By: Bradley Loves


Writing this post does not give me pleasure…, but I have to do it for full disclosure!

Russia has just invited President Elect Donald Trump to attend Syrian Peace talks in the capital city of “ASTANA” which is located in Kazakhstan.

Please See this post from Info Wars which tells about the invite:

This city is one of the most blatantly “ILLUMINATI” cities in the entire world.  The entire city is a breath taking monument to FREEMASONRY!  It is “brand new”…, ultra modern…, and totally devoted to Occult Symbolism!

There is no word whether Mr. Trump has accepted the invitation…, but…, Astana is certainly not a place to go if you want to distance yourself from the NEW WORLD ORDER…, or the Illuminati!

For tons of pictures…, See this link:

Then there is the small “issue” of the Giant Pentagram (Satanic Head) located in Kazahkstan.

Here is a link to that story from Vigilantcitizen.

I can’t help but imagine that very LITTLE about Syria will be discussed in such a huge Illuminati City!

I could be wrong…, but please read the Realities article to see for yourself what is happening in Astana.

Please comment…, I want your input my friends!!

All my love….

Here is another large article done by Justin at Stillness in the Storm


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