the use of a BUSINESS CONTRACT!  Surely the creator of all souls would have a better way of doing this…., don’t you think?

But we are being “TOLD” (as in told a story) that we signed a CONTRACT…, an instrument of the business world, before we came here that basically says that we have to go through many horrible, and terrible events while living here in this realm.

And yet…, as I look around…, some of the most CRIMINAL PEOPLE on the planet are living the best lives!

Look at the Kings and Queens, the Presidents and Prime Ministers…, most of whom are Satan Worshippers, Pedophiles, and the authors of constant world wide WAR and TRAUMA…, and they live in the best homes and eat the best food, and get the best medical care.

What about the men and women in the Music Industry, or those in Hollywood?

But what do they say?  They say they (once again) signed CONTRACTS (in blood) to SATAN in order to get the position and wealth that they have.

OKAY…, so let me get this straight.


MMMMMMM………..,   RIIIIIIIIIIIGGHHHHTTTTTT!  (As Dr. Evil would say…, finger up to the corner of his mouth)

….And I’m going to use my “laser”  (huge Air quotes) to blow them up from space and take over the world.

Okay does anyone out there have a problem with these ASCENDED MASTERS telling us we all signed contracts before coming here?

Well let me ask you this!  IF NOT…, then WHY NOT?


Who was it that said you signed a contract?

Let me guess…, some CHANNELER told you right?

Just like the church told you that you were born a sinner?

Same scam…, different LIE?

How about this one…, before you came here…, you signed a contract to give me (Bradley Loves) all of your money!  (Do you believe that?)

If not…, then WHY NOT?

Are you starting to finally see that every bit of this is a CON?   A HUGE CON!

I’ll let you all think on these things for now…,

More coming later… (Check this out)

all my love!











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