By: Bradley Loves



What would the people who are screaming for “disclosure” think and say if they found out that the entire “physical” Universe around us was simply a larger version of what is happening here on the Earth?

Would they be as “eager” to know every little detail of the story if they found that – “OUT THERE” was no better than “DOWN HERE”?

What if amassing great wealth –  dealing in weapons & technology, and traffiking in slaves and slave labor was right up the alley of a good portion of the “space traveling” races and the many species that are out there?

Or, if not a good portion, at least SOME of them?

Even here on our own planet, if we are going to be honest with oursleves, the very FIRST group to have re-established space travel in the 1900’s was admittedly the NAZI’s!

They were also (according to some) the first to get a base on the Moon,  the first to have a secret technological base down in Antarctica, and would anyone be surprised to find that they are running the bases on Mars as well!

Well, lets just talk about the NAZI’s shall we?

They are extreme FASCISTS!

They are a TOP DOWN, usually quite brutal social structure, that is insanely intelligent, totally ambitious, and has very few morals! In fact, they are quite reminiscent of the MOBS of the 30’s and 40’s!

Well, when did the NAZI’s actually have their beginning’s?   The 30’s and the 40’s.

Imagine for a moment having the “best” of the New York and Chicago Mob Structure moved off planet, and have them take over running the Moon and Mars!

Can’t you just see Al Capone in Space??

New Science, New Technology, better this and better that (at any cost) is right up the NAZI’s fascist alley, and they are NOT ashamed to use slaves and slave labor to do all of the heavy lifting in order to get the work done.

Think about our situation on Earth just for a moment in the HERE and the NOW!

Think about what we actually KNOW about and do not really have to speculate about. Forget about the Solar System and the Galaxy for a second or so.

We’ve got hundreds of deep underground bases right now (Dumbs) all over the world, which are run by WORLD’S MILITARIES!

It does not matter which country on Earth you are from, if you’ve got Deep Underground Bases, (and I assume most established countries do have them) then they are controlled by those countries MILITARIES.

Sure, there are scientists, builders, doctors, botanists, computer tech people all working down there as well (just like in Area 51)…, BUT – it is all controlled by the MILITARY.

Antarctica is supposed to be a grand place for “global research” – and is also supposed to be open for study by many countries, BUT we’ve got the NAZI’s down there living in New Berlin, and who knows how many other Corporations have built secret manufacturing facilities in heated domes under all of that ice and snow. (Nice and out of sight).


Almost ALL big corporations that are doing business here on Earth have their OWN security forces, while some actually have ARMIES!

These security forces are there to “protect” corporate secrects – corporate profits – and corporate “contracts”.    It’s a money making world out there – and COMMERECE is the order of the day!

Most Corporations are doing business with the worlds largest MILITARIES, and I would venture a “guess” that the most profitable portion of their yearly production comes from Military contracts and military Hardware.

Can anyone argue with this??

Can anyone find a fault with the notion that most huge corporations are doing extremely well financially while doing business with the World’s Miliatries!

Now, this statement stands quite solidly on it’s own even if we “pretend” that our Militaries have not yet left the Earth!  So let’s take it a step further!

  • “WHAT IF”…., we had ships and fleets traveling throughout the Solar System?
  • “WHAT IF”…, we had ships traveling throughout the Galaxy?

Can you IMAGINE the money…, the contracts…, the supplies and the man power that would be necessary to produce and provide the goods and services to support that kind of travel agenda?


Can you “imagine” the business, the contracts, the commerece, the WEALTH…, (moo hoo haa haa haa) that is available to get involved with in space travel, and the monumental slice of the money pie that is out there and just waiting for those who are AMBITIOUS and want to MAKE MILLIONS, BILLIONS & TRILLIONS?

All kept secret!  All hidden under the radar!  All hidden by non-disclosure agreements – Corporate Immunity from prosecution – and pay for play schemes!

Oh wait…, can you say THE CLINTON FOUNDATION??

Didn’t we find that Hillary was selling access to SAP’s to other countries?

Well…, what is an SAP?  (Special Access Program)

Who fits this kind of personality profile perfecctly?


Well, who really runs the United States?

You see, everyone wonders WHY all of this is being KEPT SECRET from everyone else!  And here is your first clue!

It is doubtful that this secrecy has ANYTHING to do with protecting Earth or protecting the people of Earth as a matter of simple fact!

It is far MORE reasonable to believe that it has to do with the outrageous MONEY MAKING OPPORTUNITIES that are available for the small slice of people living here on Earth who are “in the know”!

CORPORATIONS have always tried to “patent” everything they come up with in order to be the only ones to PROFIT from a certain technology or IDEA!

Forget about what is good for humanity!  Forget about what is good for the EARTH!  Forget everyone else…, it’s money, money, money!


Our Corporations and our Business Structures here on Earth have been this way for a LONG TIME, this did not happen just yesterday or with the advent of SPACE TRAVEL.

The United States Federal Reserve Bank, having been set up by evil Banking Oligarchs (in 1913 through 1933) in the first place, is there only so that all of the money and the profits can be directed right into the hands of ONLY A FEW PEOPLE!

That is and always was their purpose.

Did we think that would change once SPACE TRAVEL (or TIME TRAVEL) came around?

Oh, and there is that same time frame again…, a twenty year period between 1913 (the birth of the Federal Reserve) and 1933, (the year Roosevelt signed every American into Slavery) with his New Deal.

The same time frame as the MOBS, the NAZI’s, and the worst the world had to offer.

Now…, ADD into the mix the accidental achievement of SPACE TRAVEL starting in about 1940, and you’d have a damn “feeding frenzy at the pigs trough” due to the absolute greed of most of these Corporate CEO’s, who care almost nothing about humanity, but do in fact know a thing or two about Business and how to make huge profits!

SECRECY – which was considered absolutely necessary in order to keep the people of Earth from “panicking” about UFO’s and ET’s would ONLY have served to launch these Corporate CEO’s and their money making LUST into their wildest DREAMS!

It would be (and was) just like throwing a million gallons of gasoline on a “money lust” fire that was already burning totally out of control!

Think for just a single moment about a base on the Moon!  Think about an Earth Based “contractor” who supplies just one single thing for that base!  Let’s keep this simple!


STARBUCKS (as greedy as that place is) just can’t help itself from charging five to eight dollars for a cup of coffee here on EARTH for crying out loud!  How much money do you think they could get away with “charging” for a cup of coffee on the MOON – if everything about a base there had to be kept absolutely secret?

And even if there isn’t a “Starbucks” at the moon base, if there is ANY kind of base there at all, it’s got to have some coffee!  So how much does the contracting “company” that is sending coffee to the moon charge the United States (and it’s tax payers) to send a months shipment of coffee to a base located there?

You think the price would double, triple, or quadruple?

How about a fifty dollar cup of coffee?  And, maybe that is even too cheap!  Maybe a hundred dollar cup of coffee is more realistic.

And people here on Earth are wondering why TRILLIONS of DOLLARS go missing every few years!  What do you think a roll of toilet paper costs if it’s getting sent to a MOON BASE?

Try 150 dollars per roll!

And you’ve got people like Cathrine Austin Fitts, who wants to know where all of the money is going, and are looking everywhere, but only have to look as far as Earth’s greedy CORPORATIONS to know where it’s all going.

And so far, we’ve only talked about coffee and toilet paper!

What about  SPACE SHIPS?

What about the advanced technologies to make them run?

What about “hyper or star drives”?

What about Military hardware and Armaments for Space Craft?

What about equipment for Soldiers and the Security Forces who work in Space?

As if those things weren’t going to be EXPENSIVE ENOUGH…, If you add the ELEMENT OF SECRECY…, then the price goes up a thousand fold!

You’ve got VULTURES who would willingly sell one bottle of water for two hundred dollars each!

And they would also willingly sign a NON DISCLOSURE AGREEMENT with the Government or the Miltary due the insane profits they were going to be making!

So, in all honesty which people living on Earth have actually BENEFITTED from the advent of Space Travel so far?

  • ONLY the most Greedy!
  • ONLY the most Brutal!
  • ONLY the most Fascist!

These are the people who have “profitted” for the last 60 to 80 years!

So who is it REALLY that is traveling through the stars and “representing” EARTH to the rest of the Galaxy?


You know, people wonder why there are SO MANY MILLIONAIRES cropping up suddenly all over the world, and they also wonder what these people are doing to make that kind of money?


You see, all you have to do is be willing to keep secrets and screw over the rest of humanity for PROFIT, and you too can be a MILLIONAIRE!



Humanity is also wondering WHY our societies are suddenly crumbling right in front of our eyes, and are wondering why the SATANISTS have almost taken over the entire Earth.

For the last 80 years…, we’ve FINANCIALLY REWARDED the most EVIL people living on the Earth with huge sums of money!

What do I mean by this?

Well, If you are willing to KEEP SECRETS, if you are willing to betray mankind for a dollar or two, then you are not really a very “good person” are you?

But ONLY these kinds of people (it seems) are the ones who have been “getting all of the good contracts” and “making the good money” that is out there to be made…, and LOTS OF IT!

So yes…, we have been (for the last 60 to 80 years) rewarding the “lowest” people living among us and have been giving them all of the POWER they need to do what ever they want to do (if money equals power)!

  • And just what do you suppose these corrupt and/or corruptible people will actually do once their pockets are lined with nothing but cash?
  • What will these people who don’t care about the rest of humanity do with untold Millions of dollars?


And…, what praytell, have we been seeing happening everywhere?

What has been happening to the world?

  • Can you say John Podesata?
  • Hillary Clinton?
  • James Comey?
  • The US Congress?
  • John McCain?
  • Barrack Obama?
  • The FBI?
  • The Department of Justice?
  • The Courts?

Can anyone with a brain ARGUE with me that this is exactly what we’ve seen take place?


Thank you Secret Space Program – Thank you Earth Military!

You’ve just burned your own planet to the ground!  And WHY?  All due to your need for SECRECY – which had the side affect of making some of the most EVIL people on Earth so totally wealthy, that they can destroy the entire planet and no one can stop them!


It’s not like I haven’t written about this before!

I’ve said many times that SECRECY (along with money) is the root of ALL EVIL!

I’ve also said that until we get RID of secrecy totally we will NEVER advance properly into the future!

What’s really quite amusing actually is that we’ve got tons of NEW AGERS who think and believe that the people of EARTH are about to experience some sort of massive SPIRITUAL ASCENSION because we are all getting so “loving” and so “awakened” when anyone with EYES can see that the opposite is TRUE!

Stay tuned for Part Three….


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