By: Bradley Loves


I’d like to post a comment that I just made to a reader…, for those who don’t read the comments, and then discuss it.


Thank you for reading, and thank you for the comment!
All my love.

That being said…, I would like to “challange” your statment.

“Observing” is NOT.., an “ACT”

There are several reasons for my saying this…, and I will explain each one of them.

The proper definition of ACT or ACTION…, is some “motion” or some “effort” that in turn CAUSES an EFFECT.

In other words…., an ACT…, or an ACTION…, CHANGES SOMETHING!

I already gave an example in an earlier post where if a small child falls into a pool…, and YOU get up, jump into the pool and SAVE THE CHILD…, your “ACTION”…, thus…, just caused an EFFECT or changed what you were seeing.


OBSERVATION…, changes NOTHING! And so therefore can NOT be called an ACTION.

By your definition…, “sleeping” could be called an action…, as well as laying in the hopital in a Coma!

Observation does not create an EFFECT…, and therefore IS NOT AN ACTION…., PERIOD!

Im sorry 9…, I will not allow New Age false teachings to be propogated on my blog.

Observing is “allowing”
Observing is “doing NOTHING”
Oberserving is “accepting” was is.
Observing “changes Nothing”

Observing a child “drowning”…, is simply watching a child DIE!

ACTION is when you get up off of your chair, run over to the pool, jump in…, and SAVE THE CHILD.

Again…, ALL MY LOVE….



For last last few decades…., we have been LIED TO, and given many FALSE “teachings” coming to us by way of Channeled Messages.

These messages from the beyond were given FAR too much importance because many people thought that those who were sending the messages (Ascended Masters) had our best interest at Heart.

This (in my opinion) has now been PROVEN to be false.

A large part of the FALSE NEW AGE NARRATIVE…, is that “everything” on Earth is totally OK…, (is necessary) and that all “good” people should just:

  • Stand Back
  • Observe
  • Do Nothing
  • Don’t Judge
  • Allow

As this has become more and more acceptable, by more and more people…, our world/reality has become MORE AND MORE EVIL!

Is it any wonder that Edmund Burke said:

The Only Thing Necessary for the Triumph of Evil is that Good Men Do Nothing

As we are “seeing” more and more Evil taking place upon Earth day by day…, we MUST realize that this is the case only because GOOD MEN are doing nothing.

The very reason good men are doing nothing…, is because “good men” have been told (falsely) that it is “God’s Wish”…, that they just:

  • Stand Back
  • Observe
  • Do Nothing
  • Don’t Judge
  • Allow

Now that good men have been doing this for some time…, we are SEEING the RESULTS as chaos, and proliferation of DARK FORCES everywhere.

The REAL QUESTION you have to ask…, to see if this teaching is TRUE or FALSE…, is this:


Do the “good people” of Earth benefit more?


Do the Satanists, Luciferians, New World Order advocates, pedophiles and Ritual Sacrificers BENEFIT MORE?

If by “allowing” and “doing nothing”…, the Earth turns pure evil…, then WHO BENEFITS MOST?


The reason most “good people” are doing NOTHING is that along with the Channeled Messages which told us to:

  • Stand Back
  • Observe
  • Do Nothing
  • Don’t Judge
  • Allow

We were ALSO TOLD in these very SAME MESSAGES that WE ALL…, (everyone on Earth) were going to ASCEND to a higher Dimension!

Let’s not FORGET that part!

This was supposed to HAVE HAPPENED ALREADY at the end of 2012…, which it did NOT!


Now…, Right along side the “first part”…, we were given the “second part”.

Well…, the SECOND PART…, didn’t happen…, DID IT?


But guess what…,

Some how…, the New Agers are still “following to the letter”…, the “first part” of the recipe…, and totally IGNORING that the “second part” of the recipe had been taken away…, and will NEVER OCCUR.

What we are left with is:


No matter what you are seeing happening on Earth that is pure evil…, stand back, do nothing, observe it, don’t judge it, and ALLOW.

But there is NO reward or pay off for doing so…, and we are now having to deal with the dark, satanic fallout!

Do you KNOW what this is/was:



Now who do we know that uses these kinds of MAGIC SPELLS?

Dark Magicians and Satanists…, that’s who.

I’m sorry my brothers and sisters…., by believeing these “teachings” from the beyond…, we walked directly into a SATANIC TRAP.

And now…, our Earth/Reality…, is on the brink of THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL…   As Edmund Burke once said.

This needs to change!

Think on these things.

All my love

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