By: Bradley Loves


The Democrats want OPEN borders and as many “illegals” to pour into America as possible!

They have created Sanctuary Cities to KEEP the Federal Government from deporting the illegals that are already here.

But what to do with the NEW illegals??

Why not have them in the Sanctuary Cities as well?


One simple reason:

The Sactuary Cities are ALREADY Democrat strongholds that vote Democrat all the time!

Thus…, no more “votes” are needed in those areas!    Having the illegals there does not FIT with their “agenda”!

The Democrats want the NEW ILLEGALS spread out into many largely REPUBLICAN areas in the hopes they will vote Democrat and change the demographics of those areas!

It was NEVER about being “nice” to these people…, it is about USING THEM only for votes…, and afterwards…, to ignore and abandon them!

These poor people are being USED, USED, USED by the liberals only for their VOTE!  (Which they are not supposed to do anyway…, but somehow always seem to)

Lisa Mei said it best!


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