Over the weekend…, I got a “blast” of comments (mostly from one reader) on my latest posts…, and the gist of these comments (some of which were long enough to be considered a book) is mostly about the problems and horrors of CHINA.  I posted only a few of them and deleted the rest so you can see them.

Mostly in response to this post:


My question is this:


  • Do you suppose that when I post things like this…, I am forgetting about the rest of the world?
  • Do you suppose that I am focusing on the SATANISTS only in the west?
  • Do you suppose that I am not totally “aware” that things are really bad in China?

I find it just a little strange that I would write a PUBLIC NOTICE that basically takes into account the entire world…, AND…, take into account it’s off world enslavers (who ever and where ever they are) and then get a response from a reader that basically says:


Forgive me…, but it almost sounds like the reader is either apologizing for, defending, and/or making excuses for the countless crimes of the WEST…, all because “CHINA” is a bigger evil.

At least that is what it sounds like to ME!

Am I wrong??

I’m not certain of this…, and so this is why I ask!

When you write comments, please be CLEAR as to what you are trying to say in regards to what I wrote specifically.

I was VERY CLEAR that all forms of enslavement will be dealt with…, and that the ENTIRE PLANET is under my blanket of protection once we reach the “other side”…, (as concerns the crimes against humanity that are being actively committed by those who follow Satanism and engage in RITUAL SACRIFICE).

I will not forget the Chinese, nor the Russians when it comes time to WITNESS and to TESTIFY in front of PRIME CREATOR against those who worship LUCIFER.

The (long comment) in question almost sounds like it is questioning how I can possibly talk about the crimes of the “west” and not at the same time look at what CHINA is doing.

This is the same type of story the  “lib-tards” out there are using when they justify hatred and violence against conservatives, and the beating up of TRUMP supporters, only because they see DONALD TRUMP as a bigger threat to humanity than the verifiable criminal Hillary Clinton was…., and therefore “their” violence is somehow 100 percent justified.

This only makes sense to a crazy person.

Let me be the first to assure you that all innocent Russians, all innocent Chinese, and all innocent Westerners are on my radar…, and every single life that that been enslaved and harmed will be re-imbursed for the pain and suffering they were caused by those evil men and women who made treaties with dark beings, and signed contracts with the likes of the DRACO.

This does not mean that if “China” has made treaties with other rogue ET’s…, they will be forgotten.  The same goes for Russia.

Please RE-READ what I wrote…., and see if maybe you jumped the gun on your comments.

All my love….

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