By: Bradley Loves


This next part of the series is (by far) going to be the most difficult part for YOU as the reader to wrap your mind around!

It brings into focus many things which would at first glance be unclear to those who do not understand the “subtler realms”.

It exposes the “unseen” side of things…, and builds a bridge for the reader to grasp that there are ALWAYS things happening on levels are not available to our perception at present.

However…, this is really where the “rubber meets the road”…, and if you can just grasp what I’m talking about here…, then you will finally be able to see why things are getting so “BAD” in our reality.

“BANKING” is Demonic!

There…, I said it!    And…, having said it…, I’m fairly certain that almost no one got what I just said.

I’ll even go a little further out on this precarious limb…, and add a second statement that almost no one will get:

…much more that can possibly be “imagined” there are VERY DARK BEINGS AND AGENTS existing in our Universe that are hovering around this ” demonic system of exchange” that “we” collectively have created here…, and I’m not just talking about the corporeal ones…, but referring as well to the “discarnate” entities, who have been given the right to “create”  human misery and suffering, in order to compel certain behaviors to be dropped!

You see…, the Universe is set up in a very strange way that alllows it to preserve and “safegaurd” itself!

When there is “waste” and “death” on the physical level…, there are all manner of things and entities which are there specifically to clean up the mess.  Even though they are dark…, their purpose is to make “safe” the area for what still lives.

You see…, if an animal dies in the wild…, all manner of ants, locusts, bugs, worms and other animals feast on the carcass until it is CLEANED UP.

There is even a bug called: THE DUNG BEETLE which eats fecal matter left on the plains by massive passing herds of animals.  The Universe has placed safety mechanisms all over the place which allows it to look after itself!

Am I making sense here?  Do you see why it is necessary for the Earth…, and even the Universe, to have a way to clean up the filth?

If you do…, then let’s move on to the next statement:


When it comes to the “evil’ of Banking…, and in order to “fully” grasp what I talking about here…, one must necessarily “go beyond the physical arena” and look into the finer realms of existence, to get a basic idea of what is really happening here on our planet at this time.

One of the most basic “tennets” of our Physical Universe is the LAW OF ATTRACTION!




“BANKING”…, (because of the way it’s being done today)…, is based wholly on HUMAN SLAVERY!

And indeed…, if you’ve really been paying attention to my articles…, or any of the articles of so many other writers who have really started to break down for you what the Banks…, the Courts, and our “Justice System” is based on…, and what they are doing…., then you’ll already know what I’m talking about!

You see…, every human beings “body” is claimed to be “owned” by the Catholic Church!  Therefore, an incredibly large “trust” account…, the Cesta Que Vie Trust, is holding a huge sum of money in it based upon the “value” of your life, and is “secured” by your physical bodies existence.

Traded on the New York Stock Exchange…, your physical “body” represents the “surety” of a certain portion of that TRUST.



In the eyes of PRIME CREATOR…Slavery is pure evil…, and goes against the ENTIRE UNIVERSAL CODE OF ETHICS AND LAW.

Because our Banking “system” is based upon slavery…, (the owning, buying and selling of human beings…, as well as the fruits of their labor) then as I pointed out in the statement above (which at first glance seemed quite unbelievable)…, I’ll repeat:



Now that I’ve cleared that up…, let’s look deeper.  Because EVIL attracts CONSEQUENCES (a natural law)…, then very “dark” and parasitical beings have come forward, and emerged from the depths of the abyss!

“They” are attracted to the EVIL that is being done within our banking system, and “they” are both the consequence and the means by which it will be cleaned up.

Not necessarily physical beings…, they are “wraith-like” creatures which suck on your energy and your life force as if you are a dead corpse!

You see…, if you “support a system” that is “anti-life”…, (and our Banking System is most certainly anti-life)…, then the UNIVERSE sees you as a “dead corpse”.

Here is the problem in a nutshell!  No human being on Earth is “immune” to the parasitical attacks of these beings…, BECAUSE every human being is participating in the BANKING SYSTEM as it is.

Here’s an example:

Let’s say that somehow…, you ended up in a place where a RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE was being done!  And…, instead of stopping it…, you “participated” in it by saying and doing nothing.

Because you did not put a stop to it…, YOU are complicit with the EVIL that was done.

“Let’s” even give you the benefit of the doubt…, and say for a moment that you had no idea what was happening right up until the very moment of the sacrifice…, BUT at that moment you did not walk away!

You may have said:

Well I’m here…, I might as well watch… because I’m not the one doing it, they are…


Again…, by not refusing to participate…, you are complicit with the EVIL.  And, thus by UNIVERSAL LAW, must share in the consequence of that EVIL.

We in America…, (and around the world) have been both “using” and “supporting” a Banking System that is based on HUMAN SLAVERY.

What’s worse…, is that it has been pointed out to us over the last few years very CLEARLY that this is so!  Instead of rising up and putting a STOP to it…, right by GOD NOW…, instead…, people have cowered in the corner…, and prayed to the “spirits” to save them from something that THEY THEMSELVES HAVE THE POWER TO PUT A STOP TO.

Not only are very few people looking to dump this EVIL SYSTEM, most people are as we speak trying to get an “RV” so that they can “exchange” one currency for another…, and then hope they will be “okay” within the current “system” as it is without completely changing it.

Some people say:

We can’t change it…, so why bother…..

But I’m here to tell you very matter of factly…, YOU HAVE NO CHOICE!


If you continue to participate with this evil system (that is based upon human slavery) now that you KNOW what it is…, you will personally garner and reap the consequence of not walking away!

It will be just as if you’d participated willingly in a RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE.

Now…, I’m pretty sure that you think I’ve gone over the top here…,

However…, very few people on this planet (except the Cabal perhaps) really get and understand HARMONICS the way I do.

Secondly, very few people (except the Cabal perhaps) really get and understand MAGNETICS the way I do.

That is why I’m one of the ONLY ones telling you this stuff!  I have a MORAL OBLIGATION to speak out and say this to you, because I’m the one of those who knows how it works.

You can not participate in EVIL…, even tangentially, and then escape the CONSEQUENCE of that!

If we do “not scrap” the banking system as it is currently manifesting on Earth at this time (completely) and move to a non SLAVERY BASED SYSTEM…, then every human being on the planet that continues to participate in it will see SERIOUS consequences being manifested into their lives.

What I’m talking about here is the HARMONIC push and pull of the “attraction” force which will draw from the abyss discarnate entities which will “reward” your participation in an evil system…, with an EQUAL AMOUNT of evil into your life!

This is the UNSEEN side!   This is the “energetic” side of “action” and “reaction”.

This is behavior and consequence.  Only so much FILTH can accumulate in one place before the UNIVERSE is forced to send in the clean up team!

At this moment in time…, as much FILTH has accumulated around the world wide BANKING SYSTEM as can be tolerated!   Those who are still “participating willingly…, will get the surprise of their lives!

At the very least…, affirm your NON-CONSENT!  Realize for yourself first…, and tell others that our Federal Reserve Monetary System is a debt based slavery system!

If you don’t believe me…, then I’ve got PRESTON JAMES and an entire “arsenal” of his articles (which are countless in number) to throw at you…, until you finally agree that Babylonian Money Magick (the creation of money out of thin air)…, and it’s entire system of SLAVERY is something quite EVIL.

For now…, this is something I pray that you will think upon.

All my Love…












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