By: Bradley Loves

What many of my readers already know, but new readers may not, is that I do this on a shoe string budget with almost zero funding.

I have a small core group of people who send me regular love donations to help me do this work.

But little support otherwise.

I know there is no “Donate” button on the page…, but that is only due to my inability to get the “Button” up and running.  (And I have tried several times to do it without any luck.)

If you would like to send a LOVE DONATION to support this blog, I can only accept PayPal at the moment.

My PayPal address is:

I’d like to give a huge thanks to Daniel B., who sent a $200.00 PayPal donation this month.

To the best of my knowledge, he is a new reader and I’d like to thank him for caring enough to help support my work.

Every little bit helps!!


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