By: Bradley Loves


Writing this post does not make me happy.  It brings me no real joy to be proven right about this!  However…, that does not change the fact that it was pretty clear (even long ago) that this was happening!

I simply saw the signs and called attention to it!

Instead of listening to and reading FAKE CHANNELED MESSAGES that tried to blow smoke up my backside on a weekly basis…, I was carefully watching the signs and “reading the tea leaves” so to speak.

And an entirely DIFFERENT scenario was unfolding that NO ONE was talking about.

Witchcraft…, Satanism…, and Black Magic…, which all used to be quite HIDDEN and done behind closed does…, is now coming out into the open…, and UNITING ITSELF AGAINST DONALD TRUMP.

As crazy as that sounds…., please watch this Alex Jones video as he exposes what I’m talking about!

As Jay Parker very calmly and aptly TOLD US (If we dared to listen) was that a full 10 percent of all men, women and children living in the world are Generational Satan Worshippers!

Which means that the children are taught by their parents about Satanism, Witchcraft, Magic, and Lucifer!!

There are 300 Million people living the USA…, which means that 10 percent equals 30 MILLION Satan Lovers inside our borders!!

There are about 7 Billion people living on Earth…., (and Many, many, many more living Underground).  On the surface…, 10 percent equals 700 Million people who Love Lucifer or Satan…, and want to see him come to power!!

This is the BATTLE that we as loving and spiritual human beings are fighting!

And NOW…, can you see why this RIDICULOUS IDEA of a massive Ascension is impossible?

How can everyone suddenly “ascend” to a higher level with 700 Million people on the planet who want to see Ritual Child Sacrifice brought back out into the open…, and done publicly??

Watch Below…, MORE will be coming!!

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