Please watch Sean at SGT Report as he and a FEMA Whistle-blower discuss what is planned for the near future.

I have written (with the help of the Holy Spirit) that something MORE was coming down the road  in the next few months in one of my more recent articles here on Love Truth Site…


You also have Elena Danaan, who is now saying that in the next TWO MONTHS we need to be prepared for the “magicians” to once again try to FOOL US ALL with more lies and more deceit!

And finally, you have Michael Salla backing up what Elena is saying:

This is in accord with my geopolitical analysis of the conflict in Ukraine. In the next two months, Russia will overwhelm the Deep State backed Ukrainian state, causing NATO’s collapse, high level defections to the Earth Alliance, etc. In the meantime, the media will gaslight the public with fear based narratives to ward off the inevitable…

All of this points us to a big HEADS UP PEOPLE sort of warning where we should be cautious going forward for the next two months and be very prepared for a last gasp of the Deep State and the Luciferian Cabal!

To do so is only to be prudent and wise.

All my love



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