By: Bradley Loves

I am “on the road” once more.  Driving across America on my way to be with Bryan’s family.

The most interesting thing to take note of is that so much of “America” is completely untouched land!

Taking some of the lesser traveled roads…, (not Freeways or Inter-state Highways)…, I have driven hundreds and hundreds of miles and on both sides of the road there is NOTHING!

Let me repeat that…, in the middle of the country…, if you are not in one of the smaller towns…, it is still wide open grasslands…, (not even farming property).

As far as the eye can see…, in all directions…, just mountains, forests, grasslands…, and nothing else!

This “notion” that America is overpopulated is 100 percent a LIE.

I could not drive for hours and hours and hours without even seeing a damn farm house…, if that were the case.

If you get on the right roads…, THAT is what you will see!  Clean vistas, untouched grasslands, mountains and forests…, and NOTHING ELSE. Hundreds and thousands of miles of it!

America is FULL OF THIS.

It is only in the super concentrated areas of big cities and metropolitan areas that it seems “over crowded”.   This is simply a “perception”.

Now…, what is this OVER-POPULATION bullsh*t all about then??


It’s all about control!

The “powers that were” are all too clear that there are MORE of us than there are of “them”.


Thus…, they have placed the idea of over-population (pure propaganda) into the Main Stream Media…, and are SELLING A CON.

They are using every piece of TECHNOLOGY they can muster…, to forcd the “control” of other human beings onto the minds of  humanity.

They can ONLY do this if YOU… (Yes you have a role to play here) let them do it.

This article linked above talks about the “armies” of ROBOT SWARMS that have been developed and are now being prepared for the Battlefields.

These “swarms” are self aware flying robots…, controled by AI…, Artificial Intelligence…, which act like a swarm of bees and attack a single target in a huge co-ordinated Mass.

See this video to know that this is absolutely real…, and READY FOR DEPLOYMENT.

We are only a few months or years away from SKYNET…, and TERMINATOR!

You have better get a clue…, and FAST!

Say NO to robots!

Say NO to self aware Drone Swarms!

If they can be used on them…., they can be “used” on YOU!

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