By: Bradley Loves


Hey “NEW AGERS”…, hows that “JUST IGNORE IT ALL” plan actually working out for you?

How’s that…. “never judge anything” and “JUST FORGIVE IT ALL” …, New Age “thing” working for you?

Can you even SEE what is coming in the distance???

Do you see the STORM COMING???

Are you BLIND???

Just like the Christians who are currently being killed all across the world or are being banned, censored, silenced, and deplatformed as we speak…, anyone (anywhere) who wants to TELL THE TRUTH will be Banned, Censored, and “Rounded UP” eventually.

Yes…, even you …, NEW AGERS!

And so when that day comes…, I will have a truck-load of “I TOLD YOU SO’s” ready to go!

Your stupid “Channeled Message Teachings” were nothing but a STAND DOWN MILITARY TACTIC given years in advance to get you to do nothing while the Satanists used that window of time to take over the world.


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