By: Bradley Loves

By now…, if you are paying any attention at all…, you’ve GOT TO SEE IT!

These Satanists, and yes THAT is exactly who is behind this ongoing attempt at destroying America, are running the very SAME tired, worn out “play” on the field of battle that they have always used throughout all of history…, and they are now using again to start a “civil war” here in America!

First of all…, let me give you a brief history on just who these people really are…, so you can know them and how they think!


From the very youngest age, these people are “taught” by their parents to LIE, to CHEAT, to STEAL, to DECEIVE, to BRIBE, to BLACK-MAIL and to CON!


Some say these Gypsies are descended from the Khazars…, who were people who used to rob travelers by the roadside and take everything they had!

Leaked report: Israel acknowledges Jews in fact Khazars; Secret plan for reverse migration to Ukraine

It is well known that, sometime in the eighth to ninth centuries, the Khazars, a warlike Turkic people, converted to Judaism and ruled over a vast domain in what became southern Russia and Ukraine.

What happened to them after the Russians destroyed that empire around the eleventh century has been a mystery. Many have speculated that the Khazars became the ancestors of Ashkenazi Jews.

Also see this as well:

The history of the Khazarians, specifically the Khazarian Mafia (KM), which is the World’s largest Organized Crime Syndicate that the Khazarian oligarchy morphed into through their deployment of Babylonian Money-Magick, has been nearly completely excised from the history books.

The present day KM knows that it cannot operate or exist without abject secrecy, and therefore has spent a lot of money having its history excised from the history books in order to prevent citizens of the World from learning about its “Evil beyond imagination agenda”, that empowers this World’s largest Organized Crime Cabal.

The authors of this article have done their best to resurrect this lost, secret history of the Khazarians and their large International Organized Crime Syndicate, best referred to as the Khazarian Mafia (KM) and make this history available to the World via the Internet, which is the new Gutenberg Press.

I find it compelling that almost ALL of the current troubles we are facing here in America at this time somehow and strangely has EVERYTHING to do with the UKRAINE…, which was in ancient times called: KHAZARIA, and was the ancestral home of the Khazars!

I find it both troubling and fascinating that Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Joe Biden and all of the SATANISTS formerly in America’s leadership…, were working very hard to take the Ukraine away from Russia!

But for what purpose??

In my opinion these Khazars/Gypsies/Satanists are the very same people that Jay Parker talks about in his countless YouTube videos, and who he describes as Generational Satanists…, many of which made up 90 percent of the population of Arden, Delaware when he was growing up there!

He called them: Magicians, Witches, and Warlocks!

This two hour video is a must listen if you want to get a feel for what I’m talking about!

These people…, these men and women that look just like you and me…,  are so radically different from the rest of us, that you can’t really begin to imagine it!

They are rabid, foaming at the mouth human beings who don’t belong in civilized societies!  This is why they HIDE in small groups in places like Arden, Delaware and love to label their villages as: ARTISTIC COMMUNITIES!

This is also why they are all such consummate “actors”. 

It is because in order for them to live in a civilized society like the one we have here in America…, their entire lives (out of necessity) must become one entire ACT OF DECEPTION!

They pretend to be “normal” but keep to themselves in their own small groups and have regular secret meetings in GROTTO’S and GROVES…, where they can do blood sacrifice, drink blood, have sexual orgies, etc!

They have these “groups” positioned in every village, town, city, county, and state here in America according to Jay Parker…, and their numbers are staggeringly large now!

10 to 12 percent of the entire American Population are: Generational Satanists or Gypsies!


There are two specific groups to these Satanists!   There are the Blood and Guts Satanists…, and then the Ideological Satanists who are there ONLY for the money!

So you’ve got the “blood and guts” Satanists and then you’ve got the “Ideological Satanists”…, both of whom make up the entire group of Generational Satanists!

It is the BLOOD AND GUTS SATANISTS who are much higher up the food chain…, and run the lower group!

They LOVE magic, and they love doing DARK MAGIC in order to bring themselves power over others – and one of their most powerful Sacraments (to Satan) is having sex with young children!


Because the “Demonic Entity” which has attached itself to an adult human host who is willing to have it (many times literally calling it to themselves)…, can then “suck” and “siphon” LIFE ENERGY out of the child, (think base chakra) and use it as FOOD or a power source!

SPIRIT COOKER – Marina Abromovic and her child “sexual” target

If you meet any of these people…, you can NOT afford to be their friends…, because they will literally STEAL YOUR SOUL if you are not careful!

Their main motto is:

Mundus vult decipi, ergo decipiatur

“The world wants to be deceived, so let it be deceived.”

Washington DC is now (unfortunately) FULL of these men and women who lie, cheat, and deceive…, because GOOD and DECENT PEOPLE were lulled to sleep over the last 70 to 80 years…, and very literally forgot that such people even existed!

Thus…., it was far easier for those who follow the “two face” principle.., to CON those around them, and to actually get themselves elected into Congress!

Yes…, that’s right…, how convenient that “DC” is celebrating 75 years of TWO FACE

These “two facers”…, these back stabbing Gypsy/Satanists who sweet talk you on the one hand…., while lying, cheating and stealing from you on the other hand…, only got where they are today because GOOD PEOPLE totally and completely let their guard down!

But you should know this:

Pray constantly and allow the Holy Spirit to guide your life. Listen to the convictions of the Spirit. Satan will do all he can to deceive us just like he deceived Eve.

He will say, “don’t worry God doesn’t care. The Bible doesn’t specifically say you can’t do that.” We must align our lives with God’s will. I encourage you to watch out for self-deception.

On the Day of Judgement you can’t use “I was deceived” as an excuse because God is not mocked. Never put your trust in man, but instead put your full trust in the Lord.

Furthermore, Jesus said this:

3 While Jesus was sitting on the Mount of Olives, the disciples came to Him privately. “Tell us,” they said, “when will these things happen, and what will be the sign of Your coming and of the end of the age?”

4 Jesus answered,     “See to it that no one deceives you. 

5 For many will come in My name, claiming, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will deceive many.…

And now…, these predators are all sitting in the highest offices inside of the SWAMP of Washington DC, and they are using the SAME WORN OUT PLAYS that they have taken directly from their Ancient Satanic Playbook – and are using them to start a “CIVIL WAR” here in America!

This total “CHAOS” that they seek to create, is the big distraction that they need to fully and totally take over America for good!

So…, how does it all work you might ask!

Well buckle up campers…, and LISTEN UP…, because I’m about to give you the play by play as to how the SATANIST PLAY BOOK ACTUALLY WORKS!

Here is how it works!


These people first get themselves into very high positions of power within the given establishment, and they create for themselves a history of generally being civil with the people around them who they are working with.

(This is nothing but an “act”)

They may do this for years and years, and even gain many allies and friends, because the time is not yet right to strike!

Then when the time is right (this has all pre-planned for decades ahead of time by the way) they all start cheating, lying, conning, deceiving and pushing “good people” around at the very same moment in history so that it looks and appears as if their crazy opinions and crazy agendas are carrying the weight of common agreement!

…Everyone believes as we do…, so YOU should believe it too…, what is wrong with YOU??

They then start BLAMING YOU…, for their own actions and their behaviors…, by telling you that they are only doing what they are doing “because of you” and that it is all your fault that they even need to do this…, even though all of this was planned FAR IN ADVANCE!

Their intention is that you as good and decent people are caught off guard and unawares, and are blind sided by this total coordinated effort that seems to be happening EVERYWHERE all at the same time!

(Again it was all pre-planned)


Good people are totally not prepared for this!  They do not understand that the Satanists entire goal here is to PROVOKE THEM!  They have no clue that this was planned long ago and that countless people around them are actually IN ON IT.

Working against good people in a “tag team fashion”…, these Gypsies/Satanists/Luciferians began to undertake countless actions which the general public sees as wholly and totally INSANE!


  • Banning and Censoring anything and everything that Conservatives and Christians say…
  • Passing totally insane laws concerning abortion (after birth abortion), institute a “program” like Drag Queen Story Time (teaching five year olds to masturbate)
  • Forcing children in schools to use the same bathrooms…
  • Arresting parents who are not getting with “the program”…
  • Telling Police to ignore legitimate crimes and robberies and to instead start arresting people who speak out against “trans-genders” on the Internet…
  • Opening the borders and letting criminals in to do whatever they want…, and punishing honest and decent people instead…
  • And the list goes on and on and on… (there are hundreds of examples)

These are the INSANE behaviors that countless good men and women – who only want a decent society – can not understand!  So now they act like a DEER IN THE HEADLIGHTS…, and they freeze!

Good people just stand there…, frozen on the road…, and don’t even move out of the way – because they’ve never SEEN OR EXPERIENCED SUCH DANGER AS WHAT HAS BEEN PLANNED FOR THEM!

Satanists love this kind of thing, because GOOD PEOPLE do not recognize the TACTIC!   It’s all a CON…, it’s all an ACT!

They can not conceive of, nor digest, that something this EVIL has been planned for decades! So good people get mad…, and they get outraged…, but they just can’t see the much greater PLAN behind it all.

(So much the better for the Satanists)

This is an OLD PLAY for the Satanists!  It’s been used all throughout history!  This is what they ALWAYS DO!


Because from a very young age…, their PARENTS taught them how to do this!  They have managed to gain control of all of the money in the entire world in this manner!

Again…, REPEAT AFTER ME…, they are literally taught from a very young age to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, DECEIVE, BRIBE, BLACK-MAIL, and CON!

This is who they are…, this is what they do…, and you are a FOOL to pretend that there are no such people living here on Earth.

Their goal in springing this “tired and old tactic” at this particular time in history – as a wholly organized and coordinated attack – is to to push around, demean and degrade good people until they VERY LITERALLY SNAP FROM THE PRESSURE!  

Its all a set up for maximum effect!

Once you’ve got all your own people in places of power and authority…, then you can pull the trigger of your plan and begin to harass and torment all of the good and decent people of your TARGET COUNTRY!

You begin to con them, cheat them, spit on them, frame them, push them around and keep up the effort until – THEY FIRE THE FIRST SHOT!

Then (in a typical two faced manner) YOU who are the Gypsies/Satanists – act completely surprised and outraged!  (And trust me…, these people, due to the amount of practice they’ve had…, can deliver AWARD WINNING PERFORMANCES!

Eddie Redmayne with the award for best actor in a leading role for “The Theory of Everything”



At your “reactions” to their behaviors!   Thus, it is YOU who are dangerous…, it is YOU who are OUT OF HAND! 

It is YOU who now need to be subdued, it is you who need to have your rights taken from you…, to have your guns confiscated, to have your children taken away…, and be placed into detention centers!

THEY feign total and complete moral outrage over your natural responses to their INSANE ACTIONS!

They “demand” (in very large groups) that the good people that they’ve been lying to, pushing around, conning, cheating, and stealing from be arrested or restricted – because somehow they’ve gotten “uncivilized”.

They further demand that these people – “HATERS”  – have their free speech taken away, their guns removed, their jobs and livelihoods taken and their lives “canceled”.


They work in “TAG TEAMS” – notice how the MEDIA works with the DC SWAMP CREATURES – to push their insane agenda, how they lie, cheat, and con good people…, until each one of them snaps from the extreme pressure of the insanity!

They create an “ECHO CHAMBER” that is only there to repeat and regurgitate the lies coming from the SWAMP…, so that you will think that everyone AGREES with what is being said!

They then come in with fake two faced MORAL OUTRAGE and shame anyone and everyone who does not agree with them…, and begin to “take them out” – one at a time, while acting in complete PRETENSE as if “they” are lofty and good  – when in their minds and hearts they are PURE EVIL!


This type of “tag team behavior” filters out from the Media, and starts to grow in the consciousness of the masses all across America…, and soon those who are still asleep and are under the spell of mass MIND CONTROL are acting and behaving in REBELLIOUS WAYS and are also lashing out and attacking the very same good and decent people the MEDIA is attacking…., until the entire country SNAPS and those who are being “targeted” can’t take it any longer and literally start to fight back!

When this happens…, then those who “intentionally created” all of this unjust chaos (purposefully and with full intent) go stomping around and pretend to be very morally outraged (two faced) and they cry out that it was those people (who they had been targeting) who are BAD, and need to be taken down!

GEE WHIZ people…, this is not rocket science!  I’m amazed that it seems so hard to see for so many of you!

My dear readers of LOVE TRUTH…, your only problem in figuring this out…, is the very same problem that every single New Ager has.

They just don’t want to acknowledge EVIL!    They all DENY that evil even exists!

Well how in the name of all things good and decent could you “see this” if you are so busy denying that this kind of “thinking” is possible??


The thoroughly blinded and conned New Agers/Millennials/ and even some Christians – just can’t digest that certain people who live here on Earth and who walk around just like us…, are THIS DAMN EVIL!

They just can’t digest that these people are gathering together in very large groups behind their backs – (Satanic Groups) – and are PLANNING ALL OF THIS!

But Mark Passio – a former Satanic Priest – told us this!  In many of his videos he has said that THEY have been planning this for a very long time!

Here it is…, in four hours of video…, all laid out for you!

Again, good people just can’t believe or digest that what is happening around them was actually PLANNED!

They just can’t believe that other human beings would so freely LIE, CHEAT, CON, STEAL, FRAME, and TORMENT innocent people without even a single thought of remorse or misgiving!


This is also why these men and women that are now walking all over Washington DC in the year 2019 – are about to pull the trigger on:


They want a CIVIL WAR!  Now, be warned…, because they are TWO FACED…,(and cowards) – they want YOU to throw the first punch!

They are going to bully, and bully, and bully – especially using their BIG TECH ASSETS – BANKS – POLICE – FBI – CIA – DEEP STATE ASSETS – INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES…, etc…, until YOU strike back!

They will torment, cheat, lie, blame, steal, con and frame…, and push good people around (see what is happening to Donald Trump) and then multiply that times a thousand once he is gone, and they finally get around to YOU.

To the Satanists who are now running the DC SWAMP – innocence, honesty, and goodness DOES NOT MATTER!  You are in the way…, and you a cog in the giant wheel.  You will either surrender…, or DIE!

And when good people “snap”…, they pounce and BLAME the “good one” for daring to fight back!

Once again…,  (let’s review until you get it)…, they will keep using the Media, Hollywood, and all of their other Satanic outlets to tag team public opinion by:

  • Lying
  • Cheating
  • Stealing
  • Pirating
  • Conning
  • Bribing
  • Framing

Honestly…, all I can say is that I sit in amazement that so many people just can’t SEE THIS because it is so obvious!

It’s almost like guys like me are walking around in a world where everyone that is good and decent is sleep walking for some reason…, and only a few are acutely awake – while the rest of the “good people” are still under some kind of SPELL!

The Gypsies/Satanists are all fully awake and aware and are PLAYING the sleep walking “good people” people like fiddles and leading them around like CATTLE!

They get pissed when they see guys like me walking around who are awake, aware, and can SEE what they are doing!

So they attack!

And just so you know…, and I’m going to repeat it again…, ALL OF THIS CHAOS that they are creating here in America (and has been preplanned) is leading up to a CIVIL WAR…, which they actually want to happen!

But “they” – the Deep State that represents the Satanists – want the CONSERVATIVES and the CHRISTIANS to throw the FIRST PUNCH!

This is absolutely necessary – and this is how they get to be seen as the non-aggressors…, even though all they’ve done is ATTACK people in subtle ways.

They have to try to be seen as the ones who were “above” it all (even though they were the ones who actually caused it).

  • This is why they do things like punch people with MAGA hats (roving groups of bullies paid for by George Soros)
  • This is why they spit on people and throw Milk Shakes on them or throw water on them.
  • This is why they use the legal system to do DRAG QUEEN STORY TIME – and teach little kids about sex right in front of their parents.
  • This is why they bust into homes and take little kids away for not getting a vaccination or something stupid like that…

They are PUSHING!

They are going to keep pushing and pushing and pushing…, and their actions will get more and more outrageous (come on people this is not rocket science here) until everyone who is GOOD AND DECENT SNAPS FROM THE OUTRAGE OF IT ALL!

At that point in time (especially if Donald Trump is thrown out of office) the Gypsies and Satanists will then call out the Military and the Police (to immediately arrest the “aggressors”) who are simply good people who were intentionally pushed to the breaking point…, and boom you have your CIVIL WAR.

The SATANISTS will be jumping for joy!!

It is the same old worn out tactic that the GYPSIES and the SATANISTS have used for thousands of years, and it always works – because huge groups of them always work together (in secret) to achieve the common goal!


The saddest part to me is that their “targets”…, (basically good and decent people) NEVER WORK TOGETHER!   

Q-Anon is probably to most ambitious attempt yet at unifying the masses of good and decent people around the world to work together against the Satanists!

However…, the SATANISTS always share their money with their own people!  They help by PAYING each and every foot soldier in their camp…, right down to the last ANTIFA member, a salary!  George Soros transferred 15 BILLION dollars of his own money – to be used for just these purposes!

Very few “good and decent people” believe that supporting America against a SATANIC TAKEOVER…, is worth even a single penny of their own savings!

And so the foot soldiers – working on the front lines for “team good” – have to forage in dumpsters for money to buy coffee.


So who is it that is “conducting” the Orchestra here?  Who is it that is pushing BOTH SIDES against the middle?  And why are they doing this?  Who is it that supports BOTH team dark and team light (But pretends to support Neither??)

Look no further than the EVIL OLD MEN wearing  fancy dresses in places like the VATICAN because they are the ones holding the baton…, and directing the Satanic Orchestra!

(All done from behind the scenes and in secret).

This is where all of this takes a very strange TURN and swiftly moves into subtle realms of OFF WORLD INTRIGUE…, and ALIEN AGENDAS because they are the number TWO in all of this…, and not the real leaders!  So who then are the real leaders??

In other words:

Who exactly is number TWO working for??

Jay Parker told us in the video above that his own mother (a self proclaimed witch) told him when he was a child that the Satanists were working with the “Bankers” and the “Reptiles” in order to take over the entire world!!

So this is where articles like THIS ONE:



Written long ago already – are so incredibly important, and well worth your time in reading!

So your only duty here is to STOP being so damn gullible…, and to realize that there are MILLIONS of men and women (who look just like you do) who are following a totally different set of rules for life than you do…, and some who may even have information about how all of this GOES OFF WORLD!

(But are not telling you!)

Repeating for a THIRD TIME…., from a very young age…, they have been taught by their parents to LIE, CHEAT, STEAL, BRIBE, BLACK-MAIL, and CON!

Get this through your heads!  This is their daily manner of life, and they do it very well because they PRETEND to be just like you!



This guy is one of them!  He is part of the Gypsy/Satanic Cult!  Everything that he does is an ACT!   Every word that comes from his mouth is a LIE!

This woman is another!

And “they” are in two of the highest positions of power in Washington DC!

They are basically Gypsies!  They are Satanists!  And for some strange reason…, they all seem to “love” the Ukraine!    Or, is it Khazaria that they love so much!

Obama loved Ukraine – Biden loves Ukraine – Hillary loves Ukraine – and they all worked with the Ukraine?



Now…, here again is the “TAG TEAM” group…, and they come from the very same religion (now numbering in the MILLIONS) who are there in these positions of the Media only to echo and regurgitate the CON…, the LIE…, the DECEPTION that is coming from the SWMAP in DC, and then to scream it through a bull horn so that all of the sleeping masses can hear it!

They have been “put there” and propositioned years in advance so that when the time was right (this was planned for a very long time).., they would be there to make it seem or appear as if those who were PUSHING HARD AGAINST and FRAMING good people…, had a just reason to do it!


My only advice here is this:

You need to change your perspective:

Actively denying that there is such a thing as EVIL – causes you to be unable to SEE evil, and thus IT CAN HAVE ITS WAY WITH YOU!

The New Age…, intentionally mis-led you!


All my love….


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