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Here is the rest of the article I started to post this morning!  #Pizza Gate is the biggest Scandal to hit Washington DC in it’s history!  Watergate was NOTHING compared to this!

Here is a second cross reference source for this article:

Here is a third cross reference for this article:

Picking up where we left off!!!

The main source for the rest is found here:


Arun Rao Liking Posts with Pictures of Children by Jimmy Comet


Arun Rao Was Caught Liking Jimmy Comet’s Creepy Photos with Children

In my own research I found various child advocacy and foster home companies that uses the FBI’s unclassified pedophile symbols:


(Note: The Children on the Home Page are Playing with Toy Pizzas)




When I did more research into ChildServ, I found that the CEO Dan Kotowski was the Illinois State Senator from the 18th District, he served January 2007 – October 2015.

He has his name on some bills involving child trafficking. Now does this implicate him in anything? Maybe, maybe not. But Arun Rao has had his hands on some bills involving child pornography and he has been linked to Jimmy Comet who we know is a pedophile. There are a lot of moving parts here and I wouldn’t be surprised if Dan is involved…


Here is a disturbing video of an evening show at Comet Ping Pong, some of the dialogue is very horrific so just be aware before you play it:

Here’s another one with much more information than I go into here in this article:




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