By: Bradley Loves


In her “speech” at the Golden Globes, Oprah Winfrey seemed to come out with both “guns” blazing for CORRUPT MEN and the power they hold over the world.

Yet (in my opinion) Oprah Winfrey is being just a little bit hypocritical.

In all of the years that she was doing her mutlit-billion dollar earning TV Show…, she did a single episode on the problem of human slavery, and child sex trafficking of any real consequence.

In that episode she interviewed a Chinese female who had gone all over the globe for several years and and had found HORRIFYING evidence that child slavery, and child sex trafficking was bigger and far more of a problem TODAY…, than it was during the days of black slaves working on southern plantations.

The numbers that we are talking about (as per this Chinese lady) were absolutely staggering!

This lady (I do not remember her name) told Oprah that a young black 16 year old male or female could still BE BOUGHT (taken from the tribes of Africa) for as little as 60 to 100 dollars!

While I commended Oprah for doing this show…, (and I sent the show an e-mail saying so)…, she NEVER DID ANOTHER SINGLE SHOW like this one.

She NEVER took up the banner and USED HER BILLIONS to put a stop to human trafficking and child sex slavery!

(Given the very important FACT that she was well aware of what was going on.)

This single episode of the Oprah Winfrey Show was done years ago!

What has she being doing since then??

Why has she not spoken out to all of humanity?

She controls millions (if not BILLIONS) of dollars while I barely have enough for my next cup of coffee…, and yet I have been doing everything humanly possible with my time and my energy to EXPOSE the rape, and the torture of young children by pedophiles and SATANISTS.


How dare she get up and lecture ALL WHITE MEN (which I am one of) when I have no money to fight this epic fight…, and SHE ( a black female) has BILLIONS to fight this fight…, and has never done so!


In addition she supported Hillary Clinton for President…, who has been shown to be a CRIMINAL.

Thus…, Oprah has zero credibility to take the moral high ground!

SHE KNEW…, and did nothing.

Call it cowardess, call it helplessness, call it self preservation, call it lack of CARE.

By knowing about the problem…, and having the HUGE means with which to bring attention to that problem, and then not doing so…, she becomes nothing more than a LOUD BANGING DRUM on the street corner.., the kind that JESUS talked about.

She “virture signals” about how holy she is…, when the historical PROOF is that she kept SILENT about countless horrible things (rampant child slavery) that she knew about, and even did a SHOW ABOUT, but then proceeded to NEVER talk about it publicly, or use her countless millions to bring world wide awareness to it.


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