By: Bradley Loves


Have you ever just sat down, gotten quiet for a moment…, and then wondered what “life” was all about?

Have you ever asked yourself this question:

WHY AM I REALLY HERE?    Or, better yet…


If you have never really had a moment like this, then let me say that I’m really very sad for you…, and that without knowing it…, you’ve unfortunately become lost…, and are mostly likely “programmed” to walk through life being obedient, and doing what you are told to do…, without a CLUE as to why you are really here!

Far from being a “prison planet” as some have suggested…, or…, a “punishment planet” as others have suggested…, where human souls are sent to “work out” their karma…, (and once that is done)…, they simply move on…, Earth was never created by SOURCE for such a mundane purpose!

The love of our creator always intended this planet called: Earth simply to be a “stepping stone” where millions of young souls who were moving upward would come to both learn, enjoy, and be very happy on their upward journey.

It was never meant to become what it has been now for millions of years.

At this time…, (as we speak) …there is a much “grander” and “greater” adventure happening here than you could have ever imagined.

You see…, as divine souls…, who have spent an awful lot of time living in the “higher dimensions” already.  There are those of us who were very bored with creating things only with our MINDS…, and wondered what it would be like to have a VERSION OF HEAVEN right here on the physical level to “play” in.

We wondered what it would be like if “heaven” came to the Earth, and was manifested right here on a gross and physical level!

We “wondered”……. IF IT COULD EVEN BE DONE!

If you want to KNOW THE REAL TRUTH…, (the real truth of why some of us are here)  a “truth” that has not been “channeled” from an out of body entity…, but instead has been already hardwired into our DNA, so that it could never be erased nor forgotten…


Our purpose is NOT…, and never has been to “ignore” the Earth…, work off our karma…, and then quickly escape back into the higher realms!

Like the genius sculpture who works with the clay…, and has a “master-piece” in his or her mind…, millions of very advanced souls have come downward from the HIGHER planes of existence at this time, and into the physical form to ESTABLISH A BEACHHEAD  on a “chosen planet” and then through the sheer effort of unending will, power, and drive…, “manifest” heaven here on the EARTH.

Do you think that doing something like this would be EASY?    Did you think that this was not going to take a little bit of WORK, or real effort?

You see…, the “Earth”…, (our chosen lump of clay)…, has just been laying around and wasting away in the hands of some very laggard souls for millions of years…, not just thousands of years!

They…, (these laggard souls) have done absolutely NOTHING to progress, or to move forward for an amount of time that is so long now…, that it can’t even be really remembered properly!

They (the laggards) have used, abused, and taken control of the EARTH, who is not only a planet…, but also a very gentle and loving soul…, that is so magnificent…, you’d cry if you met her in person.

This has been going on for SO LONG…, that “WE” who were in the higher realms…, decided that it was on HER BODY SOIL that we would establish our play-ground!  


Here’s the interesting dilemma for everyone who is incarnate at this time!

This has never been done before!

Not only that…, there are many “other” souls living here that are going the other direction!  They are moving upward for the very first time, and got stuck here!

So, as TENS OF MILLIONS OF VERY HIGH SOULS from the higher realms are coming “downward” into the physical, to establish this beachhead…, (with the permission of Earth’s Soul)…, there are literally countless other souls…, who have never yet made it to the higher realms, and are, as we speak…, moving “upward” and trying hard to “make it there” for the first time!

So…, in this respect…, Earth at this point in “time”…., is like a very busy “cross roads” of sorts…, with all manner of souls moving in various directions!

Now…, add to this…, the fact that this planet has been under the diabolical control of a group of laggard souls…, who do NOT WANT to move upward and forward (EVER)…, and, for MILLIONS of years have been content to “parasite” and to live off of the many far younger, and less powerful, souls that HAD TO COME HERE before moving upward!

Only now…, may you be getting a tiny picture of what is really going on here!

So…, the question you have to ask yourself is this:

Which group of souls is your own soul “aligned” with?  That will tell you why you are here…, and your entire life will be an “out-picturing” of that purpose.


Are you one of the souls that has yet to ever make it to the higher realms for the very first time?  If you are…, then you are on your way upward…, and you are in the process of being “liberated”!  Most of your time will have been spent trying to better yourself and to do what you can to “move on”.

If you are one of the souls that is a “laggard” soul…, you will most likely have enjoyed a  most wonderful and good life here…, and have made tons of money…, own many homes…, have lots of “stock” and other things…., because everything you DO HERE supports the enslavement system…, because on your soul level…, you do not CARE, and you do NOT actually want to move forward from here.

That means that you have probably been re-incarnating here for millions of years and have gotten quite good at living the dark side of life here on Earth.

Because you are really good at it…, life here is easy for you…, and you “don’t want anyone rocking the boat” changing things.  So…, you have “aligned yourself”…, whether knowingly or not…, with the Satanists…, and their agenda.

Or…, you might be one of those very HIGH SOULS who are aligned with PRIME CREATORS newest vision…, which is to firmly establish a physical heaven type play ground in the Universe!

If you are one of those…, you are moving downward from higher realms into the physical.


Why did Prime Creator pick the “Earth” as HIS CHOICE?

It’s a “two-fer” (two for the price of one).

Heaven gets established on the physical level…, and the “laggards” which have done nothing for a million years, get over-thrown, and moved off of their “comfy chair” on this planet and forced to get either “get going”…, or to move off else where…, into another part of the Universe which is “not so nice”.

In addition to that…, the younger souls coming here will no longer held down, and enslaved under very horrible conditions by those who are the laggards!

So actually…, it’s a “three-fer”  (three for the price of one)

Now…, you may just be getting some type of “clue” as to why the “CABAL” or the “ILLUMINATI” have in real terms declared the SILENT WAR against all of humanity!

They have figured out (over time) that this was really happening!

THEY ARE THE LAGGARD SOULS (the ones who just don’t want to ever advance).

As a result of what they have seen with their own eyes taking place…, they now have declared EVERY incarnating soul as a potential ENEMY IN A WAR BEING WAGED AGAINST THEM!


  1. The Vaccinations (genetic manipulation and nanite mind control)
  2. The Chem-trails (genetic and frequency manipulation and mind control)
  3. The GMO foods (genetic manipulation-weakening of the immune system for susceptibility of various methods of frequency and mind control)
  4. The complete take over of all Global Information Dispensation (the news media)
  5. The establishment of the New Age…, and a core group of Channeled works (books) which are more palatable for the masses who are disgruntled with the old control version of the Catholic Church.
  6. The complete “take over” of all Banking, Governments, Courts, Police, and Militaries WORLD WIDE.
  7. The hiding and sequestering of all advanced technology and ANY ANCIENT INFORMATION which might help the masses pry themselves free from the grip of these LAGGARDS.
  8. The complete and utter destruction of all world economies…, and the return of all economic power back into the hands of the FEW…, as it was in the days of LORDS and SERFS…, which made it almost impossible for the average man or woman to dis-obey.
  9. The placement of millions of frequency generating towers all over the planet to make use of the most advanced technologies available to them to subdue and to suppress ANY notion of changing the STATUS QUO (ever).
  10. And a million other things they are doing (the list could go on…)

So…, if you are here (and by that, I mean living on the Earth at this time)…, unfortunately, you are in a BATTLE ZONE!

This Battle Zone…, is where Prime Creator has decided to establish his HEAVEN ON EARTH…, and those souls that are “fighting him” are the laggard souls which have aligned themselves with LUCIFER!

If you don’t believe me…, however…, just look around…, what do you see happening around you?  This is not rocket science!  You can see it happening with your own eyes.

And…, if your favorite “channeled entity” has never told you about this…, there is a good reason for that!

There are slightly higher “realms” of existence (than this physical one) that exist on the lower 4th dimensional/density level…, where all of these LAGGARD SOULS flock to when they are not in the physical body.

These souls are definitely more advanced than many of the upward moving souls…, and have far more power of the MIND.

They have used this mental power or theirs to create a “resting place” or a REALM that exists outside of Prime Creators “normal flow” of progression!   For those who have aligned themselves with these souls…, it is a VERY NICE PLACE TO GO TO!

The “power” that it takes to FUEL such an alternative REALM of existence like this one is enormous!  And…, they fuel it by siphoning off ELECTRICITY and POWER from all of the precious souls living here on the Earth!

This is why most human beings are so “tired” all of the time!  It is because most of their vital energy is being continuously being siphoned off in a usable form…, and leaving them with only enough energy left over to barely walk around, and continue to serve these ELITE “masters” as BATTERIES!

This is why almost every Government Building, Catholic Cathedral, Military Base, and even major Universities are built on top of LEY LINES.

Through an ANCIENT process of magnetics and harmonics…, they are using the “earths natural grids” to sap off and funnel all of the energy for their own purposes!

The “on world” minions are in “charge” ( there’s the word charge again) of the ENERGY COLLECTION in order to keep the alternative realm fueled!

They are the ones who are “enjoying” the fruits of the ELECTRICITY that all of humanity generates!

They are the VAMPIRE SOULS, which are doing the harvesting of our ENERGY, and they are also the ones who are making “appearances” here on the physical plane, and are sending CHANNELED MESSAGES down to countless willing dupes who live here on the Earth and who have weak egos and need to be seen as “SOMEONE IMPORTANT”

“Channeling” a so called ANGEL, and “getting a message” supplies a sort of salve to their weak ego, and also gives them a feeling of being “chosen” to do “GODS WORK”.

Not ALL channeling is fake mind you…, simply the MAJORITY OF IT!

Picking a Channeled Entity to listen to is not an easy task…, and you have to really KNOW YOUR STUFF before you take any information given out from a channeled entity as worthy information!


If you are first and foremost going to a CHANNELER “to learn” and for the gaining of knowledge…, without ever having done any real (and I do mean real) study on your own…, and without knowing the basics of life first…, then you are in DIRE TROUBLE…, and if you make it a regular habit to read channeled messages on the internet, or in books…, without first doing your own personal study of the available information that is NOT channeled…, then you will be “taken” for the ride of your life!


So…, what is your “purpose” in being here?

Are you aligned with PRIME CREATOR?  Are you trying to move upward?  Or are you aligned with the laggard souls and the Satanists?  Or, are one of the very powerful SOULS that have come to establish HEAVEN ON EARTH?

You have a lot to think about!


Nothing…, you ever hear from a Satanist will be the truth!  Their job…, is to CON…, to fool, to bamboozle, and deceive you PERIOD.  You are considered a sheep…, a cow…, a part of the herd.

That is why the “stock exchange” exists!   It is a place where live-stock is traded, bought and sold.

You are their enemy…, whether you want to be that or not!  They are not here to “negotiate” with you…, to bargain with you…, to reason with you…., or to simply leave you alone!  YOU are their power source!  You are their food supply…, and asking them to leave you alone isn’t going to do anything.

They see you as their property!

So.., if you are obedient to them…, continue to support them…, and give them MOST of your vital power and energy FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE…, then you can “get by”…, just like a serf on the masters plantation gets by…, and nothing more!

Is that what you want?  If so…, then do that…, but you will have made NO PROGRESS here as a soul…, and will most likely BE SENT BACK!

In BANKING TERMS…, what does this mean to people who would set themselves free!

Yes…, for now…, use the system as it is…, in order to provide for your needs!  However…, be USING every waking moment to make your own life more self sufficient!  Learn how to barter and trade without using money!

Learn how to build your own home!  Learn how go garden and grow you own food!

Learn how to make your own clothes!  Learn how to make your own soap and other products…, if you do…, then you will need far LESS of their money system!

Take responsibility for every moment of your life and the life of your family…, and realize that every part of the “system” you have been offered here on Earth has been put there to keep THE SHEEP and THE COWS happy!

LEARN, LEARN, LEARN…, spend every waking moment “learning”…, and soon (with real effort and through conscious action) HEAVEN WILL BE ESTABLISHED HERE IN THE PHYSICAL, the newest part of the game will begin.

All my love












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