By: Bradley Loves



Never let it be said that these men and women who are SATANIC are not clever.   Nor let it be said that they (on some level) may not even be geniuses.  However…, they are beyond all doubt…. COMPLETELY INSANE!


The lauguage of the Satanists…, as well as the “Globalists” and the other “Secret Society ilk”…, is in fact SYMBOLS!

Now…, I don’t mean this just in a metaphorical sense…, I mean this in a very literal sense!   They “speak” in symbols and by way of symbology.

It is their “french” to our “english” or our “german”.

It is simply another way of “communicating” that they feel is equally as valid and equally as admissible or acceptable.

So…, when they were “told”…, and I do mean this very literally…, that they were in fact “TOLD” by higher beings that in order to practice their version of FREEWILL, here on Earth…, that BEFORE they did so…, they would have to TELL everyone living here what they were doing…, and planning to do…, in order to give everyone else here a FREEWILL choice whether to participate or not!    They accepted these terms!

However…, as INSANE as these people are…, they “rationalized” that the SYMBOL LANGUAGE was no different from the FRENCH LANGUAGE, and that if they “informed” us of their plans only in SYMBOL LANGUAGE…, and “we” collectively were not able to “speak symbols”…, that was not their fault!

Their attitude is that there are over 200 modern day languages on Earth…, and thousands of Ancients Ones!

If they must TELL us what they are going to do to us…, they figured that it is THEIR RIGHT to pick which language they would do that in!


They did this “knowing” that almost no one (except their own) would understand what was being said…, and they had a laugh about that.

As I said above…, they are quite clever!  And yet…, COMPLETELY INSANE!

This is why all of the Hollywood Movies (Like the Matrix) (The Wizard of Oz) (Alice in Wonderland) (Peter Pan) and “endless” others are in fact showing us (in a symbolical way) what their plans are…, and what they intend to do.

Also…, the Music Industry is only filled with Satan Worshippers any more…, and NO ONE who does not first sign the “contract” with Satan is even let in past the first low levels.

Isn’t it interesting how close the words “symbolical” and “diabolical” are?

Meanwhile…, the pop music industry is putting out nothing but absolute FILTH…, that is highly symbolic of what their plans for us are!

So you see…, IN THEIR INSANITY…, they ARE telling us (in their version of French) exactly what their intentions really are.

It is most likely that these men and women HAVE BEEN TOLD (by higher beings who are sort of like Referees) that they must tell us that they are USING THE EARTH AND HUMANS AS BATTERIES!

So…, again…, in their insane minds (and by using symbol language) the best way to show the people of the world that they are STEALING OUR ENERGY…, is to openly and blatantly STEAL MORE OF IT!

Thus, the Housing Crises…, the Bank Bail In’s…, the Crashing of many national economies…, and the world wide unemployment rate of 50 percent is actually their way of telling us what they are doing.

That is the message!

Hey…, we are stealing from you…, and the way in which we are going to tell you that (in symbol language) is to STEAL EVEN MORE FROM YOU…, so that we can say that we told you!

If you don’t get the message…, (speak our language) it’s not our bad…..

The problem here is the STUPIDITY of the masses!

You see…, if they don’t hear it on the evening news… IN ENGLISH…, then they say and ASSUME…, that we have not been told.

Here again…, the sheep filled masses play the game of “checkers” while the Satanists play “chess”.

Not only are the Satanists playing “chess”…, but they are doing it like it was shown on Star Trek…, where it was being done on THREE DIFFERENT LEVELS at the same time.

And then…, in order to “hide” even MORE of what they are doing…, almost all SATANISTS (like magicians) have taken to using mirrored images…, so that the real message can ONLY BE SEEN by using a mirror!

So, they write things backwards…, or say things in reverse, to hide the TRUTH of it from the public.

Still…, even saying things in reverse COULD ALSO BE CLAIMED TO BE A LEGITIMATE LANGUAGE…, just not one that YOU are used to…, or know how to speak.

The “arches” going up in London…, AND very soon to be in New York City (mark my words) is SYMBOL LANGUAGE!

They are telling us (in symbols) what their intentions are…, and where their focus and allegiance is.

The gateway that led to the TEMPLE OF BAAL…, and the unspeakable energies of RITUAL CHILD SACRIFICE will be placed…, because the two chosen places for those arches forms a direct line from the TEMPLE OF BAAL straight on to LONDON, and then on to NEW YORK CITY.

The London arch is already UP!

This is the ONLY WAY…, in which they can use the Ancient Science of HARMONICS…, to move and use energies from a different time/space and redirect them through energy portals (using the ley lines of the Earth) into the here and NOW.

There will be much more to come…

See Part Four…















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