By: Bradley Loves

Since I am not allowed to give you a direct link to his videos, all I can do is supply the LINK to the article!

Please go to this article and WATCH THE VIDEO on the lower half of the page!

Really watch it!

I am telling you in all honesty…, THIS is what it looks like when normal human beings are POSSESSED BY SPIRITS OF DARKNESS!

Listen to them yelling HAIL SATAN!

So much for the New Ager’s claiming that humanity is ready for a mass Ascension!

These people really should be locked up because it is no longer really a human soul running their bodies…, but instead a DEMON SOUL that has attached to them and is now controlling them!

Also notice in the video where PLANNED PARENTHOOD is selling (on the black market) all aborted babies (for their organs).., even ones that may still be alive!

Wake up!

Watch the video…


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