OUR HISTORICAL “REALITY” IS CHANGING (and people are noticing)

By: Bradley Loves

There are so many people researching “THE MANDELA AFFECT” now that one can find hundreds of videos on the subject.  I know many of you don’t have the time…, but I’ve already watched perhaps 2 dozen videos on this subject over the last month.

There most certainly is something to this!

I myself recall perfectly many of the things in question that have now seemingly “changed”, but at ONE TIME… were different!

According to certain friends who have talked with the CIA…, two different “timelines” are currently merging together.

This means that many of the things you may “remember”…, are NO LONGER TRUE.

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  1. Alleghany

    They were “HAPPY” at CERN…YouTube shows the following vid was posted on November 3rd, 2014. Watch the whole vid but take special notice to the 2:31 mark when the “scientist” holds up the signs. The first sign shows BOND#1 = Nelson. The second sign clearly shows MANDELA. It seems to me that they’ve started out with small changes like movie titles, brand names, etc. but the snowball effect is underway and more changes are happening quickly. Will we wake up in the near future to see that our spouse or job has changed? While the effects seem trivial now, they may become more life-changing…

    As an aside, The One People’s Roundtable has really had their fingers on the pulse of this for the last month. If anyone is interested, I would check out the 2 or 3 most recent vids from them.

  2. Alleghany

    Seems like more than two timelines to me. I get the feeling it’s countless timelines, at least more than two. It kind of feels like the whole resurgence of the flat earth paradigm may be a side affect of the Mandela Effect…(?)

    You were the first to introduce me to the the Mandela Effect when you told the story about 2 years back when a building suddenly appeared in your neighborhood when the day before it was just a vacant lot if I can remember correctly. Many years back, I lost my license. I knew it was in my wallet but after pulling out every card several times (once even in front of a group of friends at breakfast), it was just not there. I finally replaced it and then a month later, I found it back in my wallet. Did I jump a timeline and then jump back to the original? Strange stuff.

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