By: Bradley Loves


Until you realize the level of DECEPTION and FRAUD that is being perpetrated upon you…, you will continue to suffer and be ruled.

How “easy” is it to tell a complete LIE…, that is 100 percent false…, and do it with a smile on your face…, and even add a few “comments” after the lie…, to pretend you really CARE about the listener you are lying to??

If you want to see daily examples of this…, just watch the Main Stream Media.

But in TRUTH…, this was happening even 2000 years ago…, and even then…, most people (dim witted and not too bright) …could NOT see it!!

I’m really sorry for those men and women who just can’t “go there” and deeply look at what is happening around them in our world, and instead, choose to BELIEVE EVERY LIE THEY ARE TOLD!

(This INCLUDES channeled messages!!!!!!!!!!)

My own mother was such a person…, who actually “chose” to die…, rather than face up to the TRUTH which was different from her beliefs!

Such was the nature of her MIND CONTROL.

In his latest post…, Preston James tells it EXACTLY like it is…, and reminds us that ALL of the EVIL we see happening in the world today…, was happening in the world during the time of Jesus!

It was arranged by the same psychopathic groups…, who (in the same way they do today) HID themselves under the blanket of RELIGION.

See this article:

Time to start defending Christianity (Part II)

The most pertinent part of this very long piece…, which I can personally say fits to a “tee” what is going on today is this part near the end:           (I’ve added my own comments in blue)



This print of a painting considered to be an accurate representation of Vlad the Impaler shows the eight pointed double-cross aka the Mark of Cain on his forehead, identifying him as “evil ruling over evil”. Those who want to learn more about the Mark of Cain can refer to Tupper Saussy’s infamous book, “Rulers of Evil”.


The true origins of this secret plan to eradicate Christianity actually go all the way to the time of Jesus Christ of Nazareth and his crucifixion.

Jesus was a Hebrew from the line of King David and was well-versed in Torah-based Judaism at the time. Jesus completely rejected the Talmud in its original form which was from Babylonia and in this article you will learn why.

But Jesus of Nazareth was extremely critical and condemning of the Pharisees, who were the top spiritual leaders of Judaism at the time, because he knew they perverted it and used it to satisfy their own selfish needs. They projected hard-core Hebrew Law mixed with their own interpretations that was devoid of any real love and did so to extract money and power from the Hebrew people.

[mmm…, so Jesus was “not” totally forgiving as the New Ager’s want you to believe…, but was forgiving ONLY to those who asked for it and DESERVED IT (as in one thief on the other cross next to his).  In his life…, he was VERY CRITICAL of the ruling elites…, AND very critical of the ruling “priests” (Pharisees) of his day, because of how they “used” their postions to CON the people out of money while secretly practicing a DARK FORM of  Satanism!    Hhhm…, sounds like “ME”…, I think Im beginning to LIKE this guy!!]

The top Pharisees believed in and secretly practiced the black arts contained in their Babylonian Torah, which Jesus condemned them for openly and publicly. These Babylonian Talmudic teachings stood directly against the teaching of the Torah (aka the Old Testament of the Bible) so these top Pharisees had to conceal that from their Hebrew followers and even some of the other Pharisees who followed the Torah only.

Jesus saw through all this and perceived these top Pharisees for what they were, and he confronted them publicly for their two-faced secret sins and accused them publicly for their blatant hypocrisy.

[Hmm…, so Jesus “publicly” called them CON ARTISTS and LIARS!!!   And he did it in front of real people.

 Has anyone read MY BLOG lately??  Have you seen the epic article THE GREAT CON OF MAN??  I’m starting to LIKE this Jesus character even MORE!!]

These two faced spiritual leaders, the top Pharisees practiced extreme religiosity in public, but functioned as pure psychopaths privately.

[Just as we have in our OWN religions today!!  Publicly they “pretend” to want to help the world…, but privately they practice RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE and BLACK MAGIC!   So…, what’s changed???]

Jesus could see right through their false veneer and understood their evil. He called them “wolves in sheep’s clothing” and the “Synagogue of Satan”. These top Pharisees used their positions to manipulate the public and to extract wealth and power so they could lead a very privileged, wealthy lifestyle.

It was these same top Pharisees who worked hard to try and set Jesus up to be prosecuted under Hebrew Law.

They brought him a woman who was caught in adultery and knew of Jesus reputation for loving forgiveness. They thought they could trick him into telling them to fulfill Hebrew law by stoning her to death, the sentence for adultery. Instead Jesus spit into the dirt and wrote something and then said to these accusers: “He who is without sin, cast the first stone”.

They all went away and Jesus instructed this woman to go, but sin no more.

A demonstrator dressed as Jesus Christ takes part in the Occupy London Stock Exchange demonstration in London, 2011.

These top Pharisees tried to trick him again into violating Hebrew Law and give them an excuse to arrest him. They presented a coin to Jesus and ask him if it right to pay taxes to the Romans, their occupiers. These top Pharisees knew at the time it was illegal under Hebrew Law to pay such taxes. They ask Jesus, and he in turn asked them whose face was on the coin.

They said it was the Caesar. Then Jesus said, “render unto Caesar what is Caesar’s”. They went away astounded at how they had been outfoxed once again, but even angrier yet and more determined to get Jesus for daring to insult them and accuse them for their secret crimes.

They kept plotting and planning until they received word that Jesus had healed the sick on the Sabbath a technical of violation to refrain from working on the Sabbath, and when they heard theta Jesus had claimed to be the messiah and said when you have seen me you have seen the Father (referring to God Almighty).

Finally these top Pharisees felt they had grounds to arrest him under Hebrew Law using the Temple Police. Judas Iscariot sold them information on where Jesus would be and set up the arrest for 30 pieces of silver as a bribe.

Most serious Christian believe that Jesus freely allowed his own arrest, knowing in advance he would be crucified by the Romans, and allowed all this to happening giving himself up as a sacrifice for all the sins of mankind so that those that believed in Him could have forgiveness of sins and eternal life.

[Here is the PAYOFF PART]

What has been lost in history is that these top Pharisees that plotted the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus were members of a secret satanic cult that originated in ancient Babylonia where Hebrews had been taken captive.

This secret satanic cult that these top Pharisees were a part of has been appropriately labeled Babylonian Talmudism, and anyone that studies the secret beliefs and practices of the group will soon admit that Babylonian Talmudism is the source and nexus of their beliefs.

A small select number of Hebrew spiritual leaders were initiated into this cult while in Babylonian captivity and took it back to Palestine where they practiced these Satanic Black occult arts from the Darkside in secret; and these black arts involved secret, satanic child-sacrifice rituals.

The spiritual leaders who practiced these Black occult arts were anointed with Satanic power and received great skills in manipulating their fellow Hebrews to become exceeding wealthy and powerful. But to do this, they had to be able to put on the façade of an honest, religious exterior, while being selfish, sociopathic evildoers inside, who secretly practiced child sacrifice and other blasphemies.

And in order to keep their powerful spiritual positions of control over the Hebrew people they had to cooperate with their Roman Occupiers, e.g. the Roman Prefect Pontius Pilate and keep him happy by helping to suppress any Hebrew protesting against the Roman occupation.

Of course these Top Pharisees manipulated Pontius Pilate into scourging and crucifying Jesus even though he found no fault with him, simply because Jesus refused to defend himself; and the Pharisees framed Jesus and his followers, who were growing rapidly in number as a subversive movement.

This secret group which Jesus called this group responsible for the arrest and crucifixion of Jesus the “Synagogue of Satan” still exists even today.

This group is intergenerational, incredibly evil, brutal and powerful and continues to secretly frame Christianity all over the world as a subversive influence. Yes, the Synagogue of Satan still views Christianity as its arch enemy and is still obsessed with destroying it, but it takes a different stance publicly.


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