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The “Science” of Magnetics…, (and YES, it is a Science) has everything to do with the push and the pull of polarity!

Let’s just start out by saying that the positive and the negative (poles) of a magnet, which create either the “push” or the “pull” we are all familiar with, are indications of dual opposite forces in action.

Magnetics has everything to do with ELECTRICITY!

A car battery has TWO poles!  One is positive, and one is negative!  When hooked up properly…, ELECTRICITY (a stored “charge”) is able to move from the battery cells, and into the car for use in it’s operation.

So, in order for a “stored” charge to move freely…, from the battery into the car…,  there has to be a positive and a negative pole or post.  This is called:   Completing the CIRCUIT!

In a larger sense, and on a grander cosmic scale…, a stored “charge” can be moved freely (through space/time/and dimensions) as long as there is a “push” and there is a “pull” of polarity present.  There greater the pull of polarity…, the greater the “charge” that can be moved from one place to the other.

For the very first time…, it may be getting clear here that those men and women who are adept with the skills of moving “electrical charges” of energy (both subtle and gross) are very skilled in the SCIENCE OF MAGNETICS.

Most of these people have been “initiated” into Secret Schools of Arcane knowledge…, and have been “privy” to ANCIENT KNOWLEDGE, the likes of which most of humanity is unaware.

Those who have become extremely skilled in the very ancient science of magnetics…, long ago…, used to call themselves:   “magneticians”  or “one” who had become adept and skilled in the art of wielding the push and the pull of electrical forces!

Today they are called:  “magicians”

I told my readers in an article that I wrote over a year ago…, that the word “magic” was simply a shortened version of the word “magnetic”.

Long ago…, when the CATHOLIC CHURCH was trying to stomp out ALL of the ANCIENT and the ARCANE knowledge of our world…, they shortened the word: “magnetic” to “magic” in order to give a very dark and “bad” name to a SCIENCE that they were very desperately trying to hide from the public!

The reason for this, I have already explained in one of the previous parts of this series!

You can not “take over” an entire population of people without first REMOVING ALL OF IT’S KNOWLEDGE…, and most especially the knowledge of magnetics!

Magnetics is the very first subject that would be taught on any planet that is not enslaved!  The reason for this is simple:  MAGNETICS is the very source of ALL POWER!

Four years olds (on other worlds) would be taught “magnetics” from the very first day of formal teaching…, because that knowledge is the very “source” of their own personal power in the UNIVERSE!

Now…, as I’ve also pointed out in a previous part of this series as well…, even though the ELITE who run this world “pooey poo” the use of magic or “magnetics” publicly in their schools, and on their tell – a – vision, they privately study it, worship it, and use it as much as they can in their own circles.

They would do this, once again…, since magnetics is the very source of a human beings “personal power”.  And even though these “elites” don’t want YOU to have that power…, they most certainly do want it for themselves!


Because we live in an ELECTRIC UNIVERSE…, and electricity is readily available and can be taken right out of the very air around us (as Tesla showed)…, then the ability to manage the push and the pull of polarity…, or to complete a “circuit” and move a “charge” is not out of reach for any human being living on Earth!

If any person were to spend enough time, had the right teachers, and had access to the ANCIENT and the ARCANE knowledge that was being hidden by the Catholic Church,  (and all of the other Secret Societies)…, then that person could indeed, in the here and the now, become what used to be called a magnetician!

Today, that person would be called a Magician!


It is vitally important for the reader here to realize the NATURE of the battle that we are in, and how important it is to WAKE everyone up to what is happening here on Earth at this time.

We are battling forces in our culture (and beyond) which have found the knowledge of the ANCIENTS…, and have learned how to move HUGE FORCES through the dimensions.

For example:

CERN is “child’s” attempt at punching holes from the 3rd dimension into the 4th and beyond…, in order to open up gateways! 

Please believe me when I tell you that they really haven’t a “clue” what they are doing!  And could cause extreme “damage” to the Earth and all of it’s people.

This is why CERN…, which is basically nothing more that a bunch of magnets, weighing “tons” each…, is in operation.

As a “teacher” and as an “observer”…, I can only tell humanity that there is far more to know…, and much they do not yet realize.

I can NOT actually “do it all for humanity”…, no one can.

Waking up is what humanity must do for itself.

All my love for now.


Dani Mckenny has been watching CERN…, and wrote an article that everyone should read!  Here is the link.









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