By: Bradley Loves


The “WE THE PEOPLE” movement has gotten to a point where it is TOO BIG for the powers that be to squish it!  It has truly become a force to be reckoned with.

See this last post:

Now…, for those of us who CAREFULLY study history…, this is the point in time where the GLOBALIST RULERS move in and TAKE OVER the very movement that opposses them!

Now…, what needs to be said before anything else!


Remember “who” these men and women are!

Get this through your head once and for all!

I will dive into this much deeper further down in the post.

But for now…, let’s take a good look at HISTORY!

The early Christians could NOT BE BEATEN by the Romans!

For 300 years, the Roman Ceasars (yesterdays Globalists) tried desperately to defeat the early Christians by wiping them out!   They could not!

Then in 325 AD…, CONSTANTINE (leader of ROME at the time, who was also a Roman General) decided that he’d had enough!

He decided to TAKE OVER the entire Christian Movement by means of INFILTRATION!

Now, for those of you who are really gullible, and easily fooled…., history dd not “happen” the way in which it’s been written!

Constantine DID NOT intend to join Chrisianity…., nor did he intend to follow the precepts of Jesus.  He intended to take it over and RUN IT by giving it “new beliefs” and to “change what it was from the inside”.

He called for a world wide COUNCIL…., and he put the meeting place for the council in NICAEA (which is now in modern day Turkey).

Now…, regardless of what has been said about this “council”…, it DID NOT represent the traditional CHRISTIAN viewpoint as laid down by Jesus…, but instead it heavily FAVORED the viewpoint of ROME!

How was this done?

Constantine made certain that any of the early Christian “Bishops” traveling to Nicaea that would not support his “insider take over” of the Christian Faith…, NEVER MADE IT TO NICAEA!

They were detained by the Roman Legion, and kept far away from the gathering.

Now…, fast forward to the current day!

These sorts of tactics are STILL USED TODAY by the modern day globalists!

Anything that they can’t control…., they BUY…, they INFILTRATE…, they STEAL…, they TAKE OVER…., and they ABSORB!


Now…, the specific REASON why this worked 1,700 years ago…, and why it still works today is that regular every day “spiritual people” are 100 percent completely and totally  GULLIBLE!

There is just no other way to say this…, no matter how tactful you might want to be!

They just “trust” that everyone around them is always TELLING THEM THE TRUTH!


This is a “mistake” of EPIC proportions!

If I had just one single word for the NEW AGERS OF TODAY…, and many of the common every day CHRISTIANS….., I would call them SHEEP!


Well…, what does Q-Anon have to say about “sheep” in his Q droppings?

He has said many times already….


Further more…, he has asked us to THINK FOR OURSELVES!


Why do so many “good hearted” people “act” like sheep??

Because they “BELIEVE” everything that they are being told…., AND…, when someone who they KNOW…, says something to them…, they CAN NOT POSSIBLY COME GRIPS THAT IT COULD BE AN INTENTIONAL LIE AND A DECEPTION!


Let’s face it people…, countless Christians and now New Agers…, are just like SHEEP!


Because they do not have the ability to understand that EVIL DOES IN FACT EXIST IN THE WORLD ALL AROUND THEM.

This is why it is so very easy to lead them to slaughter (just like real sheep).

This is also why men like me are so very necessary in our world…, BUT at the same time…, get almost NO appreciation or love from the very people that I am trying to SAVE!


Sheep want to live in a fantasy world which makes them feel safe!

That fantasy says that there is NO DANGER and NO LIARS and NO DECEPTION anywhere near them.

Thus, they are easy marks and easy targets!

Furthermore…, too many of these people just DO NOT WANT TO HAVE TO THINK TOO HARD AROUT THINGS!

I’m sorry if this sounds politically incorrect…, but the millions of people who go to Channeling Sessions and sit at the feet of Channelers are these very types of people!

Now before you get upset about my saying this…, know this:

I went to countless Channeling Sessions myself…, all throughout the 1980’s and early 1990’s BEFORE THE INTERNET came out!

So…, I KNOW FOR A FACT what types and kinds of people these are that attend these gatherings!

I have met thousands of them.

They all want to believe that NO SUCH THING AS EVIL EXISTS…, and that everything that “sounds loving” that gets said by anyone…. MUST BE TRUE…, and can not be an intentional DECEPTION!


However…, the SATANISTS/GLOBALISTS do not have any MORAL problem with LYING TO YOU!

Furthermore…, what I am seeing happening now…, in the Democratic Party (the current party of the GLOBALISTS) is that they are basically saying ANYTHING AND EVERYTHING THAT WILL GET THEM ELECTED…, and every single worker in their offices are being told that NONE OF THESE PROMISES WILL EVER BE KEPT!

PROJECT VERITAS has under-cover videos coming out right and left from all over America where these “leftists” and “liberals” and basically NEW WORLD ORDER “supporters are talking behind the scenes (in private) and telling their own people that THEY KNOW THEY HAVE TO LIE IN ORDER TO GET THE VOTES!

They see no problem with this at all.


And…, they have NO INTENTION of keeping a single promise they make or follow through with anything they say!


What’s worse is that there are so many ordinary, every day people who are part of the DEMOCRATIC PARTY…., who are in support of these tactics!

Countless millions!


What I am saying is this:

People today…, as we speak…, even people YOU MAY KNOW…, are using the ART OF LIES AND DECEPTION…, to get countless “sheep” to believe what they are saying…, just so they can then GET POWER BACK!

They have no intention of doing what they claim.

Now…, listen to me!

Satanists have no thoughts about MORALITY!

They do not care about lying!   They LOVE DECEPTION because it works to their advantage!

And what have I been banging on about endlessly for the entire 4 years that I have been writing this BLOG??


This video…, represents a “group” that has taken Donald Trumps “WE THE PEOPLE” movement and is now trying to co-opt and steer it over to the interests of the GLOBALISTS!

Will you yet again be CONNED?

Will you yet again be FOOLED?

Will you always BELIEVE every single thing you are TOLD that “sounds good”?

Are you smarter that the SATANISTS??

They have NO INTENTION of giving you what they promise!


Watch again!


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