Now…, AFTER (only after you watch the entire video above…, I ask you to watch THIS video below!  You see…, what is being talked about ABOVE ^…, only makes sense when you watch was is being talked about BELOW v!


Because as I’ve written about many, many times… there is a very deep connection between: the Illuminati – The Military – Dark Magicians – And Satanists!

Watch the testimony of the man below…, and listen closely to how he talks about the “marriage” of the Military – Satanists  (he was forced to be a child sex slave and also tortured…, as well as forced to eat a scarified human child)  ALL BEFORE HE WAS PLACED INTO THE SECRET SPACE PROGRAM!!!!!


Of course, I personally have written about this many times…, but:

  1. No one believes me…., and
  2. I always get SHOUTED DOWN…, by the new age…, who refuses to use their own eyes to look at this stuff…..

More will be coming…














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