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As we learned yesterday in Part Three…, Circuits, Circuitry, and everything that could be considered “electrical”…, has been very carefully…, and yet, very subtly INCORPORATED into our language and how we describe things that are going on here on the planet…, because that is “part” of the “disclosure”!

Let me say that again…, so it becomes clear to the “know it alls”.

The ENGLISH language (the language of the NEW WORLD ORDER) was specifically formulated to have “disclosure” woven right into it!

Therefore…, the ignorant masses could never claim they were not being told.


Circuit boards “carry” electricity, and then funnel it, or guide it along certain pathways so that it will get where it needs to go.

So, to say that the Earth…., (our planetary home) is a gigantic CIRCUIT BOARD…, is not really out of line.

Since the Sun is nothing more than an ELECTRICAL GENERATOR…, and the planet (most definitely a living being) has a “magnetic field” around it…, THEN, the electricity being sent through space, and captured from the Sun could in fact (and does) “power” everything here on Earth!

Remember how I said that human beings were nothing but “open circuits”…, which were “absorbing” electricity from the very “air” around us.

Now, if you are willing to do any private study on what TESLA was actually doing…, you’ll find that he invented something known as a:  TESLA COIL.

Well…, many “honest” scientists have now finally agreed that the human body is (in reality) nothing more than a:  TESLA COIL.

Isn’t is also interesting that CHINA…, which has a culture far older than the west…, uses Acupuncture as a form of medicine and healing.  They claim that this “science” (and yes it IS a science) is very old, and was handed down to them from the ANCIENTS.

Acupuncture is placing tiny needles along what are called “body meridians” or “energy lines” so that the human bodies “electrical circuits”…, (of all things) can be re-energized.

You see…, the Chinese doctors basically realized that they were working with “electricity” right from the very beginning!  They knew that the human body ran on electricity…, and that ANY ILLNESS that came up, was simply a body part that was not getting the proper amount of electricity sent to it!

So as you can plainly see, it was NOT the Chinese who wanted to remove ALL KNOWLEDGE from mankind and then “enslave them”.

That was the “white man”…, who figured that out!

It was a group of slovenly, wrinkled up old, Anglo-Saxon “Satan worshipers” who wanted to do that.  And they have been “meddling” with History for a very, very long time.


If you can use your mind to imagine the Earth as a single gigantic circuit board…, (something which channels and funnels electricity all over the place then you may now (finally) understand what the “LEY LINES” are really doing.

If you’ve ever actually seen a circuit board…, then you’d know that one circuit connects to the next, which connects to the next…, all in a sequence…, so that the electricity is then guided properly along the board, to all of the parts that need power!

Now…,  instead of “circuits” just replace these pathways on the circuit board with LEY LINES…, and you’ll have gotten it.

Now…, it may only just be beginning to make sense to you WHY every Government Building, Military Base, Ancient Cathedral, and even the Pyramids are and were placed directly ON TOP OF the intersection points of major Ley Lines.

I could just have easily said they were placed directly at the junction points within the CIRCUIT BOARD so that almost ALL of the electricity that was freely flowing would be AVAILABLE to be harnessed and used at these points in a very ANCIENT WAY.


For very old Catholic Cathedrals to have been “placed” at the intersection points of these Ley Lines can ONLY be interpreted in such a way as to say that those who were “running things” back then already had super advanced KNOWLEDGE in their hands.

These major Catholic Cathedrals were being built around Europe from the 1200’s on.

Don’t even try to tell me these “men” (I’ll call them men…, but I don’t really think they are)…, didn’t already have super advanced technology and knowledge at their finger tips a long time ago…, and were simply HIDING IT FROM THE MASSES.

The Ancient Atlanteans knew beyond all doubt that the universe was electrical…, and that Earth was set up like a circuit board.  They  knew that electricity was everywhere…, and so they set up huge CRYSTAL transmitters all over the planet to broadcast electricity right through the “air”.  In this way…, nothing needed to be plugged in…, and there was no such thing as an extension cord.

Any device that ran on electricity…, could simply be turned on…, and the electricity was already there waiting for it.

Just like “wi-fi” is everywhere on Earth today as a result of transmitting towers…, ELECTRICITY was everywhere during the time of Atlantis…, as a result of very large CRYSTAL TRANSMITTERS.

This could have been done on Earth again!  Tesla showed the United States Government how to do it!  They flat out turned him down!

They wanted human beings to have to PAY for it…, and could not allow them to get it for “free”.

Thomas Edison (a government whore) came along and showed them how to transmit electricity through wires and then put “meters” at the end, so that a price tag could be put on what the Earth gives humanity for free.

Edison is not a hero…, but a common criminal!

Why do I say things like this?

Because ANYONE who has sold the rest of humanity out for a “paycheck” (in my book) is nothing better than a common whore and a criminal!


As we speak…, the western “witch doctors”…, who are also bought and paid for WHORES…, and who have sold their souls for a “paycheck” as well…, are injecting the masses with endless CHEMICALS…, when in matter of fact…, CHEMISTRY HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH HEALING THE HUMAN BODY!

Let me “restate” that…, for those who were not listening…


All healing can be done “electrically” (and magnetically)…, as the Ancient Science of Acupuncture shows us.

Now…, you may finally be getting some sort of idea just why the AMA…, the CDC…, and all the Pharmaceutical Companies, and even the FDA…, are all deeply involved with CHEMICAL COMPANIES like Dupont and Monsanato!

Also…, it may interest you to know that JAY PARKER has told us many time, in several of his videos…, that the Dupont Family, is a major “generational” SATANIC FAMILY…, and that his mother (a witch and satanist)…, actually “taught” the Dupont children.

CHEMICALS are not for healing…, they are for the forced transmutation of the human gene code.

More will being coming…

See Part Five













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