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The Hollywood movie: THE MATRIX had many clues and hints about what is really happening here on Earth!  (I wonder how “Hollywood” can know so much?)

One of the most easily missed “hints” or “reveals” was when NEO (the ONE) was first placed into the MATRIX.

Morpheus (his guide) started showing him around…, and said these simple words:


If you remember, I said that the Illuminati speaks to us in symbols…, and this was the very “first time” they had ever so blatantly laid out for us what they were actually doing!

Those words were chosen very carefully, and had meaning on multiple levels.  First off, a “construct” can be something that is ABSTRACT!  Instead of something very gross and physical…, the world “construct” can ALSO refer to things which are “MENTAL”!

This was a “very carefully” chosen word for the script of the movie, because the use of it is normally associated with things that are in the physical world, and are thus very gross or seemingly real.  It would take a very keen mind indeed to see the “subtler double meaning” that was really put into play by using this simple phrase.

Once the word “construct” came up…, AND it’s more subtle meaning had been realized by the viewer of the Movie…, only then could the “intended Parallel” between the MATRIX of the movie, and “our own physical world” be drawn!

You see…, in our own world (as we speak)…, the “construct” is the “fake reality” that we are all living under and experiencing!  It is the “world” and all of the “systems” which govern it…, that the Catholic Church, and all those who would completely enslave mankind have created for us.  These “systems” which are all fictional…, and simply OF THE MIND…. are not real!

They (the systems) only “stand” because the people living under them BELIEVE IN THEM!

And…, as Morpheus said very clearly in the movie:

…it is the wool pulled over your eyes NEO to hide from you the TRUTH…,

…that you are a prisoner FOR YOUR MIND…

…all so that the human body can be turned into THIS [at this point Morpheus stops talking, and holds up a battery.]

Notice also…, that the very first syllable of the word “construct”…, is CON!

This also is NOT accidental…, and was placed within the movie script to emphasize what the construct, and thus what the MATRIX really was.

The subtlety, and the seamless “elegance” in how they “weave” their story for us has to be both admitted, and appreciated.

And, even MORE clearly (more clearly than has ever been exposed before) is the disclosure of the idea that the human body both creates energy (electricity)  AND…, that this electricity that is being created by ALL human beings IS IN FACT being “harvested” or “siphoned off” by entities which are not apparent to those who are living in the MATRIX.

At this point, you have to ask yourself…, who were the “Wachowski” brothers really?  Claimed by all of Hollywood to be the writers of the Matrix…, you have to come to understand that they had a lot more “help” than was ever admitted.

The most plausible explanation is that they either were working “under” the Illuminati themselves…, or are in fact satanists.

It comes down to Jay Parker’s testimony for the answer to this question.  There are “millions” of generational SATAN WORSHIPERS living in AMERICA.   There are “millions” more living around the world.

Each and every one of them are “privy” to knowledge (taught to them personally by their parents) that “normal” or regular common people (who are not Satan worshipers) just don’t get in school!

These people are far more “educated” than the masses are…, and “know the score”.  They know the score because they are complicit with the forces of EVIL which are enslaving mankind, and are basically “okay” with that.

One of the hardest and most difficult things for “normal” people to wrap their minds around, is the duplicitous nature of these people!  They can appear to “be your friend”, pat you on the back…, and play cards with you in your own home…, AND…, at the very same time…, be SATANISTS who are working toward the overthrow of the ENTIRE PLANET and never tell you a word about that!

Jay Parker told us in several of his video interviews that in his home town of Arden, Delaware…, (which according to him was 90 percent SATANIC) many of them went to Christian Churches every Sunday (just for show)…, and afterward…, went directly to their own Satanic Mass (which was what they were really into).

If Jay Parker is correct…, and there is no reason not to believe him, then 12 percent of the population of the entire planet is GENERATIONAL SATANIST!

This means that if you know 200 people in your life…, at the very least 25 of them are SATANISTS!  

Just because they have not told “YOU” what they are doing…, does not mean they are not doing it.

You can’t argue with mathematical probabilities, and say that because it’s YOU…, and because you are a “good person”…, that you ONLY KNOW good people!  It does not work that way.  Mathematically…, 25 of the 200 people you know are in fact SATANIC…., PERIOD!

Jay Parker has told us, that in order for the NEW WORLD ORDER to take hold…, the Satanists have placed their “own kind” in every town, city and village around the world.  There is no city council that does not have a Satanist sitting on it, and this is why when huge choices for “good” are to be made (even on a local level)…, certain people always throw up road blocks and work against it.

They are not just confused people…, they may be Satanists…, and are simply doing what they have been “told” to do.

Even in my own home town (which I will not name)…, I have discovered (much to my own amazement) that many people that I knew growing up were doing very evil things.  Some of my own school mates have admitted to being “used” by their own parents and friends as “sex toys” from the time they were only 3 and 4 years old…, and passed around. (Both girls and boys)

These types of things happened at “meetings” that took place at private homes…, and usually late at night.

These were people that I knew…, and went to school with…, and yet (at the time) I had no idea such things were happening and going on.

The idea…, that these people were just “normal” people…, living within my own community was the facade…, or the CON!  They were very careful to hide what they were doing…, and only their own kind knew for certain.

These people lived duplicitous lives…, where they functioned every day, going to work and having “friends” in the community…, and no one really knew what they were up to in private.

There is SO MUCH GOING ON HERE!  My brothers and sisters…, it’s TIME TO WAKE UP!

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