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The Ultimate Question this post is meant to deal with is this one:


The “proof” of such a clandestined attempt at a “TAKE OVER” is by definition not going to be obvious, except in it’s EFFECTS which can be seen, and not very easily explained away.

Perhaps we should start here, with a look at something that was written by Robert Morning Sky (a Hopi Native American) in his classic work:  THE TERRA PAPERS.

Taken from page 4, Morning Sky wrote this about the ORION REPTILIAN (LIZARD) QUEENS:

Countless wars over Billions of years had taught the SSS Queens a vital lesson, an enemy or rebellious subject serves NO PURPOSE if executed. But, if the brain was reprogrammed and resistence was eliminated, then a vital body was added to the labor force.  Thus MIND CONTROL became the SSS Queens weapon of choice!

Referred to by other races as “THE MASTERS” or ARI, they would in time come to be known as the ARI of  AN (Heaven) or very literally: THE MASTERS OF HEAVEN!

Need I remind you of the very obvious similarity here of the NEW AGE MOVEMENTS “COMPANY OF HEAVEN“…, repleat with it’s countless ASCENDED MASTERS.   How much of a stretch would it be to say that the “ARI  of  AN” – the MASTERS OF HEAVEN (of the Terra Papers) – and the COMPANY OF HEAVEN (of the New Age) were the very same beings?

In Helena Blavatsky’s “THE SECRET DOCTRINE” she talked extensively about the Aryan Race…, a once great race from the times of Atlantis which made it to the stars!   But look how close “ARY” and “ARI” really are!     Robert Morning Sky says very clearly in his book that the Orion Reptilian Queens were known as the ARI-AN or the MASTERS OF HEAVEN.

He also says they were (and are) a very brutal war like race which seeks to subjegate entire planets under MIND CONTROL and then take them over, using them as Slave Labor.

Blavatsky – an unapologetic believer in LUCIFER as the “GOD OF THIS WORLD” also seems to think that the ARY-AN race is a superior race of “WHITE BEINGS”.

But then didn’t Thomas Edwin Castello say that the Royal Draco Reptiles are WHITE in color?

Wouldn’t that make them “white beings”?

Could the ARI-AN’S of the TERRA PAPERS, simply be the ARYAN’S of Blavatsky’s “Secret Doctrine”?

Well, Robert Morning Sky goes even further on page 4:

“Today”, he says, “The ARI-AN are simply known as the ORIONS!”

So here we’ve got ARI-AN, ARYAN, and ORION all referring apparently back to the very same beings…, which are Reptile in Nature!

Now Adoph Hitler, who was a huge fan and even a possible devotee of Helena Blavatsky’s work, also thought that there was a MASTER RACE out there known as the ARYAN RACE!   Was he talking about human beings, OR…, was he talking about the DRACO REPTILIANS?

Was he talking about Robert Morning Sky’s “MASTERS OF HEAVEN”?

Many whistler blowers have now come forward, including William Tompkins, who has said that the Germans had indeed been in contact with aliens!  He claimed they were in fact building saucer type craft during world war II, but simply did not have enough time to get them finished to win the “overt” part of the war.

They moved down to Antarctica to finish them (Saucer Craft) and when they had them ready to go, it was the Germans who dictated terms to the Americans.

Ultimately, these “men” did not move back to Germany once they “proved” themselves, and most probably stayed down in Antarctica.

Well, why on Earth didn’t they go back to help the German people???   They now had superior technology after all.

This is easily explained!

It is my opinion that most of these men and women had no real care nor concern for the German people at all…, even though they themselves were German.

Just like certain FBI officials here in America…, thought they had: A HIGHER LOYALTY! (Gag…)

That loyalty was not to the German people!

It is also my opinion that they did not consider “regular germans” to be the MASTER RACE at all.

It was instead the ARI-AN Reptiles whom they were working for and working with, not just Adolf Hitler…, and it was THEY who were considered to be the MASTER RACE!

Furthermore…, the GERMANS themselves were simply being “USED” by the ARI-ANS to see if a very quick and easy TAKE OVER of PLANET EARTH could be achieved in the 1930’s.

Well, they found that it was not quite as simple as it first appeared, and so a far more LONG TERM APPROACH (perhaps over the next 100 years) was looked at.

This approach would out of necessity have to be far slower and more comprehensive and would have to take place mostly through REPROGRAMMING of the MIND, and MIND CONTROL.

(A type of battle tactic that they were extremely good at, and had used on countless planets.)

Fortunately, the ARI-AN’s (the Draco) had lots and lots of willing human supporters on Earth in the form of Luciferians/Satanists who had already “given” themselves over to the SAME DARK FORCE that was controlling the REPTILES.

Steeped in lust and greed, desperate for sex with young children, and practitioners of Ritual Dark Magic, the human Luciferians were almost WAITING for the Draco to show up it seems.  They were very ready and willing to team up with them for the cause of Lucifer.

It was very easy after WWII abruptly ended to move thousands of NAZI scientists into America under the OSS/CIA Operation Paper Clip.

Werner Von Braun was one of those NAZI’s – and he was placed in “charge” of the American Space Program for NASA.

Interestingly, when asked a direct question as to how the Germans were able to create so many fantastic technological advance in such a short time, his simply pointed his finger upward and said:  “THEY HELPED US”

And why not…, if the TRUE GOAL of the ARI-AN Reptiles was a take over of EARTH…, the NAZI REGIME would have been the perfect tool becuase it is a very rigid/military POLICE LIKE STATE with little freedoms and absolute CONTROL over everyone.

Now here is where I am going to caution my readers!


We did not “win” that battle that started with World War II.

It is still on-going, and has simply moved into the shadows.

Because the DRACO are very long lived, a 100 year wait would not be a whole lot of time to spend in putting in place all of the infrastructure for a world wide MIND CONTROL NET of sorts.

By working DEEP UNDERGROUND, and by maintain absolute secrecy, they have been able to formulate their EARTH TAKE OVER PLANS for the last 80 years!

With the help of men like Prescott Bush, George HW Bush, George Bush Jr., the CLINTONS, and then OBAMA…, HILLARY was simpy going to be the NAIL in the proverbial coffin!

Why would they help the DRACO?

Because they are Luciferians!   They do NOT believe in GOD!

Obama was doing everything in his power to REMOVE ANY MENTION OF GOD from everything here in America…., and Europe’s leaders were doing the very same!

Once you know what the PLAN IS…, it is not hard to see WHY everything is happening the way it is!

IF you can be “honest” for a single moment (and manage to resist placing your head in the sand) the proof is all around you, and it’s in the NEWS every single day.

For instance:

This story out of CHINA was only printed yesterday!

China has instituted a “National Social Credit Score System” which punishes “members” of Chinese Society who do not OBEY!

China’s state-run Global Times newspaper reported on Monday that over 11.14 million instances of individuals not being able to board flights – and 4.25 million similar incidents on trains – had occurred “by the end of April.”

These people were forbidden “travel priviledges” simply because their “Human Being” score was too low.  But it gets worse!  Just listen to this SICK person and what he sees as the ultimate duty of the Social Credit System to achieve.

According to Hou Yunchun, former deputy director of the development research center of the State Council, who the Global Times quotes as having celebrated the system on Sunday, a social credit score is necessary because “if we don’t increase the cost of being discredited, we are encouraging discredited people to keep at it.”

Hou insisted that it was necessary for social harmony that “discredited people become bankrupt.”


There you have it.

The TRUE end goal of the Social Credit Score System in China is to FORCE people who just won’t obey (and do everything they are told) into BANKRUPTCY!


But WHO pray tell…, is behind the NEW WORLD ORDER if not the REPTILES?

People will say…, it’s the BANKERS and it’s the ROTHSCHILDS!   But hey…, who is behind the Bankers?   It’s the Luciferians!  And, for your information, the Rothschilds are Luciferians!

So who then are behind the Luciferians?   Who is helping them with all of this AI, SuperComputers, GENE technolgoy, anti-gravity drives, and Military Hardware??   WHO???    The DRACO…, that’s who.

The very SAME Draco who already tried to take over the entire planet and put it under a NAZI style of Government with Adolf Hitler in the 1930’s.  Now…, having learned their lesson…, are acting MORE SECRETLY and MORE COVERTLY…, and are moving much slower.

Are you starting to see the picture now?


The SOCIAL CREDIT SYSTEM in China (which is now in use) is totally Luciferian/NWO/Draco in it’s impact and it’s goals!


Next story from yesterday:

We’ve got dozens of GOOGLE employees “quitting” over a Pentagon Project that deals with AI surveilance and drones!  However, if you read the story, you’ll find that it is being used to track peoples movements all over the Earth in very much the same way that the Chinese are using THEIR surveilance programs to establish a human being’s SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE.

China already has face recognition technology everywhere in that country, and it is watching every single one of their citizens with cameras to make sure they are only doing what they are supposed to be doing.  IF you stay out at bar too late one night and don’t make it to work the next day…, your SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE takes a big hit and you are punished!  And the facial recognition (which is everywhere in China, saw you at the night club, so they’ve got their proof!)

How much do you want to bet that GOOGLE helped design the very system that the CHINESE are now using…, but never thought it could be used here in America!  Now that the project is on the table…, GOOGLE employees are WALKING AWAY in fear and disgust.

How much do you want to bet that HILLARY’S SOCIALIST AMERICA would have had a SOCIAL CREDIT SCORE for “good behavior”…, and a bad social credit score for anyone who was a “hater”.

If you said anything about Muslims, Gays, Illegal Immigrants, or her Social Policies…, you’d be labeled a HATER and you’d be banned from usng planes, and trains to get around!

And what would be the goal of that?

Just like in China…, it would be to BANKRUPT anyone who did anything, or said anything that the GOVERNMENT didn’t like.

Now are you starting to get the picture???


The Draco and the Luciferians are still here!  They did NOT give up!

The Earth is still a TARGET!

In Great Britian you’ve got this guy saying he want’s to totally DETROY CAPITALISM FOREVER!  Another huge socilaist.


Praised the former leader of socialist Venezuela

Pushed on whether he saw a difference between transforming the economy and overthrowing the capitalist system, he was clear:

“I don’t think there is a difference between transforming society and overthrowing capitalism. At the end of the day, I want a socialist society, and that means transforming it in a way that radically changes the system as it now is.

Mr. McDonnell, however, praised the leadership of the nation’s former premier Hugo Chavez as showing how socialist policies can succeed. 


More will be coming…

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