By: Bradley Loves


For years, well intentioned men like Dr. Steven Greer have been telling us that the Universe is most likely filled with life!  I have no quarrels with this type of logic, however men like Dr. Greer have also INSISTED that these beings pose NO THREAT to us at all, and his reasoning is based in the logic that if they wanted to wipe us all out, they would have done so already!

Dr. Greer has clearly not considered the possibility, that our planet may in fact be a “vital” farm (of sorts) for genetics, and is therefore “protected” on some sort of GRAND cosmic level that most races in the Universe are aware of.

While they do not really want to “Destroy” the Earth…, they most certainly want to do experiments here, and see no reason why they should not put human beings in petri-dishes or discect them and see how they work!



Earth may in fact be a “genetic” lab of sorts!

This one single fact precludes ANY race of beings from attacking and/or destroying the Earth in total.

This does not mean however, that ET’s can’t come here, poke us, prod us, and/or experiment on us!   And, in addition let’s just say that Earth’s leaders have no real problem with that happening (if they get something in return for it).

It also stands to reason that the Ancient Law of Contracts that I’ve talked many times about, is in play here.

These beings came here KNOWING that they could never (and would never be allowed to) attack Earth and Destroy it simply because there is most likely some kind of Grand Cosmic Level Federation or Council that forbids it.

But they DID KNOW, that if they got a TREATY, or a CONTRACT to be here…, (signed by Earth’s idiot leaders) then they could do much more than they would otherwise be able to, without having the Cosmic Police come and kick their as*es!

So – when the men (I say “men” only because there were not too many women yet “running things”) who were in position of Authority and Leadership on Earth in the early 1940’s and 50’s met these trickster GRAYS for the first time…, the “off worlders” simply played the BLUFF CARD!

They came in for meetings, acted all big and bad, and made it appear as if our leaders had no other real choices!  So Eisenhower, and possibly many others, reluctantly signed treaties with them, opening up the door for HUGE amounts of EVIL experimentation to take place.

This gave the outsiders the necessary “permission” they needed to interact with Earth and it’s people!

OH IF WE COULD ONLY GO BACK IN TIME AND REDO THE 1930’s – 40’s – and 50’s!

This is where all of Earth’s real problems started!

STUPID MEN…, men named Rockerfeller, Rothschild, Soros, Bush, etc. countless others really, (all Luciferians) were operating back then under the cover of SECRECY, and under the cover of Secret Clubs and Secret Societies.  They had access to huge troves of hidden knowledge and hidden facts!

They were waiting, biding their time, planning and plotting for world domination.

Maybe, they even had access to future knowledge.

They knew that the time period from 1930 to 1960 would be very chaotic, and it was a 30 year window of time where all they would have to do is create as much CHAOS and DISTRACTION in the world as they could, and once these ET’s showed up, they would be able to STEER the entire world into doing things that most people living on Earth would NEVER have done if more knowledge and information had been widely shared!

Humanity has suffered greatly as a result of interations with Off World entities!   And it continues to suffer, because SECRECY is still valued MORE than actual human life!

Human life has been reduced to having almost NO VALUE, while knowledge, technology, and power has been lifted up to the highest value there is!

How long can a species and planet that thinks in this way function before it’s TOTAL DESTRUCTION IS GUARANTEED?

Because of what is going on UNDERGROUND!   Because of Dulce, New Mexico…, well intentioned men like Dr. Steven Greer and their “opinions” are literally rendered moot!

They have no meaning!   Their point of view is completely invalidated!

These Alien Grays – the Draco, and others – DO in fact present a clear and present DANGER to humanity!

They HAVE harmed good men and women!

They have experimented on countless millions! And the worst part of all is that members of the FBI, the CIA, the NRO, and other agencies have actaully helped them to do it in secret!

Should anyone feel sorry for the FIB (I mean FBI) as their top level members get fired and taken down?

Should anyone feel sorry for men and women of the CIA as their top level members get fired or taken down?

These people LIED to the AMERICAN PEOPLE (CAUSING MANY INNOCENT DEATHS TO OCCUR).  What’s worse is that they took a weekly or monthly PAYCHECK to do it!

They took money from the American people to commit murder against the American people!  There is no more FOUL human being living in the Galaxy than ones like these!   These will get what’s coming to them!

Their hands are dirty, and they are evil!   They are lucky that they are just being fired, (for now) and escaping with their lives!

They are even MORE lucky that they are not being strung up from lamp posts for TREASON against their own countrymen!

As Q is saying…, NOW comes the PAIN!

Please think on this!



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