Dear Mankind: Those of us who came here to help are past hurting for you.  We are past aching in our hearts for your awakening. Now, all we can do is cry for those who refuse to wake up and to be saved, and for those who will most likely die.

Here is the latest AND WE KNOW from LT, a former Marine who does so much for mankind.  Of particular interest in this video update happens at 28:00 when Dr. Sherri Tinpenny basically informs us that there is NO REVERSING the effects of the “shot”…, which she refuses to even call a vaccine.


So comfortable in their homes, so well trained by their televisions, so well indoctrinated by their schools, so terrified to get out of line lest they be challenged by their “authority figures”, so many within humanities cultures have decided that it is better to die with a whimper (and be seen as obedient) than to stand up and fight for their lives and to fight for their freedoms!

I can remember when the things I was writing on this blog still had a few years before they became manifest.  Now, things are happening so quickly, there is only a short delay of mere months before what I am being shown will soon happen – takes place.   Only a handful of months ago, I said this very clearly to anyone willing to read my blog:

If you can not say NO to the mask, and can not challenge the “authorities” when they are forcing you to do something that they have no right to do…, (ie – make you wear masks) then HOW IS IT POSSIBLE that when they come and tell you that you must get their “shot” – you will find the strength and the courage to say NO at that time?

Those who do come here to read on LOVE TRUTH have made a mistake.  They have assumed this blog was all about “me” it’s author.  This blog has NEVER been about me.  It was always about YOU and about MANKIND. 

It was always about giving mankind a gift that was mine to give, because I was ASKED BY THE CREATOR to come here and to give it.  But this blog was never about me.  Read the pages!  Read the over 5,000 articles written since October of 2014 and you’ll see that is 99 percent about TEACHING and REVEALING “TRUTH”.

Countless people over the years have come here to (LOVE TRUTH) to read.  Some of my articles have even been stolen, re-written slightly, and then posted under OTHER PEOPLES NAMES in other places. Yet, so few will admit to where, how, or when they got the information.  They just can’t bring themselves to admit that they were actually at this blog. 



How many times must we revisit the “WHY” of it before it finally sinks in?  Those who rule you at the top of the so-called food chain truly believe that they are “gods”.  They have convinced themselves (due to New Age fictions) and Satanic Teachings – that they are “gods” in the making.

Don’t just take my word for  it however, Majestic 12 just might be more believable than myself if you hear it from them directly.  Over the last few years, they seem to have come out of their drunken stupor of wanting to dominate the entirety of universal creation because most likely they were WARNED by those higher up than themselves that there was a universal punishment system that would see to it that they got what was coming to them if they continued or proceeded as planned.  They have apparently “changed their minds” (so they say) and we will see if that is the case.

So occasionally, you’ll see me addressing the “military” directly. 

Or, you’ll see me addressing the “code breakers” or other people in high places, many of whom DO read this blog whenever they can.  Now you know why!  GOD has shown me just who is involved in THE STORY.

Unlike many of you, I have never been fooled into believing that the right hand had NO CLUE what the left hand was doing.  Simple logic dictates that what we were seeing unfold was being orchestrated and managed from places very high up.

Remember please just WHO dug out the D.U.M.B.S in the first place.

Remember also that so much of mankind was set up by those at the very top to “believe” that they too could be “gods” in the making.  Brought to you by the same people who created and built the D.U.M.B.S

Come on New Agers – don’t you dare tell me that you did not fall for it!  They had you hook, line, and sinker!  The New Age was caught just like a fish on the hook, and only those who could still THINK FOR THEMSELVES were able to save you from what they had planned!

Remember OPRAH = HARPO/MIRROR – who was out in the television trenches every single day trying to sell you SNAKE OIL?

I wonder what’s going on with OPRAH/HARPO these days?  Wasn’t she thinking about running for President as a Democrat?  Didn’t she just “love” Hillary Clinton and SWOON over Barack Obama?

Have I thrown you for a loop?  Or are you starting to wake up from your TRANCE?


So please, my brothers and sisters, don’t forget about those of us who came here to care about you!  We came here FOR YOU!  And, it is because of this that “many of us” are being still (as we speak) targeted, beaten, hunted, marginalized, scorned, jailed, and killed.  You see, “THEY” (who believed they were “gods” in the making) are actually AFRAID OF “US”.

I know, sounds stupid right –  “gods” – who are afraid of just a few people who actually REVEAL THE TRUTH and can not be bought, bribed, threatened, blackmailed, tormented, or broken enough to join them and turn on the real PRIME CREATOR of all things.

Burning in Hell – and wishing they had NOT followed orders.

Perhaps what they really FEAR is the day when the world will be run by honest and decent people who have never been “muddied” and “dirtied” up enough to be “controlled” and therefore will always make the correct decisions when it comes to what is best for mankind and for humanity!

To many of us – that is most certainly a day worth looking forward to – but it is also the CABAL’S worst nightmare.  They hate not being able to “control” every single little thing!


Once again – it is something I’ve written about before, but bears repeating here:

How can you believe or have “faith” that things will be okay and will happen for the best of all involved when you don’t believe in a GOD?  If you believe that YOU ARE GOD – then you fear everything, and think you must work hard to CONTROL EVERYTHING!


As a special treat, I am adding the very first AUDIO FILE of my writings and it is the very article above – done by two of my readers (may GOD bless them richly) who are very special people.  This is just a “sample” of what is coming soon – please have a listen.


Many more of these are already done, and ready to go.  Soon I will explain how you can “join” a special section of the blog where you can get this content and more! This is the first of many of my writings that will be put onto AUDIO FILES and you will be able to download and listen to them at your pleasure if you JOIN a special part of the blog which will be accessible for a set monthly FEE.

I am not ever going to be “in the business” of selling you coffee mugs, t-shirts, candle stick holders, or gym shorts.  But if I have to – I will try to share with you even MORE TRUTH – in various ways and earn a living at the same time.

Remember this last thing please.  This blog is not mine – it is here at GODS request.  So please stop trying to kill the messenger and try to HEAR the message which is simply about TRUTH.

Dear Mankind:  “WE” who love  you don’t want to cry.  Please WAKE UP SOON!


Credit for the Audio File above goes to Bernie and Luke!  What an incredible team they make!

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