By: Bradley Loves

If you are watching the MSM (Main Stream Media)…, then what you are seeing on your “tell – a – vision” is exactly the “vision” they want to tell you to have.

An integral tool of MIND CONTROL…, the “idiot box” really has no bearing on reality or truth.

The “WAR” for your mind rages on…., day in and day out…, and all of the seeming contradictions, dramas, spats, and even evil is being “paraded” on the screen in front of your eyes to do ONE THING only.

That is to make you BELIEVE (BE THE LIE) that YOU have no power.

Let me make this clear…, “belief” is not FAITH!  Nor is “belief” KNOWING or KNOWLEDGE!

Belief in something, is simply a choosing to adhere to information that OTHERS have given you!  PERIOD.

You can believe in SANTA CLAUSE…, but your “belief” does not make it true! You can believe in The government has your best interests in mind…, but your belief does not make it true.  You can believe in BLUE AVIANS…, but your belief does NOT make it true.

Belief is the POWER of the mind to follow another beings words and teachings WITHOUT making any effort to find out if it is TRUE or FALSE!

FAITH…, on the other hand has to do with the Eternal Power of the SPIRIT only!

Faith is acknowledging that there IS a higher  power (GOD) and that GOD can intervene on our behalf.   Faith does not say…, this one point here is true…, nor does it say…, this idea here is true…

FAITH only says:  Somehow…, the divine will conquer and WIN in the end.

Knowledge is KNOWING.  It is not belief…, it is not FAITH.

Knowledge is knowing (FROM PERSONAL EXPERIENCE) that something is TRUE.  It has actually happened (in real time) and been experienced…, and therefore has become KNOWN!

It is not guessing!  It is not intuition!  And it is NOT CHANNELING!

If you’ve “channeled” some information…, you can not CLAIM in any way to KNOW that information…, because that information has been “given” to you.

That information falls under BELIEF only!  It is like the information of SANTA CLAUSE that your parents told you when your were a child…, and you BELIEVED!

Like the Entities that send Channelers information on the Earth…., the MSM sends out information on the “tell – a – vision”  daily.  But just because that information is being sent out over the air waves…, does NOT make it true!


Let me repeat that…,


Whether “information” comes from the MSM and your “tell a vision” or it comes it comes over “other” air waves…, and directly into your skull (VOICE TO SKULL)…, it is still information that has NOT BEEN PROVEN.

It is therefore NOT KNOWLEDGE!

Can anyone argue with this?

Anything and Everything that is Channeled falls directly under the UMBRELLA of BELIEF only!

And just like the Easter Bunny, Santa Clause, The Tooth Fairy, Super Man…, and Bat Man… oh and lets add in “ALL STAR WRESTLING”….,

Believing in these things does NOT make them true!


Let those who have eyes…, open them to SEE!

Let those who have ears…, open them to HEAR!

All my love….





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