Just like water can be polluted, so can our air (and even the ground) be polluted with toxic frequencies!

Believe it or not, the land, the air, and the water are intimately connected to one another and each can become very POLLUTED in ways (and through methods) that you can not see with your eyes!

This type of pollution is “HARMONIC POLLUTION”  (DISTORTION)  which is why the old world ancients build huge buildings which did nothing but purify the frequencies around them.

When human beings operate in integrity…, with honesty, decency, and morals as their guiding lights, then the FREQUENCIES all around them become purified!

Each one of us can either purify or pollute the frequencies around us by our thoughts, our words, and our deeds.

The reason that the world looks the way it does (and is getting PROGRESSIVELY worse) is that people world wide have been convinced that having integrity, honesty, a love for truth, ethics and morals is somehow not conducive to living a prosperous life.

We are on the edge of world wide destruction only because immorality and debauchery have become “NORMALIZED” to the point where the fabric of our reality is started to break down.

Because we are out of time – we are skipping a few grades now in our study of THE CREATION SCIENCE, which is the science that God uses to create a stable reality around us.  We are now very literally at the precipice where every man, woman, and child on Earth will pay a VERY HEAVY PRICE for forgetting the rules that God set down for us all.

This latest Podcast is out of necessity going to be a bit “Abstract” and require quite a bit of thinking outside of the box. We must push forward however, because this information (which comes from the Holy Spirit) can literally SAVE HUMANITY and SAVE OUR REALM.

Prepare yourself – this information is really important to comprehend…



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