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It is/has been the “on going” job of the Bankers to control the flow of currency, as we found out in the last article…, but “currency” and “current” (as it pertains to ELECTRICITY) is the hidden link NO ONE wants to talk about, lest the SECRETS of the AGES be divulged!

You see…, the “control” of our world (IN SECRET) has actually been reduced down to both a “mathematical” and an “electrical equation”!

Our world…, our very bodies…, and the system that we inhabit has been HI-JACKED in order to USE IT AS A BATTERY.

It is ONLY with this knowledge in your mind…, that the very apparent connection between BANKING and ELECTRICAL terms (two systems that at first would seem to have nothing in common) even begins to make sense!

Unraveling what is hidden takes a “MIND” that is willing to think deeply for itself…, without any other “input” from so called ET’s or SPIRITS, or “gods”…, because these beings may in fact be part and parcel of the deception!

On the “electrical side” of things…, it is very important to “control the flow” of the current.  To direct it…, to “harness it”…, and to “manage it”, if it is to be used economically and for the best benefit of those who are “harvesting” it.

Likewise…, on the “banking side” of things…, it is very important to “control the flow” of liquid capital (money) and also control the so-called “fiat currency” (current) so that those who are the “on world managers” (or the minions) of the OFF WORLD controllers do not “waste” or better yet mis-manage, the actual flow of REAL TIME ELECTRICITY that our world and real time human beings living here are generating!

So you see…, BANKING…, and ELECTRICITY are for all practical purposes the same thing…, and are the MIRROR IMAGES of something that is going on here that is HIDDEN!

They both use the very sames terms for a good reason…, and that reason has to do with what is really going on here on the planet.


There are many “levels” of Judges…, and Courts in our “legal system”.  But it helps for YOU the reader to remember that not only do courts represent the BANKS…, but they also represent the “flow” of stolen and harnessed ELECTRICITY!

A “judge” sits on the “bench”…, but the word bench…, is simply another word for BANK!

Origin of the word Bench:

before 1000; Middle English, Old English benc; cognate with Old Frisian benk, Old Saxon, Dutch, Old High German bank, Old Norse bekkr < Germanic *bank-i-; see bank1

So you could say that the “judge” is in fact “sitting in on” all the proceedings for the BANK!

However…, the “higher courts” are always CIRCUIT COURTS!

This reference takes us right back to ELECTRICITY.

Since human beings are in point of fact nothing more than “open electrical circuits”…, the “system” that has been put in place to regulate them would have to be CIRCUIT COURTS.

So here again…, I’ve shown you how “banking” and “court procedures” are in fact talking about and managing the very same thing…, which is NOT what you think it is.


Here is another connection few people seem to realize!  As I said in an earlier article, since a persons “physical body” runs on electricity…, then after a heart attack a defibrillator is used to give the body a JOLT of electricity to get the heart going once again.

When the human heart “stops” it is said that it goes into “cardiac arrest”…, however at the very same time…, when a human being is dragged against their will into a CIRCUIT COURT…, it is said that they are under “arrest”.

Here again…, the very word “arrest” refers to both BANKING…, and ELECTRICITY!

Less well known meaning of the word arrest:

3.  to check the course of; stop; slow down:

to arrest progress.
4.  Medicine/Medical. to control or stop the active progress of (a disease):
The new drug did not arrest the cancer.

Origin of the word “arrest”

1275-1325; (v.) Middle English aresten < Anglo-French, Middle French arester, < Vulgar Latin *arrestāre to stop

It is very simple to get why human beings are compelled into Court…, with is a BANK…, which controls the CURRENT/CURRENCY.

You as an open electrical circuit are no longer “donating your electricity” into harvesting system…, but have “gone off-line”…, and therefore you have to be placed under “arrest”…, a word which has just as many ELECTRICAL meanings as it does physical.

You see…, in our Universe…, our own SUN in nothing more than an “electrical generator” or an “electrical transformer”.  It gives this electricity freely!  We as humans are then able to USE THAT FREE ELECTRICITY to create any type of world we want.

However…, those that have HI-JACKED our system are in fact using the ELECTRICITY that we are getting freely…, and forcing us into using all of that energy…, AN EPIC AMOUNT of ENERGY…, to sustain other beings and/or realms which are “PARASITICALLY” taking electricity from us to fuel their own!

Many of these “so-called” higher beings…, which say DEAR ONE in these stupid channeled messages are part and parcel of the great CON…, and may be actually existing and/or living OFF OF…, the energy that is being HARVESTED here.

This is why the “minions” who have been placed in charge always seem to be in contact with the ASCENDED MASTERS.

Didn’t MADAM HELENA BLAVATSKY…, a known confidant of both Jesuits and Freemasons…, (and Satan worshipers)  have her picture taken with a few so-called “immortals”?

Now…, what does it really mean to be “placed in charge”?

What is a CHARGE?

A “charge” once again refers us to both BANKING…, and ELECTRICITY!

In the banking world…, you are being “charged” for a product, or charged for a service.

In the electrical world…, a battery is “charged”…, or an electrical wire holds a “charge”.

In the legal world…, if you are brought into a court…, then your are “charged” with a crime.

If you are a world leader…, then you have been placed “IN CHARGE”…, or positively “charged” by those who are running things here to keep the FLOW OF ENERGY and ELECTRICITY coming non-stop…, since to interrupt the flow of the current/currency…, would be very harmful to all of those beings who are LIVING OFF OF THAT ENERGY.

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