By: Bradley Loves

This is for my handful of loyal readers!

First THANK YOU for your continued support!  But I’d like to take a moment here to reassure you about coming here every day!

Regardless of what you think of me at this point in history, you have to step back and look at the much bigger picture!


Regardless of what you think of these posts and this blog!

Maybe it would be helpful for you to know that on many planets in the Universe I am considered to be a GENIUS and a HERO!

On the higher levels of consciousness, what I am doing here on Earth is celebrated and looked on as something worthy of the greatest honors!

Only here on Earth…, in the armpit of the dumbest part of the Galaxy, is what I think, say, and write daily on this blog over-looked, covered up, dismissed, and marginalized as mostly confusing and unimportant.

Only here on Earth does a guy like me get 1000 readers a day while Satanic music videos done by Miley Cyrus get up to 1 million views a day.

You’ve got countless human beings with blogs and websites who are associated with the New Age or the Alternative Media who want nothing but attention for themselves.

They want fame or an influx of money for their psychic readings and the essential oils that they sell while telling everyone that what they write daily on their websites and blogs is important.

But it’s not.


What I’ve put here on LOVE TRUTH can and will free the world (eventually)!


But sadly people are not ready for it!

  • They don’t even want to hear it.
  • They are lazy and don’t look DEEPER!
  • And because they are not willing to look deeper, they do not see!
  • They are the BLIND leading the blind!

However…, 100 years from now…., the people (young college students and others) who will read this as a “historical blog” will wonder how it was even possible that men and women in our time could not possibly see and “get” the deepest truths that I’ve put here on these pages.

  • They will ask themselves if every human being living in our time was sleep walking through life like a zombie!

They, as awakened and enlightened college students, will not be able to even comprehend the level of stupidity of their ancestors because in those times it will seem so impossible that anyone could be that oblivious to the simple truths that I’ve revealed here!

Mark my words…, in only 100 years!!!

In those times, these kids will be studying:

Magnetics, Harmonics, and Geometry and they will know that everything in the entire Universe is based in Sound, Geometric shapes, and electro-magnetic frequencies!

They will know what I know…, and they will wonder why so few people in our time were able to “get” this stuff.

So please just keep reading.   Keep looking DEEPER!



Apparently David Wilcock (this is only here-say because I never really pay much attention to this guy) gave a lecture on how brain-waves actually create Geometric Shapes & Patterns and I want to call your attention to this.

Hmmm…, I guess he is finally starting to catch up to where I’ve been for the last 20 years of my life!

I found this on KP’s blog and happened to read it this morning.

Here is part of what David apparently said:

It was working fine without you even being able to know this, and as your mind is working there are geometric patterns tinkering around inside your head; millions of them in a very small space in your brain.

Your thought is geometric, and here’s the really trippy one; what happens in the near-death experience?

You leave your body; you’re clinically dead. You have no brainwaves, no heart rate and no respiration, but you have a full consciousness.

This geometric part of your consciousness, it’s showing up in your brain, it’s activating brain cells of the geometry itself.

Your soul doesn’t require the brain cells. That’s why you think perfectly fine when you leave your body behind, because you are a geometric crystal.

Your thoughts are a geometric crystal that shifts and morphs


Okay so this actually matches what I wrote on my blog a few years ago already!

See this:


You see…, it is not just an “accident” that I said all a small “child” really needs to learn in school is this:

Junior Level: (Age 4 to Age 8)

  1. Magnetics
  2. Harmonics
  3. Base Mathematics (includes simple Geometry)



I’m not too impressed with Wilcock as you can plainly see (even though admittedly I’ve never read a single book that he’s written, or gone to a single event he’s ever done).

I just don’t like guy!

I’ve watched a few of his You-tube videos (the ones that are NOT hidden behind a PAY WALL where you have to pay, buy, or subscribe, just to get basic information that everyone should be able to access).

And occasionally…, (in some of his free videos) he does seem to stumble on the truth from time to time!

The biggest problem I have with the guy is that I do not really agree with the LAW OF ONE material…, (something David whole heartedly supports) even though it is something that the Illuminati seem to have placed a great amount of importance on.

The reason the Illuminati love the LAW OF ONE stuff so very much is that it gives them a way to be totally evil – and still get into heaven!  (What a great deal!)

The LAW OF ONE (fake channeled material) tells us all of a NEGATIVE or a DARK HEAVEN where people who are totally evil, and who are totally morally bankrupt can go to after they die, and then be rewarded for their evil deeds without any consequence after the fact.

It tells of how they can incarnate again and again as dark and evil beings, and once they have learned enough and have done enough evil…, they (SUDDENLY) turn to the good side and there is no apparent consequence to their evil deeds.


Wilcock totally laps this stuff up too, and continues to talk about the LAW OF ONE as the absolute best understanding of Consciousness in the Universe which is pure BUNK!

Furthermore, he used to be a roommate of the lady who channeled it all so I get why he is so attached to it!

Anyway…, now that he’s married…, it seems as if David’s “wife” is having a much more calming effect on his craziness, and he is starting to suddenly discover many of the things that I’ve been writing about for quite a while now.

Namely that everything boils down to GEOMETRY, HARMONICS, and MAGNETICS!

Welcome to the end of the thought process David!

Anyway…, this is why I’ve posted these “notes” that were apparently taken from one of his presentations here and ask that you read them.

TRUTH IS TRUTH…, and it does not matter to me where it comes from (even if it comes from people that I don’t like)…, because I will always give credit to people who are on the right track no matter what!

(Which is more than I can say for Wilcock and Goode  who love to “dis” people they don’t support or like very much – because only a few years ago…, Goode was running a smear campaign about me behind my back by sending out e-mails and Skype messages to others saying I was insane, and had Multiple Personalities- which is why he wouldn’t do an interview with me….)

Not really the most “SPIRITUAL THING” to do if you consider yourself to be “enlightened” and on the path to “ascension”…, I would think…., but there you are!

That is the duo of Wilcock and Goode without their “air” of purity surrounding them on all sides.

Anyway…, read the stuff…, think about it…, and keep reading here on LOVE TRUTH!

All my love….


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