By: Bradley Loves


If #Pizza Gate is such a non story…, and can be “debunked” so easily…, then why do the powers that be feel that they need to strip the entire internet of links to all of the Pizza Gate posts and articles??

I have just been on Google, Yahoo, Startpage, and many other search engines only like to find many of the links gone or banned!


The 10’s of thousands of living human beings who are being tormented in GAZA, and who have lived their lives in fear…, and have been forced to live inside of a WAR ZONE for years and years and years…, have never gotten an “INCH” of the kind of support that one single Pizza Joint (COMET PING PONG) is now getting.

(A random Pizza Place with only 40 employees)

It is almost as if Comet Ping Pong has to be “protected” at all costs…, and the entire MEDIA ESTABLISHMENT has been mobilized to PROTECT THEM!

Everyone in the Main Stream is on board with debunking this…, including:  Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, New York Times, Washington Post…, and much more!

That is what I am seeing.

The anti-pizza gate coverage that started with the Washington Post and the New York Times…, is most likely a CON!

It is a scam that is so clearly transparent, that only the “thick” headed  zombies can not see through it…, and are thus willing to believe that somehow…, all of this is being conveniently “made up!”

(As if the Alt. Media has nothing else to do with it’s time…)

Remember, all of this is based on e-mails that the Washington ELITES themselves have sent!  It is also based on Instagram messages that have been sent which clearly show strange behavior.

Here is a good link for you to look at if you want to do your own IN DEPTH RESEARCH:

I highly recommend the link above…, it is a huge article with tons and tons of information!


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