By: Bradley Loves



Okay, so if Freemasonry has been going around for the last 250 years, and creating all of these “fake” religions that were and are specifically designed to “secretly” lead the masses who follow them into the hands of LUCIFER…

And, if Freemasonry’s “Secret Hidden Religion” is based upon the Ancient Mystery Schools of Babylon (a Religion that existed between 4,500 and 5,000 years ago)….

Then WHO (pray tell) is behind the current incarnation of Freemasonry?



The Jesuits are an Ancient Order that at one time controlled all of Planet Earth under the leadership of Rome and the POPE.

The Pope’s “private army” at one time were the Knights Templar!

The “JESUITS” are the current incarnation of the POPE’s “private army”.

They do not follow Jesus Christ, but anwer to, and take orders from the POPE ALONE!

(I was told this personally by a Jesuit!)

If you’ll kindly remember what I said in Part Six of this series, Albert Pike gave as one of the justifications of keeping the TRUE meaning of Freemasonry away from the initiates as being the “fact” that the KNIGHTS TEMPLAR used to do it when they ran things, thus, so can we!

It is true that the Pope destroyed some of the Knights Templar, but only because they were going to expose what was really happening behind the scenes!

Many of the Knights survived, and remained loyal to the Pope.

Albert Pike said in his book: Morals and Dogma, that the Knight’s Templar practiced a hidden Religion known as Johannism!

Even though they were the Pope’s “army”, and the Pope was supposedly the Head of the Roman Catholic Church, they did not practice Roman Catholicism!

Albert Pikes says that “Roman Catholic” was always a “fake” religion meant to deceive the masses.

Thus, Johannism became the Religion of the Adepts, the Masters, or the Magicians in those days.

Johannism (like Freemasonry) was based upon the Ancient Mystery Schools of Ancient Babylon, and was thus a HIDDEN RELIGION…, just like the true meaning of Freemasonry is hidden from everyone today.

This is why Albert Pike compares the monumental deceptions of Freemasonry as necessary, just as it was necessary in the days of the KNIGHT’s TEMPLAR.



The “VATICAN” for some strange reason, has been the “seat” of absolute POWER here on Earth for almost 2000 years, and before that, it was the CEASARS of ROME.

The Vatican has enjoyed having a strangle hold on every living human being on the planet, and it is far from willing to give that CONTROL over to anyone else.

Freemasonry’s recent activities in creating wholly deceptive Religions started at about the same time as the Protestant Reformation!

It is highly likely that Freemasonry was a direct “counter move” by the Jesuits (the Pope’s army) to try to control and disrupt the flow of men and women who were moving away from the “fake” Religion they had created for the masses.

Their strategy was to CONTINUE to deceive and mis-inform the masses, while keeping them from any form of real TRUTH by side lining their desires for TRUTH with even more lies, and more deceptions through the creation of many brand NEW RELIGIOUS CONS!

Countless “new” Religions and Spiritual Groups were thusly created between 1800 and the 1950’s, all of which were founded by the Freemasons.

(This includes the “New Age Religion”, a fact of which almost every single New Ager is totally unaware).

So it is clear, at least in my opinion, that the Freemasons were acting on behalf of the JESUITS, and doing their dirty work!

As you have seen from the writings that I’ve posted from Albert Pike…, their attitude seems to be that anyone who is not with us, is against us!

Thus…, as Albert Pike said in his book:




Roman Catholicism is not a Religion…, it is instead a CON!

(A “massive” one at that)!

One of the few questions left to answer seems to be this one:

If indeed, it is the Vatican and the Jesuits who are behind the Freemasons…

And, it is also clear that the secret religion of Freemasonry is Luciferianism/Satanism…

Then,  can we be safe in concluding that the secret religion of the Vatican is also Luciferianism/Satanism??


What do YOU think??


What is it really that the VATICAN has been doing on Earth for the last 2000 years?

Have they not been secretly trying to CONTROL the entire world (through stealth and through subversion)?

This is certianly not an OVERT WAR…, but instead, it is a stealthy and a covert war!

It is a WAR through subversive means!!

It is done wholly through the use of deception and by creating a condition of POLARIZATION here on Earth.

They secretly create havoc in the world by “paying” for opposing factions to battle against one another, and thus achieve a weakened society!!

This tactic is known as: DIVIDE AND CONQUER, and according to the TERRA PAPERS…, and according to Robert Morning Sky who wrote them…, is something that is wholly REPTILIAN in it’s origins.



Thus, we now have to ask the next and most serious question of all!

Who is it that is behind the JESUITS and behind the VATICAN??

For that answer…, we actually have to return to the TERRA PAPERS!

Bek-ti, the Gray Alien that gave this information to Robert Morning Sky’s grandfather, says that “REPTILES” took over the entire Earth in a Coup a very long time ago.

They have been living here ever since that time, and have been enslaving mankind and using us for their own purposes.

They have used us just like Cattle, and have treated us with total disdain.

They claim to “own” us all like live-stock…, and the fact that all human beings Birth Certificates are traded on the New York Stock Exchange is evidence that this is still taking place even today.

It has been said that the Vatican was behind this buying and selling of humans though the use of the Birth Certificates…, but if one looks a little deeper…, I think that the VATICAN has bosses it must also answer to!


So, the Freemasons are working for the Jesuits…
And, the Jesuits are working for the Reptiles…

Well, Who are the Reptiles working for????

This remains the last and final question to be considered!


All my love….

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