By: Bradley Loves


This title of this piece may seem strange.  However, given what my research has shown me…, “we” –  the innocent human creatures of Earth –  are in (way over our heads) and far more deeply than most researchers have previously considered.

It seems that there is almost NO END to the convoluted FEEDING FRENZY taking place at the “trough of humanity”.   And…, those who claim to be of “higher level” are sucking us just as dry…, as those who are on the lower levels!

It is almost as if our physical forms, and the very energy that we give off have been “cast”  as some sort of UNIVERSAL CURRENCY…, for the settlement of debts far and wide.

Whether here on the Earth…, or on slightly higher dimensional levels…, our bodies, our energies.., our thoughts & emotions…, and our very DNA…, have become the “commodity” to own and trade on the Universal Stock Exchange!

Long ago…, it was our species unfortunate luck to be genetically ALTERED…, and messed with in a way that severely LIMITED our ability to think and therefore to understand the frequency world around us.

This was done to create a SLAVE RACE by beings who wanted to “use” others to do their labor…, so they could “profit” off of their sweat and toil.

This extreme SICKNESS…, which very literally CAME to our world from other realms and dimensions has now “infected” ever part of our society so that we have countless humans living off of…, or PARASITING their existence off of innocent human creatures.

I can’t even begin to adequately list all of the INSANE men and women who in my opinion are acting like “slugs” or “parasites”…, and sucking the very LIFE out of those around them in order that “they” may live another day.

However…, in the tradition of “giving it my best shot”…, I will attempt to make you aware of the extent of what I’m referring to.

Let’s just start with the most obvious:


Bankers are people who…, have rigged up an entire Earthly system whereby “money”…, or “dollars” or whatever else you want to call it…, (strips of paper with ink on them)…, are necessary to have in order to “trade” for every single thing a living and breathing human being needs to survive on the planet they were born on.

In the absence of these “paper strips”…, (worthless for all practical purposes)…, then the necessities of food, clothing, housing, transportation, education, healthcare, dental…, and all manner of necessary parts of survival can not be had!

Thus…, we get millions and millions of homeless around the world…, refugees everywhere…, and starvations running rampant.

The Bankers…, amass huge amounts wealth through the use of these “paper strips”…, and now…, due to the advent of computers…, even the paper strips are nothing more than data entries in “digital fantasy land”.

They use this wealth to REMOVE…, and to RESTRICT the availability of goods and services from the innocent humans who need them to live…,  thereby causing REAL ORGANICALLY CREATED beings to die!

This is nothing but ANTI-LIFE,  –  because the end result of all of these policies is death of what is real and organic!

Anything that is ANTI – LIFE…., therefore by definition and default is PRO – DEATH!

BANKERS and their policies are PRO-DEATH, because they are ANTI – LIFE.

And…, don’t you even DARE…, to try to justify to me, or say that this is NOT the end result of their policies!   “WE” (those who are awake) can SEE (with our own eyes) that this is what is happening all over the world.  The horror we are witnessing is a result of “Banking Parasitism”.

Anyone who can’t see it…, that is not my fault…, but YOURS.  Don’t bring your sickness (inability to see) around me and then claim that “you” are the healthy one, while I’ve got something wrong with me.

Anything that is “anti-life” and is therefore “pro-death”…, is by it’s very nature…, SATANIC!

It espouses the LUCIFERIAN model whereby…, everything gets Ritually Sacrificed…, and then destroyed.


“ANY”  men and women who “defend” Banking policies…, policies which lead to the slow and eventual killing of innocent human beings (Organic and Living Men and Women)  are thus defending SATANISM & LUCIFERIANISM

You can call it whatever you want…, and justify it in your minds…, but you…, YES…, ———-YOU——–,    are defending the very policies which do a slow kill to the innocent organic lives around you by removing and restricting ACCESS to those things which all human beings need to survive!

If you “work” in Banking or in Finance…, or in any way “support” the Banking System…, then sadly…, you have “joined” the ranks of the PARASITES.

You are aiding and abetting the “gigantic SUCKING” that is slowly and surely removing the LIFE FORCE from all that is good…, all that is living…, and all that OUR GOD (PRIME CREATOR) made.

Now that this “commentary” is out of the way…, let’s look and see just WHO ELSE produces absolutely NOTHING on the EARTH.., but instead only TAKES AND TAKES AND TAKES (The classic definition of Parasites)

  • Lawyers “produce” NOTHING!  They “charge” huge amounts of “money” and “give back” no product that can be seen, touched or felt!  They are PARASITES.
  • Politicians “produce” NOTHING! They take huge salaries for working short days…, and only look after the narrow interests of Corporations (Fictions) while passing laws and regulations that actually hurt, or worse, KILL actual LIVING AND BREATHING HUMAN CREATURES.
  • THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA “produces” NOTHING!  They have now accepted their role as purveyors of 100% DECEPTION, and do everything they can to cover up the real TRUTH!  They have become PARASITES!

All men and women who have beome “parasites” no longer work for and with humanity or the Earth…, but instead are working not only AGAINST humanity…, but against LIFE ITSELF!  (The very creation of GOD in this Universe)

They are living in this world…, but are aiding and abetting in the destruction of the world while they are living in it!  That is the classic definition of a PARASITE!  Because just like an “infection” or a “disease”…, the “host” that supports them will eventually DIE…, due to their actions, and they will have to move to another “host” in order to SUCK the life out of it…, before once again moving on!

Any human being that does not “produce” a “tangible” good.., or a “tangible” service.., such as “making clothes” or cutting hair…, or even making beds in a hotel…, are NOT producing anything real, or of value!

Doctores and Nurses who only push PILLS for large pharmaceutical companies…, and demand that every human body be “INJECTED” with VACCINATIONS have become PARASITES as well!

They have become part of the “anti – life” agenda…, and instead of supporting life…, are now working with those who want to “slowly kill it”.

And…, they are doing this for “money”!  A “paycheck”…, for “paper strips”.


There is NO middle ground here!  You…, in your own person.., are either supporting life…, or, you are working with and for those who are determined to END ALL LIFE!

Take a good look at the work that you do.  What is your “Job” while here on Earth.

Are you a Parasite?   Do you “produce” anything of real and tangible VALUE?  Or, are you sucking…, sucking…, sucking…, the life out of everything around you…, trying to survive??

Now as much as this seems like it is an EARTH problem…, and it is “we” who are responsible for this…, I tell you most honestly…, this “problem” came from those who were above us!

WE are not the ones who are the EVIL CRIMINALS in the cosmos…, but those who are the “higher ups”…, or “the gods” (small g, thank you very much) are the ones who first instituted this PARASITIC PARADIGM throughout the Galaxy…, and then had the extreme audacity to BLAME HUMANITY for our short comings as a result of a problem THEY CREATED!

WE are not the evil ones…, but those crazy “gods” who demand our worship and our sacrifice…, are the ones MOST EVIL!

Why…, because the Parasitical Sucking that you see happening all over the EARTH first started, and was “brought here” from so called higher beings, and higher realms…, and then instituted here in this realm.

We did not create it…, THEY DID.

The ONLY thing we need to be concerned with here on EARTH.., is whether we “choose” (of our own free will) to join them in their ANTI-LIFE agenda!

Many, many humans have already signed up with the off world, higher dimensional beings, and have GONE SATANIC!

(Just look at the state of your World)

The only question you need to be concerned with is this one…

Will you too join those who have become parasites…, those who have devoted everything they do on a daily basis (and take a paycheck for) toward destroying LIFE on this Planet?   Or…, will you stand against the Parasites…, (Bankers, Politicians, Media, and many others) and devote all that you do toward SAVING LIFE…, in whatever form that might take?  There is NO MIDDLE GROUND!

You are either “pregnant” or you are “not pregnant”…, there is no such thing in the entire Universe…, as “partially pregnant”!

Think on this question….

More will be coming…

All my love….







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