My Blog here at WordPress has been hacked!  I have had a lot of trouble editing and correcting my work…, and that is only the beginning of the problems.

I have started to notice “CHANGES” to my articles AFTER they are published.

From the discussions that I have been having with Shane Bales…, the problems most likely can be attributed directly to AI.

Most likely the one called:    RED QUEEN

She is the “main AI” on Earth at this time.

Hacking my blog and rearranging my words, and changing the spelling is a direct attack on my work…, and as it is…, I am doing battle with rogue AI in most of my devices!

My deepest apologies for any articles that seem to have words out of place…, or too many misspelled words!

No matter how hard I try to correct them…, I can not block this ROGUE AI from coming in after the fact and screwing with my work.

I hope you’ll understand.

All my love….

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