This podcast concerns Donald Trump, myself, and all of the men and women world-wide who have been “chosen” by God to be WARRIORS FOR THE TRUTH!

This message comes from the Holy Spirit, and is a “decode” as to how and why God chooses the wonderful souls that HE places into very important missions for HIS greater glory.

And just to clarify here – when I say God – I am talking about the Great Creator/Prime Creator – which is the Creator of ALL of it.  Not just some local being/entity, or local godhead existing on a slightly higher dimensional level.

Furthermore, this immense, infinite, and eternal being is not just some “energy source” like so many people like to believe, but is PURE INTELLIGENCE, and has a very Fatherly interest in what happens to all of us.

In this podcast, I point out three very important qualities or character traits (in the proper order) that every single WARRIOR FOR TRUTH had to have in order to be chosen (by God) for this mission on Earth at this time in history.

I talk about why each one of them is important – and why they had to come in the specific order they came in.

I discuss why there are a whole bunch of people in the world who believe that they are very “godly”, but may not have been chosen for any important parts of this mission.  And very honestly, that has to do with not having these three character traits in a full enough measure. 

In other words, they may have these character traits to a certain extent – but not ENOUGH of them to get the job done!

This is a very well laid out and comprehensive look at our current situation on Earth – and why Donald Trump is in the position that he’s currently in so that people can finally understand the WHY of it, and stop asking.

I also talk a bit about Looking Glass and Time Travel and one of the very reasons this battle is so intense and so vicious for everyone who is fighting.

Please view this video below to help you understand:

Finally, I will say this:


And, as long as Donald Trump keeps his internal compass pointed in God’s direction, and he remembers clearly why he is doing all of this, and what is really at stake, then God Himself will protect him and everything he does.

This also goes for all of the many souls who were “chosen” for very important missions on the Earth at this time in history.

Anyone who forgets that, and becomes a turn-coat against God, will be very sorry in the end! 

However, I would simply like to add that it is highly unlikely that ANY of the souls that God chose for major roles on the Earth at this time will do this.  He chooses very carefully.  That is why “we” must learn to recognize each other, and must learn to recognize what God values in the people he has chosen with regards to this “mission” and WHY HE chose them in the first place – so that we don’t actually “hurt” or cause damage to the souls that are on our own TEAM!

None of the souls He picked are perfect!  Far from it!  He picked souls that have three particular qualities over all others.  (Listen to the podcast)

God picked many souls for this mission world wide!

This includes all of the people around Trump who are actually honest and true, all of the Digital Warriors, all of the Anons, and all of the Truth Tellers, and Warriors for God world-wide! 

As long as their hearts, minds, and souls are pointed toward God (even if they get arrested, framed, or beaten) God will protect them in the end – and the ones who came against them and hurt them – will certainly wish that they had never been born!

This being said, here is the podcast:

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All my love

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