By: Bradley Loves


I was recently told that my blog is one of the most “intense” blogs on the internet!

What does that even mean?

How is telling the TRUTH…., “intense” ?

I guess I could speculate that after being “lied to” for decades and decades…, and told that there is nothing to see here….


…many people would suddenly be “upset” if someone watching the abject destruction of America, and who actually DISAGREED with the globalist narrative, came along and spoke the TRUTH.

Instead of constantly hearing…, THERE IS NOTHING TO SEE HERE…, on my blog you are getting a real and HONEST PICTURE of what is happening around you.

So I guess it could be that people who come here are suddenly in “SHELL SHOCK”.

But that is not MY FAULT!

The question to them is this:

Why did you listen to countless men and women who “spun the facts” in ridiculous and ludicrous ways…, such that when you could SEE with your own eyes that the sky was blue…, you listened to those who said it was pink??


This is NOT my fault!

The responsibility lays with those who are willing AT ANY COST…, to deny, hide from, and cover up what is really happening here on our world!

This kind of behavior does not help anything or anyone!

Naturally…, this “weakness” …., (and it is a weakness) came from thinking that lies are “okay” to tell!

The NEW AGE is also to “blame” for much of this…, handing over such EVIL and USELESS teachings to anyone who will listen that say:



There is “my” truth…, and there is “your truth” and both “truths” can be totally different!

This is just about the most preposterous thing to ever have come out of the mouth of a living and breathing human being.

This has given those who wish to HIDE from facts and HIDE from reality a “safe space” in which they can IMAGINE that the sky is pink, the grass is purple, trees are orange, and PURE EVIL is something that we all need for our learning process.

I for one am just SICK of this…, and so…, like any decent human being I am going to put a STOP to the lies and to the self deceit!

That is all there is.

No…, my blog is NOT one of the most intense on the net…, it is just ONE PLACE that you can come to…, where there are NO LIES…, and NO COVER-UPS!

This does NOT make it intense…, it simply makes it honest!







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