ELON MUSK – Always a man who notices things, has called attention to the fact that people READ TWEETS a hundred times more often than they are “liked” – and what is even more disturbing is that they are “liked” abut 15 times more often than they are retweeted or re-posted.


He also calls attention to the idea that when people simply “like” a tweet – that it goes nowhere and does not spread.  It is only when people actually press “re-tweet” that any message in a tweet actually spreads around.

Finally, the post above suggests that people who just press “like” but do not “retweet” have no courage or conviction, and instead have decided to play it “safe” and not really get involved in the ongoing battle for humanity.  Thus they are Lurking.

It costs NOTHING to read a tweet, and not much more than that to even like a tweet, but it takes real COURAGE to spread the message around by retweeting it.

The reason that I am bringing this up today is the fact that I too (just like Elon Musk) noticed long ago that there are many people who “read” here at LOVE TRUTH SITE – but that is as far as they are willing to go with their time and their effort.

  • Of the people that do read here – only some of them comment and actually “like” what I write here.
  • Far fewer than ones who actually “like” what I write here and make comments about it – make the effort to send links of these articles to others, thus SPREADING the message of LOVE TRUTH SITE around to everyone and therefore helping to wake up other people (who are still sleeping).

I guess this must be a trend everywhere?

I guess TELLING THE TRUTH – and even RE-TELLING THE TRUTH – is more than just revolutionary – it is also COURAGEOUS.

All my love



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