By: Bradley Loves

This is just a WHAT IF kind of thing.   But it is floating around out there, so what if?

Apparently there is a HUGE CONNECTION between Wuhan China and the makers of ADRENO-CHROME.

I was following this and following this and none of it was making too much sense until Barron Trump tweeted this tweet:

And then it started to COME together!  

How can the Corona Virus “TESTIFY” against Clinton —- UNLESS —- the makers of ADRENO-CHROME – in Wuhan – were placing some kind of genetic marker inside of the product so that anyone who DRANK IT – ie – drank a tortured child’s blood – would TEST POSITIVE FOR THE CORONA VIRUS??


Adrenochrome usage = Corona Virus.  ????


And…, why does TOM HANKS and his wife – both have it ???

Does he drink Adreno-chrome ??

What does Barron Trump know?

Hey Hillary – the Corona Virus is gonna TESTIFY AGAINST YOU ???


Comments ANYONE ??

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