By: Bradley Loves


If you bothered to watch the You-tube Video that I just posted, which is a speech given by Dan Bongino last November…, then when you get to 4:42 in the video…, he says something EARTH SHATTERING!

You have to get off of your Prozac just for a moment in order to FEEL the depth of the crime that was being committed here.

The FBI (under Comey) was using Private Contractors (non government people) to look into a Federal Data Base that they had no business even accessing!

Please watch the first part of the video to get the gist of what he is talking about and the FRAUD that was being done by the Democratic Deep State People in the FBI and then come back to this article!

However…, this information alone is not where I am going with this article!!

Where I really want to go with this post, and what I really want you people to know is that the FBI and the CIA has been jobbing out” terrorist activities against Americans for quite some time now!

Not just spying on people inside the NSA database…, where Admiral Mike Rogers caught those doing it…, BUT…, what is far MORE important than this…, is the sleezy GANG STALKING and  TARGETING of innocent individuals with unseen frequency weapons that is going on all over America and the rest of the world!

There are now millions of “Targeted Individuals” in America and all over the World who are being tormented and tortured with UNSEEN frequency or broadcast wave type weaponry because they are “truth-tellers”…, or “anti-globalists” or “spiritual people”…, etc….

Just like the FBI “hired” Private Contractors to SPY on conservatives and Donald Trump in his Presidential Campaign…, the FBI has been “hiring” Private Contractors to harass, target, torment and torture millions of innocent Americans from unseen locations!!

Many of these “private contractors” are former police, former FBI, former CIA, and former Government Officials…, who have now gone “private” and are in business for themselves!

These people use their former “government” contacts and resources to get very lucrative and well paying contracts (in the millions of dollars) to target, harass, torment and use hidden weaponry against unsuspecting human beings who simply have a “difference” of opinion politically or socially about the direction our country should be moving.

Many of these so called “contractors” are just PURE EVIL…, and love to harass, target and torment other living and breathing people…, and they do so only to get a huge paycheck from the Government!

However…, the reason the FBI and the Government HIRES these “private contractors” is so they can have deniability and say they are not doing it!

Hiring Private Contractors to do all of the evil dirty work that the Deep State wants to do to living and breathing human beings insulates the Government from horrible crimes and any possible punishment or lawsuits!  This is why they use them!


Don’t kid yourselves about this though!!   The Government and the FBI gives their fullest support in the way of intel, technology, up to date information, and even access to satellite support or current addresses and phone numbers for the people they want these “private contractors” to target and harass!

Many people (like Brian Alexander for example) have died as a result of the targeting and harassment by these so called PRIVATE CONTRACTORS!

This is the REAL ISSUE…., this is the REAL DANGER…., this is the REAL WAR we are fighting!

The Government…., who hires PRIVATE CONTRACTORS to harass and attack private Americans…, (living human beings)…, and let me tell you this…, if there is a HELL…, it can’t burn hot enough to punish these men and women properly!

There will be a day of reckoning…, and as I’ve said many times before…


Before the Throne of GOD, I will testify against every single human soul who took part in this type of work…, and who did these types of things!   I will at that time BEG for their destruction!

Mark my words…, the “fat lady” has yet to sing on this one.

Please listen to the entire Dan Bongino Video…, and then watch this:


These are “private contractors” who are doing this type of “work” for a paycheck!




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