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This report, written by Shane Bales…, aka THE RUINER, was written only last year.  Shane grew up working within the bowels of the Illuminati, but always had his own take on the things he was learning and being asked to do.

As part of his unique form of disclosure, he wrote this on his RUINER BLOG.

Here is his take…, on the WAVE.., that was being talked about in 2008 by Kerry Cassidy’s source, which is most likely the same WAVE that the US Military was warned about in the 1940’s and 1950’s.


Singularity or Change: Frequency Correction and Choice
Something beautiful is going to happen. A spark of consciousness, causing an evolution of organic life in a massive section of our Galaxy, and passing through our Solar System, and most greatly impacting this planet. Earth.

This is what this writer has been referring to as “The Wave”. (Not to be confused with “Wave X” or other “waves”.)

After reading, meditate on this and you will see it is happening and we are right on the edge of an abyss of the unknown. This is going to unfold, but how, and exactly when, is unpredictable.

Here is what I can tell you based on collecting data from various sources internal and external.

There will be two sides to choose from.

On one side, you will see this drama play out. On the other you will step sideways off of this path, and circle back to a new path.

What both sides will share will be an overlapping period of time where we will see the physical world giving birth to something of a new vibration. As if the Earth is currently in a cocoon about to go from caterpillar to moth or butterfly.

The cocoon has to crack open for this to happen and this planet will experience a change.

No one can say exactly when. All the signs are indicating this will come soon.

You are making a choice. Your choice is not to be fully decided until it occurs, but, you are making it with all of your thoughts and actions between (a while ago technically but let’s say..) now and then.

We are creating what our world will be with all of our thoughts and actions between now and then. Yes, this was just repeated, and for a purpose.

Unlike when you vote in an election at a single point in time, your choice matters in the here and now.

These two worlds would look decidedly different.

Everything I have said in my blog about the Illuminati and blah, blah, blah, will be placed on one side.

Your writer’s references to nature, love, understanding and respect, will be on the other.

The Singularity: (Side Dark)

They want us to interface with technology. Maintain and enhance our current ways, manners and standards of living.

Machines doing our labor. Biotechnology healing all disease and illness and prolonging lives.

Cybernetic enhancement. Virtual Reality and ownership of Virtual Intelligences.

Nanotechnology rewriting DNA and the environment.

Man becoming machine.

On top (and partially behind) all of this is an Artificial Intelligence controlling it all.

I think you get the picture.


The Change: (Side Love)

Major frequency changes will give us a sort of window so that the planet can restart with a clean and fully functional biological and energetic system. The same will happen to the humans, physically. What has to happen during this window is people need to face themselves, all forms and aspects.

This can happen for people in various ways. What an individual experiences inside themselves can not be generalized as the same for all of us who experience this frequency at the moment it fully connects. This writer is personally convinced even the timing will vary from person to person.

Telepathic ability will be turned on so to speak, which means people will start developing these skills. Other natural abilities which will allow us to relearn how to live in balance with the planets natural systems will start to return. The feeling will be like discovering new instincts and senses, along with heightened senses we know.

Responsibility for interrelations with nature and other humans will all fall squarely upon these individuals.

Some of the results will be quick, while some not so much. The younger the mind, and the less polluted it is, the quicker the results.

The Choice:

She (The Earth) is working in her direction. That ominous “they” are working in theirs.

She has help, “they” have help as well. She and “they” are both willing to help us. This is why nothing from outside can save us. The choice is ours.

If this sounds like something called “the wave” that is because it is a wave. It is traveling through this arm of the Universe and playing with other factors and processes to create a result inspired by the Universe.

It happens that, She, is tuned in such a way that She can use it to spark her own change. We can help her. If that is our choice.
The darkness has (for all practical purposes) overtaken this part of the universe.

This frequency wave is meant to balance this. A way to correct the many many mistakes made by many groups of beings over a very long period of time. This is your time to shine. Take advantage of it.



So this is Shane’s take on the Wave…, and he wrote this only a year or so ago.  I happen to think it is beautiful!

However…, this is a FAR, FAR cry from what hundreds and hundreds of “Channelers” have been telling us about the ASCENSION for the last 10 to 15 years!


First of all…, not “EVERYONE GOES”!   

In fact…, probably very “few” will go!

ASCENSION has been cast around from the very beginning as sort of a “graduation” ceremony that rewards EVERYONE (good and bad) for partaking in a sort of Cosmic Play that has now run it’s course!

And believe me…, I’ve read enough Channeled messages over the last decade (thousands and thousands) to know this is a very accurate statement.

That “definition” of ASCENSION is nothing like what Shane has written about. In his little piece above…, he calls the “WAVE” a correction…, NOT a reward.

It is something that is happening GALAXY WIDE…, and since it is “traveling” as a very physical WAVE of pure energy…, has already happened to certain parts of the galaxy.

And…, most importantly…, it is NOT for everyone!  It is ONLY for those people who actively choose to “monitor” their:  thoughts, words, and deeds…, (casting their “vote” daily…, as he puts it) for a better and more loving reality.

This highly personal EFFORT (done daily) is the catalyst in his opinion that will move that soul into the CORRECTIVE TIMELINE that is in “tune” with the wave.

He also points out that this may NOT happen in a single day or over night…, but over a period of time.

Quiet honestly…, in the end…, he says NO ONE really knows what it going to happen or how it will affect everyone.

In addition, he clearly points out that the DARKSIDE wants you to stay.  Not only that…, they are willing to “help you” to stay…, and remain unaffected by this wave if you so choose!  He said several times that the choice is yours!

Furthermore…, he said that EARTH and side love has lots and lots of help for those who choose LOVE!

But he also said the “they” have lots and lots of help (Dark ET’s) who are willing to help those who choose not to change and go with what he calls: THE SINGULARITY…, which is a “technological choice” which is destined to eventually go “machine like and non organic”.

Few people running around in Channeled Circles have given us this description of what is coming!  I find this FAR more plausible that anything that has ever been channeled for one reason only:


You have the choice to either move outside this timeline and sidestep it…, or go right down the center of it with all of the DARK and SATANIC STUFF that will also be allowed to take place.

You choose!

However…, this is NOT a savior coming to get you…, and is NOT the Galactics who (some of which) in my humble opinion are actually part of the “bringers” of the TECHNOLOGICAL SIDE of the “Singularity” future.

What his wave is really all about.., is 100 percent YOU!  You being mindful of every thought, every word…, and most definitely ever ACT that you do or you don’t do…, until that wave actually happens…, and by doing so…, YOU EARN your way around the very dark future that is coming soon to a planet near you.

Something to think about….





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